Conversations with Andrea

Talking to Andrea (part 4)

For 2 hours she didn’t answer hence the reason I assumed she was busy, the last text was her “WHAT?” and here we go, red flags were popping up during this conversation, drama and threats!

Me: you didn’t answer… I see that stalking your dating profile helps to get your attention 2:53 PM

Andrea: : What is the problem. 2:53 PM

Me: no problem, I just missed you and was wondering what you’re doing 2:54 PM

Andrea: : What do you mean, i didn’t answer, were you calling me? 2:55 PM
Andrea: : OMG, U MISSED ME. 2:56 PM

Me: Did I just say that? Oh, oh…. 2:57 PM

Andrea: : Yes.. U did, my question is did you mean it. 2:58 PM

Me: I’m not sure whether it’s good that you know but yes, I mean it 2:59 PM

Andrea: : So why are you calling me from a different #…..see, suspect. 2:59 PM

Me: different #? 2:59 PM

Andrea: : Did you try to call me on the phone? 3:02 PM

Me: no, I did not try to call you, I visited your profile (that’s what I meant by saying “stalking”, bad joke, sorry) 3:06 PM
Me: and seconds later you texted me – I thought that was why 3:06 PM

Andrea: : No, worries, funny i recieved a call right before you sent the text…. And your text said you didn’t answer… 3:08 PM
Andrea: : So….tell me y are thou missing me. 3:08 PM

Me: lol, that is funny. But I meant not answering my texts 3:09 PM
Me: I can’t explain it, I wish I had some cool lines for you but I don’t, I just noticed that I missed you 3:09 PM

Andrea: : Wellllllllllll 3:12 PM
Andrea: : Ok, then i will just accept that.. 3:13 PM

Me: sorry I can’t explain it any better 3:13 PM

Andrea: : Perhaps, no other chicks bought your scam, however, I’m still buying into it. 3:14 PM

Me: I guess we should seriously consider to stop making scam jokes, ha ha 3:14 PM

Andrea: : Shall we, are you getting nervous 3:16 PM

Me: you make me a little nervous but it has nothing to do with scam jokes or scams 3:17 PM

Andrea: : Or, you’re really trying tho tell me you’re an honest person looking for the right one. 3:17 PM

Me: Why “trying”… does that sound like “trying” to you? 3:19 PM

Andrea: : Well, i will let you explain that. 3:24 PM
Andrea: : I’m sorry, why do i make you nervous. 3:25 PM

Me: because you are so suspicious sometimes while at the same time I am not sure what your intentions are, just killing some time, playing or really trying to get to know me better. 3:26 PM

Andrea: : I have no strategic plan for you. 3:30 PM
Andrea: : Have i given you the impression that I’m playing…i thought i have been very clear and direct… 3:31 PM
Andrea: : So what has you confused. 3:31 PM

Me: I am also clear and direct – yet you consider me being a scammer and other things that make you suspicious 3:32 PM

Andrea: : Well the only thing im curious about is your pic. 3:34 PM
Andrea: : And left me correct you…YOU HAVE BEEN THE ONE REFERRING TO THE SCAM JOKES. 3:35 PM

Me: well, yes, I guess I did, lol 3:35 PM
Me: but again… a pictures doesn’t solve anything, can be any picture just to make you stop asking. 3:36 PM
Me: getting ready to drive to work, ttyl 3:37 PM

Andrea: : Why would u do that…just having this conversation, concludes you have some reservations. 3:38 PM
Andrea: : Ok…be safe. 3:38 PM

Me: made it 4:05 PM

Andrea: : Good 4:06 PM

Me: are you on your way home / home already? 4:17 PM

Andrea: : Yes 4:20 PM

Me: good. You still want to talk to me or do you need a break? 4:20 PM

Andrea: : why would you ask me that Tom? 4:22 PM

Me: because I would like to know? 4:24 PM

Andrea: : Ok a break from what… 4:25 PM
Andrea: : I barely know u. 4:25 PM
Andrea: : A text break???? 4:26 PM

Me: of course a text break 4:26 PM

Andrea: : I will let you know if I’m tired of texting you .. However, if you need a break. Take one. 4:28 PM

Me: nope, I will let you know if I’m tired of texting you 4:28 PM

Andrea: : it appears that texting is your best mode of communication 4:29 PM

Me: I totally disagree – but I am curious, what makes you say that? Was it so bad with me on the phone? 4:30 PM

(we actually talked on the phone and back then I thought we had a nice conversation)

Andrea: : Nothing… however you spend more time texting than talking on the phone 4:32 PM
Andrea: : Hence the reason I said that’s what you do best 4:33 PM

