The kids are killing me

The kids are killing me

Another evening and more complaints about the kids

I met the kids and I couldn’t see what’s “wrong” with them, they behaved very well

Nina: Kids are killing me. All I see is red!! 7:24 PM 

Nina: I seriously think my kids are why I can not get into a relationship. They are killing me every single day… slowly…. my 13 yr old refusing to clean her room… then screaming “I hate you you stupid fucking bitch”… smh. Then their is my 8 year old… he works my nerves. Someone decided to break the TVs in the loft, another decided to fill in the dirt the guys dig up and my youngest… she decided to drag her blanket around outside and now there are leaves in my house… 7:26 PM 

Nina: 6 months… story of my life ? 7:27 PM
Nina: At the rate I’m going… either CPS is going to remove the children 7:27 PM 
Nina: from the home “all of them” or ima be admitted into mental health for 7:27 PM 
Nina: That’s the latest news. 7:27 PM 

Me: I’ll visit you in the mental clinic, with your meds you’ll be all relaxed and very calm 7:35 PM 

Nina: Lmbo. You’re silly! 7:36 PM 

Nina: Nothing really happening foreal. A landscaper came by… wanting to make money… kids were driving me bonkers… sometimes I think that’s the only reason I 7:36 PM 

Nina: smoke… 7:36 PM 

Me: So about later… I’m asking again 7:37 PM 

Nina: Yeah about later… lol it’s hard to say and or no. It’s hard to wait up that late?. Surely you understand. I’m a single mom and drained by 7:38 PM 

Nina: the time it’s their bedtimes 7:38 PM 

Nina: So I can only gage it by a little later in the evening. 7:39 PM 

Me: ok 7:39 PM 

Nina: I don’t want you to be upset with me. I mean we come so far ? 7:40 PM 

Me: I’m not upset 7:40 PM 

Me: I hope you’ll say good night and not just disappear 7:48 PM 

Nina: I could just show up at your job and say goodnight with a hug and kiss 7:48 PM 

Nina: ??? 7:48 PM 

Me: you wouldn’t be able to enter the perimeter but I love the thought 7:49 PM 

Me: and I know it’s not real since you don’t kiss 7:50 PM 

Nina: Where is this place at? 7:53 PM 

Me: downtown 7:53 PM 

Nina: Duh! I could of guessed that.. 7:54 PM 

Me: ☺ 7:54 PM 

Nina: Is this you being secretive? One of these days your gonna have to give a little to get a little. 7:55 PM 

Nina: I am getting a tattoo this weekend. Do you have any? 8:01 PM 

Me: find out, lol 8:02 PM 

Nina: Find out what? 8:02 PM 

Me: whether I have one or not ? 8:03 PM 

Nina: I was making conversation, … because people discuss things 8:03 PM 

Nina: tend to just not ask anything because after a while… I get bored ? 8:03 PM 

Nina: like this… such as education and stuff. Talking to you can be frustrating because I’m not sure what to ask… or how to ask… so I was just curious 8:03 PM 

Nina: And we can just talk about whatever you bring up?. I give up. 8:08 PM 

Me: I admit my dad was very old fashioned and I’m trying to be more modern 8:08 PM 

Me: and I don’t want you to give up, I have been patient with you so please also be patient with me 8:10 PM 

Nina: It lead to disaster… so the only thought is that it was a disaster… I tend to focus on the here and now 8:13 PM 

Me: Let’s focus on here and now then 8:14 PM 

Nina: Well I can barely get to know you today, so what good does this do? I can fuck you when I want, you won’t tell me no, I know you want me so you will end up in my bed if I want to. 8:17 PM 

Nina: But I said since day 1 I get bored easily… 8:17 PM 

Me: and now you’re getting bored with me (again)? 8:26 PM 

Nina: I wouldn’t say bored. Just not as eager to reach for my phone anymore. Maybe it’s just texting and you not responding… so I’m like why bother asking question. 8:28 PM 

Nina: But I said I won’t and I won’t as any “personal, all up in your business questions.. nor will I respond to any “personal” questions you ask me… 8:28 PM 

Nina: Which will feel a lot different for you- because you will began to feel shut out… and I have been from jump… 8:29 PM 

Me: Oh, you’re making things really complicated and you seem to forget that I’m at work so I have to multi-task a lot and trust me when I’m saying that’s harder to do in a foreign language. I can’t give you my full attention while being at work and I’ve answered almost all of your questions over the last days 8:31 PM 

Nina: Ok 8:31 PM 

Me: but you do what you think is best, no worries 8:31 PM 

Nina: Well go back to work and I will text you in a few. 8:31 PM 

Me: right now it’s quiet but that’s the calm before the storm, lol 8:32 PM 

Nina: Oh, okay. 8:33 PM 

Nina: Well I got my truck… she is all ready for me 8:33 PM 

Me: nice, congratulations 8:37 PM 

Me: So how much longer for the pool guys to complete their work? 8:38 PM 

Nina: I’m not sure. Since they hit the wires it’s taking them longer… smh. They had to special order the wires. The pool is done… wrap around deck is not. 8:39 PM 

Nina: You ready to go skinny dipping with me ? 8:40 PM 

Me: I don’t even know what that means lol 8:40 PM 

Nina: Naked in the pool 8:40 PM 

Me: Yeah, I just Googled it. No, lol 8:41 PM 

Nina: Y 8:41 PM 

Me: I just don’t 8:41 PM 

Nina: I would stare at you ? 8:43 PM 

Me: lol, perhaps 8:44 PM 

Me: you keep saying that “I’m getting bored easily”, I won’t forget ? 8:49 PM 

Nina: Why? Does that bother you? 8:56 PM 

Me: a little because that makes me wonder what you’d do once you’re in a relationship and then you’d feel that way. would you just leave? 8:57 PM 

Nina: I don’t think I would enter a relationship if I were to get bored. I haven’t any ways… that’s why I try to catch those red flags ahead of time and either 9:21 PM 

Nina: speak out on them or stop trying 9:21 PM 

Nina: If I did enter a relationship and it was dying I would just leave… I’m going to sleep, dream about me, I know you will, lol 9:21 PM 

Me: I hope you sleep well, good night 10:39 PM 

More red flags but I kept talking to her.

Why exactly am I doing this?

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