Talking to Andrea (part 3)

Me: Good morning, rise and shine. You never answered me what time you want me to wake you up 6:28 AM

Andrea: : I’m up.. Sry. 7:23 AM
Andrea: : good morning 7:23 AM
Andrea: : And u r up so early;-) 7:24 AM
Andrea: : Wake up….. Sleepy 7:29 AM

Me: I am up 7:29 AM
Me: Long before you 7:29 AM

Andrea: : I see that…lol 7:30 AM
Andrea: : why so early? 7:30 AM

Me: I wanted to wake you up 7:31 AM

Andrea: : Awwww…Omg…that was nice. 7:34 AM
Andrea: : Are you trying tho gain extra points?……lol. 7:35 AM

Me: Yes Ma’am I do 7:37 AM
Me: Did I get some extra points? 7:37 AM

Andrea: : I can’t tell u that….. 7:43 AM

Me: Why not? Or is that English for “no”? 7:47 AM

Andrea: : Its a secret 7:51 AM

Me: lol, you are very secretive 7:52 AM

Andrea: : For now…. 7:53 AM
Andrea: : I will soon warm up too you. 7:53 AM

Me: oh… how do you know? “Warm up to me”, hm, another American expression. I hope this is something good 7:54 AM

Andrea: : Trust that i have things i will not reveal now, however, I’m not desceptive. 7:54 AM
Andrea: : It can be, it simply means getting familiar with. 7:56 AM

Me: I totally get that, that you don’t want to share your secrets with a stranger but whether or not I got some bonus points for getting up early because of you shouldn’t be that big of a secret 🙂 7:56 AM

Andrea: : Closer to the person 7:56 AM
Andrea: : Gain their trust 7:56 AM

Me: well, I won’t leave you alone (unless you want me to of course) 7:57 AM

Andrea: : Lol… U know how to bargin. 7:57 AM
Andrea: : Lol… U r really funny … I will not ask you tho leave me alone. 7:58 AM

Me: glad to hear that 8:02 AM

Andrea: : R u still on dating sites? 8:04 AM

Me: no, and I wasn’t yesterday either when you mentioned it 8:05 AM

Andrea: : Its ok…if you are…. 8:08 AM
Andrea: : I’m not jealous…i admit, i still go on there, and i get all the games. 8:09 AM

Me: what games? And of course you still go on there, we are not a couple and I know you want to keep your options open 8:11 AM

Andrea: : Now you get it….but dating sites are not a shopping place for me.. 8:13 AM
Andrea: : The games they play, the disrespect…..the..DAMN U FINE, 8:14 AM
Andrea: : LET ME TAKE CARE OF U…..that crap, and you barely know the person 8:14 AM

Me: “Damn u fine”? What’s that? Well, you do what’s best for you, I still would like to get to know you better, you have my attention now 8:17 AM

Andrea: : But i have had a few genuine encounters. 8:18 AM
Andrea: : Well, that’s nice tho know. 8:19 AM

Me: ” a few genuine encounters”? You’re doing much better than I do, haha… but I am not surprised 8:19 AM

Andrea: : Y r you not surprised? 8:19 AM

Me: Women in general seem to get so much more attention on dating websites than men… and of course men are expected to contact women and not the other way around. The more people are interested in you the bigger the chance that at least some good guys are among all the not so good guys 8:21 AM
Me: the downside of course is that there are probably many men out there who only want sex or get sexual in their emails which I read can be very uncomfortable for women 8:22 AM
Me: I read some statistics and articles about online dating before I tried it for myself 🙂 8:23 AM

Andrea: : I do not prefer ONLINE DATING, I’ve shared those thoughts with you. 8:27 AM

Me: I know and I agreed to meet you whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so. I’m not hiding from you only because I would be nervous 8:28 AM
Me: I want a real relationship and either you like me in person or you don’t 8:29 AM

Andrea: : however, i have always valued my womanhood, and any intimacy comes with a high price (not financially) that is something i want too share with the a truly a part of my life. 8:38 AM

Me: can you explain what “high price” means? 8:39 AM

Andrea: : Person who is truly a part of my life. 8:39 AM

Me: well, that’s how it is supposed to be – though in the world of today this has shifted but I never had a one night stand for example, I need to trust the person and feel close before I can even kiss a girl 8:41 AM

Andrea: : Good… 8:46 AM

Me: Maybe you want to kiss me long before I am brave enough to kiss you 8:47 AM

Andrea: : The world to day, has become so superficial…and sex equates to “lets talk” 8:47 AM
Andrea: : Perhaps…I’m such a good kisser… 8:49 AM