Me: can I call you when you are at work? 4:33 PM

Andrea: : Evade again 4:37 PM
Andrea: : if I recall… the past conversation you had was with someone who was very tired of texting and chatting and wanted to meet with you. 4:38 PM

Me: how is that evading? My favorite way of communicating is still in person. It might be a little more difficult if I have a romantic interest in somebody but I’m not THAT bad 4:38 PM

Andrea: : so… let’s examine this 4:38 PM

Me: go ahead, Watson 4:39 PM

Andrea: : when I’m at work during the day…. you can’t talk 4:39 PM
Andrea: : during the night you’re at work….LET ME GUESS, U CANT TALK…. 4:40 PM

Me: You can call me any time I’m not at work 4:40 PM

Andrea: : CONCLUSION, 4:41 PM

Me: I never said you cannot call me at home, why would you say that? 4:41 PM


Me: yesterday was the first time we talked on the phone and I enjoyed it. I told you my work schedule (which is the same for the whole week) so if you can talk tomorrow we can talk 4:43 PM

Andrea: : game, match, set. 4:43 PM

Me: I’m talking about when you are at work – you are evading the question whether I can call you or not 4:44 PM
Me: stop doing that, not funny. 4:45 PM

Andrea: : If I’m working y would you, i can’t call u at work… 4:45 PM
Andrea: : Ok 4:45 PM
Andrea: : Ok 4:46 PM
Andrea: : Ok 4:46 PM
Andrea: : Enough 4:46 PM
Andrea: : I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. 4:46 PM
Andrea: : I do not need too tall on the phone with you….whirl this settle it? 4:46 PM

Me: … because I don’t see your point. Yesterday was the first time we even talked on the phone. I never said you cannot call me when I am at home. Then you make wild assumptions while not answering my question whether I can call you in the morning at work (or later) 4:47 PM

Andrea: : Talk on the phone 4:48 PM

Me: but I would like very much to talk to you on the phone 4:50 PM

Andrea: : I answered you, all of your aspirations, go back and read. 4:51 PM

Me: well, then there might be some texts missing, I don’t see an answer to my question whether you can talk on the phone while YOU are at work or not 4:53 PM

Andrea: : (1/2) U behave like someone who is hiding something.. I read stayistical data as well, which states men who result in texting as a primary form of communication 4:53 PM
Andrea: : (2/2) , may be hiding something. 4:53 PM
Andrea: : If I’m working y would you, i can’t call u at work… 4:54 PM

Me: omg, again… this is NOT my primary form of communication and I am NOT hiding anything 4:55 PM

Andrea: : Ok……ok 4:56 PM
Andrea: : No worries 4:56 PM
Andrea: : If u can’t talk at work, what makes you believe i can? 4:57 PM

Me: I assume we don’t have the same job 4:57 PM

Andrea: : Now, perhaps I’m getting a little bored with texting…. 4:58 PM
Andrea: : It means I’m DONE with the game. 5:02 PM

Me: Andrea, what are you talking about??? 5:03 PM

Andrea: : No more games, youre afraid to send a pic 5:05 PM
Andrea: : U have certain times you can speak on the phone.. 5:05 PM

Me: lol, I am not 5:05 PM

Andrea: : That’s what I’m talking about 5:05 PM

Andrea: : U are too funny, i had fun though….;-) 5:06 PM

Me: that’s like I would say “your are afraid to talk on Skype” (which is the only proof btw that a person is “real”). I also agreed to meet with you in person so why are you accusing me now? I want to proof that I am a real person and not some African scammer 5:07 PM

Andrea: : Ok….well im not very fond of internet surprises..i do not have, nor will i obtain as skype, therefore that would not be Assn option for me. 5:10 PM
Andrea: : So, remember their are plenty of women who would love to communicate the way that you do. 5:11 PM

Me: and you don’t want to meet in person? 5:13 PM
Me: Andrea? Why are you doing this? 5:19 PM

Andrea: : If there is great suspicion what good would it do tho meet in person? 5:22 PM
Andrea: : I work during the day and you work at night… So…explain a good time that i will meet you? 5:24 PM
Andrea: : If you’re not afraid to skype, then…u should not be afraid to take a pic and send. 5:25 PM
Andrea: : But…. Whatever, im ok 5:26 PM

