The creepy motel

The creepy man in the creepy motel

When you’re (door) dashing you never know what’s waiting for you. I got this order from KFC and had to deliver it to a motel. Arriving at the poorly lit hotel I had a hard time finding the right room number. After looking around in the dark for a couple of minutes using my cell phones flash as a light I found the right door (besides, doing so is a bad feeling when the whole hotel is looking really creepy and you hear all kinds of noises from various rooms – clearly a place for shady activities).

I knocked on the door and the next thing that happened was that the lights in the room were turned off. Wtf? Then the door opened wide enough for a big hand reaching towards me. I gave my usual “Good evening” bla bla speech and handed the man his food. The room was completely dark, no flickering from a TV but for a moment I saw his creepy looking eyes staring at me. Without any word the bag with his food disappeared in the darkness of the room and the door was closed.

He probably lived there because over the next weeks I had 2 more deliveries to him and they all happened late in the evening, always the same scenario.

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