Me: haha, that’s a cute statement (not that I doubt it, just the way you said it) 8:50 AM

Andrea: : Lol….you know that is a song a well.. 8:54 AM

Me: I’m sure you meant what you were typing 8:55 AM
Me: and you did that to make me even more curious 8:56 AM

Andrea: : Lol….I’m not trying to do that. 8:59 AM
Andrea: : I’m not a tease. 8:59 AM

Me: How am I supposed to know that? 9:01 AM

Andrea: : Well, I’m telling you, and i don’t work at the bunny club (stripper) 9:06 AM

Me: Bunny club, haha… A good opportunity to share something about me 9:07 AM
Me: I’ve never been in a strip club, I’ve never even tried a cigarette (hated it because my dad used to smoke at home), any kind of drugs or whatever and I haven’t been drunk ever… Does that make me a boring person? Absolutely not 9:09 AM

Andrea: : Well you asked and answered..i would not call you boring. hopefully I did not imply that you were. 9:11 AM
Andrea: : I drink socially (wine, perhaps an apple martini) 9:12 AM
Andrea: : No smoking 9:12 AM
Andrea: : No, drugs 9:13 AM
Andrea: : Not a stripper, but love too dance. 9:13 AM

Me: I don’t mind you drinking as long as you don’t expect me to or try to get me drunk. I’m glad you don’t smoke, I don’t think I could kiss somebody who’s smoking 9:15 AM

Andrea: : I will tell you again, I’m not controlling, will not ask you if you want a drink let alone FORCE you. 9:18 AM
Andrea: : Ive never thought a woman who smokes was attractive…..sssoooooooo……I DON’T 9:21 AM
Andrea: : HOWEVER, if you found anything that its unpleasing in your sight, im ok with you letting me know. 9:23 AM

Me: good choice – and this time I was not assuming you are controlling, I just wanted to point out that I don’t drink or get drunk. I had a beer when I was 12, hated it, tried again in high school (when everybody was drinking) so I tried another beer, hated it, didn’t care that other people thought it was “uncool” 9:23 AM

Andrea: : Good for you. 9:24 AM
Andrea: : I thought you disappeared 9:25 AM

Me: lol, no, just got a coffee and scammed a couple of girls, lol. The coffee part is true though. Even if you would get drunk all the time (which I assume you don’t) – if I am with somebody I am very forgiving 9:27 AM

Andrea: : You know….I have a drink with dinner, I DON’T GET DRUNK…however, because i don’t drink, it won’t take much tho get me drunk… 9:30 AM

Me: I was not assuming that you get drunk, I think sometimes I don’t say things the right way, sorry. 9:32 AM

Andrea: : No worries, just know that i don’t intend for that to happen, if it does, hopefully the individual I’m with would take care of me, and not view it as opportunity. 9:38 AM
Andrea: : Have i scared you off yet….lol:-\ 9:39 AM

Me: lol, an “opportunity”? I am gentleman, of course I would take care of you (in a good way) and NOT take advantage of you 9:41 AM

Andrea: : Thank you. 😉 9:42 AM
Andrea: : So tell me, where do thou think things went wrong with the women before, especially the one that was in to you. 9:44 AM

Me: you should have figured by now that I am an intelligent human being, risking to lose you forever because of doing something stupid for a moment is pretty dumb imho 9:44 AM

Andrea: : Lol….you don’t want to loose me? 9:45 AM

Me: she wanted to know exactly what I was doing, every minute, every second. When I was not answering the phone right away she assumed that I might talk / chat with another girl, she reminded me too much of my former jealous girlfriend 9:45 AM
Me: that was hypothetically speaking, but no, I cannot lose you because I don’t “have” you but I don’t want to ruin or lose the opportunity to get to know you better by doing something stupid or taking advantage of you 9:47 AM

Andrea: : Gotcha…;-) 9:48 AM

Me: yes you did 9:50 AM

Andrea: : I’m starting to hear a pattern, i know the older wee get, we become set on our ways, however, have you ever considered, thou may just want too DO YOU, without anyone questioning you…you know thats not illegal right. 9:51 AM

Me: I got the first part but I am not sure what you mean with the “have you ever considered…” part 9:53 AM

Andrea: : You…just doing your own thing in life, without anyone questioning you. 9:55 AM

Me: Of course, I still want a relationship with a nice girl and yes, it would be nice if she would not question me (at least not all the time) but a relationship always requires some kind of compromise, 2 people are never 100% so that there would be any requirement for adjustments 9:57 AM