Me: of course I get busy when I want to type the most. Again, I am absolutely not afraid to take a picture and send it to you – but what if you also doubt that? I work shifts, we have 3 shifts, 8AM-4PM, 4PM-12AM and 12 AM to 8PM 5:58 PM
Me: the night shift is usually covered by a senior which I am not so that is very unlikely that I’ll get that any time soon 5:59 PM
Me: one out of 4 weekends there is a chance for a weekend shift but our team is big enough so it’s more like every 2 months. So we can meet during the week in the evening when I work day, we can meet at the weekend and we can spend the night together 6:00 PM
Me: (I didn’t mean that sexually) 6:00 PM
Me: just so you see that I am willing to spend my time with YOU. I don’t know why you got so suspicious but I am willing to work it out (there I go again, doing everything for the woman I want) 6:02 PM
Me: not saying I “want” want you, bad English – again, sorry 6:02 PM

Andrea: : Just stop it, i figured out you’re game… 7:10 PM
Andrea: : So now you can attempt to fool someone else. 7:10 PM
Andrea: : work….lol.. 7:11 PM
Andrea: : Sorry, this is not right 7:11 PM

Me: I still hope you are not serious 7:30 PM

Andrea: : Well obviously you were not…. 7:33 PM
Andrea: : 🙁 7:33 PM
Andrea: : 🙁 7:33 PM
Andrea: : Wow… The more i find out… Confirms why i don’t date online… You are not the only one good at computers, 60 different sites 7:41 PM
Andrea: : Y r you so quiet now….”TOM” 7:42 PM
Andrea: : U were texting all day now you won’t respond 7:42 PM
Andrea: : Oh…busy at work….. 7:43 PM

Me: Andrea, please stop it. I haven’t done anything wrong. We haven’t even met, why are you so suspicious? Yes, there are lots of a**holes out there, I understand. All I want is that you give us a chance and we can see where it leads. 7:43 PM


Me: I’m not out for a one night stand, I just want to get to know you better so this is not about sex. It’s not about money, I will never ask you for any money or “favors” 7:45 PM

Andrea: : NOW…… 7:48 PM
Andrea: : WHO IN THE HELL R U? 7:48 PM

Me: I don’t know what you mean… I am who I say I am 7:49 PM

Andrea: : Ok… 7:49 PM
Andrea: : But you’re not texting as frequent…don’t you care tho know where i work now? 7:50 PM

Me: did you think I am your ex, a friend of your ex or somebody who know who is trying to do a prank? 7:50 PM
Me: but you talked to me, clearly I AM NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER 7:51 PM

Andrea: : Well, since you don’t want too be honest, then i will have to be professional and do my job 7:56 PM

Me: honest ABOUT WHAT??? 7:57 PM

Andrea: : Don’t make things worse 7:59 PM
Andrea: : Who are you, you can tell me now, poor i can turn in your ip address,, and you will be in far more trouble 8:01 PM
Andrea: : Well 8:02 PM
Andrea: : Not responding 8:03 PM

Me: what kind of information do you want? I mean what answer to you expect to the “who”? 8:03 PM

Andrea: : Obviously, you refuse to cooperate, 8:05 PM
Andrea: : Your real name, and y thou have accessed more than 60 sites with you’re game. 8:06 PM

Me: my brain refuses to understand what makes you send me those weird texts 8:08 PM

Andrea: : Ok…then know that your game is over. 8:09 PM
Andrea: : Im sending your IP address 8:10 PM
Andrea: : I tried too work with you. 8:10 PM
Andrea: : Bye 8:10 PM

Me: there is NO GAME, Andrea, I really hope you find what you are looking for, this is just wrong, take care 8:11 PM

Andrea: : Why is it wrong if I’m doing my job 8:12 PM
Andrea: : U tried to twist all of your conversations…. 8:14 PM
Andrea: : We did…SCAMMERS 8:14 PM
Andrea: : Sorry i had to turn you in 8:25 PM
Andrea: : I really thought you were a nice guy. 8:25 PM

Me: you’ll find out that I actually am. I just googled my name – 60 sites, ha ha… this is the only dating site I’ve ever been 8:30 PM

Andrea: : So what does that mean 8:31 PM
Andrea: : U used another name 8:32 PM

Me: One more time, this is the only dating website I am on. Period. If you decide to apologize I will consider continue talking to you but if you decide to go ahead with this bs I will simply ignore you. Maybe somebody hurt you in the past – I don’t know, but you should not treat people like that. Especially not if you are really a Christian like you claim. 8:36 PM

Andrea: : What were you looking tho accomplish? 8:40 PM
Andrea: : Can you answer that? 8:41 PM
Andrea: : This is me….Andrea 9:35 PM
Andrea: : Are you nervous or upset right now? You have been exposed, I will have you locked up in a mental institution, I can do this. 9:35 PM

Me: Disappointed describes it more, it’s really hard to upset me, you should know that by now. 9:39 PM

