Dog in the dark

The fries nobody wanted

A new order for 8.39 Dollars – only 3 miles to drive and I was right next to the Wendy where I had to go. Wendy’s is often very packed but it was late at night and I was lucky, only 2 cars in the drive through. As I look at the order I noticed all the person (a man) wanted is fries. So he was paying all this money only for getting some fries? Not my problem.

The pickup only took a few minutes and I arrived at the destination a few minutes later. I got out of the car and noticed another car further down the street in front of another house and the driver turned his lights off but stayed in the car.

I approached the door and rang the doorbell. Nothing. I rang again and all of a sudden a huge German shepherd jumped at the glass next to the door. Nothing new but when it’s so unexpected it’s like a jump scare in a movie, sometimes you just jump.

Still nobody was answering the door and I started knocking. A woman appeared behind the glass and I showed her the DoorDash back and she said she didn’t order anything. I verified that I am at the right house and showed her the screen of the DoorDash app on my phone and she said that I am at the right house and that this is her husband.

I was expecting that she would open the door now but she didn’t. I said “Ma’am” and she said “He’s not here!” and disappeared in the darkness of her house (no lights were on anywhere). Why would she not take the order for her husband? What was going on here? If this would be a movie there would have been a lot of possible explanations. Was her lover in the house? Was the man in the car down the street her husband? Did he order the fries in order to see what would happen when somebody is trying to deliver them?

I went back to the car, marked the order as delivered and ate the fries myself. When I turned around I passed the car and for a moment I caught the glimpse of a pair of eyes starring at me while I was passing the strange car.

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