The next door stalker

The stalker next door

My neighbors had a young daughter (22) who always gave me a certain look or tried to find reasons to talk to me. One day she asked me for a ride and said she needs a ride to the park because she has to meet somebody there.

I was thinking “Omg, I hope she’s not going there to pickup some drugs and then get back in my car!”. I had nothing better to do so I ended up taking her to the park and she asked to “walk with her”.

Whoever she was supposed to meet, the person didn’t show and she started hugging and kissing me but I stopped her and said no. She tried to reach into the pockets of my jeans several times, it was totally awkward.

We ended up driving back and I almost forgot about this incident when the 3 days later she called in the middle of the night when I was on my way back home from work stating that she needed immediate help. While I was still wondering how she got my number I told you living next door doesn’t mean that I can show up there in the middle of the night. She gave me a different address saying she just got an apartment and that it is really urgent. The address she gave me was basically on the way home so I agreed to come and see what was going on.

When I arrived at the apartment complex I realized that this was a really bad neighborhood. People sitting outside everywhere smoking dope, wtf what I doing here? She opened the door (she must have seen me coming) and grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

I saw a kitchen table, a mattress on the floor, a blanket on which a little maybe 3 year old girl was sleeping… I was thinking to myself, wait a minute, who is that? “That is my daughter” she said like she could read my mind.

There was no electricity but in the flickering twilight of the candles I saw all kinds of bugs and roaches crawling literally everywhere. It was like a scene from a horror movie.

I had no clue what was going on here but I decided to stay out of it and left which caused her to start crying. I felt bad for her, yes, but this was not my responsibility and I definitely didn’t want any drama.

For the next hours and days I got hundreds of texts, she was asking me for food, stuff for her daughter, money for utilities, all that. My only answer was some texts with information and phone numbers of people who could help her. She told me that she loves me and wanted to be with me, she started stalking me, it was very unpleasant.

All of a sudden all this stopped and I thought that’s it when one day, approximately 5 months later I got a call from the local prison – she had been arrested for domestic violence. The phone call ended up on my voice mail, I must have missed it because of work but I never called back.

Some friends told me that I was wrong “doing her like this” but I still didn’t feel like she’s my responsibility. Why didn’t she ask her parents? They had moved out before she got arrested, I never knew what was going on there.

After a year she got out of jail and somebody vandalized the garage door and 2 windows with spray paint, destroyed all the flower pods in the front yard, flipped over the trash can and made a complete mess – I heard all this from a friend who moved into the house where I lived because I moved 2 months before the incident because I was only renting and found a nicer house with a big pool.

My friend was furious but his security cameras recorded the person and – of course – it was her thinking I was still living there. Needless to say that eventually she ended up back in jail.

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