Andrea: : Ok…i understand… 9:41 PM

Me: so, what happened? It has to be somebody from your family, I get that – but which messages were real and which are not? 9:41 PM

Andrea: : You appear to be very wise you look over the text and tell me….you already said I’m on medication 9:44 PM
Andrea: : What the heck… U r really concerned about that conversation 9:44 PM
Andrea: : I will take care of it 9:45 PM
Andrea: : I explained to you if you do not wish to chat, text….I’m ok with that… I don’t need any drama 9:46 PM

Me: some things of course are very obvious but why is it such a big issue to tell me from what moment on it wasn’t you? 9:47 PM

Andrea: : The only suspicion i had was, was this a cell phone or a computer line, and you never answered 9:47 PM
Andrea: : Read it, yoh bern texting with me for 2 days, all day, you should be able to determine the switch… 9:49 PM
Andrea: : So is this what thou wish to discuss now? 9:49 PM

Me: what you don’t get is that I really like you and want to stay in contact with you because I think we can get along really well 9:49 PM

Andrea: : Ok.. 9:50 PM
Andrea: : You obviously feel quite different now. 9:50 PM

Me: nope – because I just said that, why should it change within a minute? 🙂 9:53 PM

Andrea: : So..this is really an awkward situation right now. 9:55 PM
Andrea: : you said you put your name in, what name did you use… 9:56 PM

Me: not if you really like me (a little bit), it’s an opportunity for 2 adults to work it out. And I am really not an angry person, so you learned that I can stay calm in a situation where others might not have stayed so calm 9:57 PM


Me: What? 9:58 PM


Me: it’s not crazy, this will be forgotten by tomorrow. I would appreciate if it doesn’t happen again, lol 9:59 PM

Andrea: : Ok… This is not funny, i have a printed article on my bed about online scammers, stating they date you for weeks them get you for money… 10:02 PM
Andrea: : I knew it was a concern but not like this, i have to explain i can handle this. 10:03 PM
Andrea: : But now I’ve locked my phone. 10:03 PM

Me: doesn’t matter, I won’t ask you for money so stop it. If I would ever ask you for money you can still dump me but I won’t. 10:04 PM

Andrea: : Butt this increases my suspicion, no offense to you. 10:04 PM
Andrea: : I was curious again about your phone number, you will not answer, and your pic that you refuse to send, now all of this makes it worse. 10:05 PM
Andrea: : Is this a cell or a computer line? 10:06 PM
Andrea: : Answer 10:06 PM
Andrea: : Honestly, whereas you profess to be a Christian a well. 10:07 PM

Me: oh – seriously? About the picture I can tell you the same like I did before – why not meet in person (bring a friend or friends if you don’t trust me) and you will see that I am a real person. Do you need to see my bank account? Would that make you feel better? Or do you just want to dump me now? 10:07 PM

Andrea: : Answer 10:08 PM
Andrea: : Answet my question 10:09 PM
Andrea: : I want you to answer my question, is that you in the photo 10:10 PM
Andrea: : Answer 10:11 PM
Andrea: : Why is it taking you so long 10:11 PM
Andrea: : Yes or no 10:11 PM

Me: I’m not sure with whom I am talking now 🙁 10:12 PM

Andrea: : Me… I see i have asked you this question for two days, and you will not answer, y is this hard if you are true 10:15 PM
Andrea: : Does that still make you nervous… 10:15 PM

Me: if there is anything that might make me “nervous” then it’s that now I really don’t now with whom I am speaking. If you are real – let’s meet in person (like I said, bring friends if you want to). You will see me, I can show you my phone, I also have a work phone, and you will get all the answers 10:19 PM

Andrea: : U have been up all day and night do you ever sleep… 10:34 PM
Andrea: : What company do you work for, with IT hours like that. 10:35 PM
Andrea: : Almost as if someone is taking your place 10:40 PM
Andrea: : Lol….. 10:40 PM

Me: I’m not willing to give this information to an unknown person in a text message but I will tell you on the phone. Sleep is overrated. I can’t believe that I got up early this morning basically for you. Now that makes me feel like an idiot. 10:40 PM

Andrea: : Why would you say that. 11:01 PM

Me: you seem to question everything now… even if and when I sleep 11:03 PM

Andrea: : Nope I’m done with questions u won’t answer 11:16 PM
Andrea: : So you should b off work soon. 11:16 PM

Me: 39 more minutes… the last half hour is always the worst 11:21 PM
Me: Driving home now 12:00 AM
Me: I got home, you’re probably asleep, good night 12:21 AM

So what happened here? Was somebody else accessing her phone and messing around? If so who was it and what was he doing at her place in the evening?
To be continued...

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