Andrea: : Being alone, you know if u r in a relationship, you WILL be questioned at some point…..especially if there is suspicious behavior. 9:57 AM
Andrea: : Example: i meet you online, if we are serious, and you are sharing a lot of time ONLINE….ok… What do you think my question would be? 9:58 AM

Me: tell me 9:59 AM

Andrea: : Sure, however, somethings are just not open for comprimise. 10:05 AM
Andrea: : Cheating 10:05 AM
Andrea: : Deception 10:05 AM
Andrea: : Lies 10:05 AM
Andrea: : I Will not tolerate 10:06 AM

Me: I understand that, but that still doesn’t tell me what your question would be 10:06 AM

Andrea: : My question????? 10:10 AM

Me: you said “Example: i meet you online, if we are serious, and you are sharing a lot of time ONLINE….ok… What do you think my question would be?” 10:11 AM

Andrea: : U tell me. 10:12 AM

Me: well, after sharing a lot of time ONLINE hopefully you would agree to meet me in person but I assume you would expect ME to ask YOU, so what would YOUR question be? 10:14 AM

Andrea: : I would ask you are you cheating. 10:15 AM

Me: that doesn’t make any sense, why? If I spend my time talking with you then why would you assume that I’m cheating? 10:17 AM

Andrea: : No… 10:24 AM

Me: no what? 10:25 AM

Andrea: : If we are in a relationship, and for some reason, you begin spending a lot of time on the computer, or you phone texting, etc…. 10:33 AM
Andrea: : Then that would create suspicion. 10:34 AM
Andrea: : Knowing that’s how you met me. 10:34 AM
Andrea: : R u there 10:36 AM
Andrea: : Ok, i guess, you’re done… 10:42 AM

Me: lol, no… I just made some more coffee and grabbed something to eat 10:47 AM

Andrea: : If you need to go I understand.. 10:48 AM

Me: I misunderstood you in the first place – I thought WE (you and me) spend a lot of time online chatting – BEFORE we even met. I would not spend time on the computer when being in a relationship. Unless I would do some editing for the church but then you can be there with me and I would love to hear your input 10:49 AM

Andrea: : Remember you have not had much rest. 10:49 AM

Me: lol, I’m fine, I just wanted a coffee and I had to make it first. But you hear what I was just saying (about spending time at the computer)? 10:51 AM

Andrea: : Yes…I’m just saying perhaps…this is why the last person was questioning you. 10:53 AM
Andrea: : But i understand 10:53 AM

Me: My last girlfriend? Or the girl I met in before that? 10:56 AM
Me: Ok, i guess, you’re done… 🙂 (sounds familiar?) 11:10 AM

Andrea: : What sounds familiar……lol…u should think about joining the circus as a side job… 11:15 AM

Me: why circus? And I think you misunderstood the “last person questioning me” part, I begin to question my English language skills (again), nowhere near my extraordinary native language skills 11:17 AM

Andrea: : Its ok…. I understood she implied you were being unfaithful, is this not correct. 11:23 AM
Andrea: : Circus…..because you are being real funny today…. 11:24 AM

Me: being funny doesn’t make me a clown (I hope). Yes, she was jealous but not because I spent time at the computer and I didn’t meet her online 11:26 AM

Andrea: : Sorry, 11:27 AM

Me: sorry for what? 🙂 11:29 AM

Andrea: : Well..I’ve provided you with an example of why i would question you.. But other than that I’m not a jealous person unless I’m given cause to be. 11:29 AM

Me: I would not give you a reason because that’s not me, if I would be unhappy about something in our relationship I would talk about it and I would expect the same from my partner. Good communication is the key and think you communicate very open, direct and well 11:32 AM

Andrea: : Yes, sometimes im too direct, however, I’m working on that. 11:34 AM

Me: she was not my girlfriend but I was not doing anything behind her back, she knew about my activities, my projects, her behavior was simply not correct, even if we would have been a couple. I always invited her to join me so that she can see for herself what I was doing 11:35 AM

Andrea: : I still don’t know how you really look, I’m not convinced that is you in the photograph… U fail tho elaborate on that. 11:44 AM

Me: well, whatever picture I would send to you – you can always doubt it, that’s why I was asking you about skype, if you see AND hear me at the same time there is a good chance that this would be me though I am also a master of visual effects, lol 11:46 AM

Andrea: : I know…lol….i know 11:48 AM
Andrea: : U r too much 11:48 AM
Andrea: : Im just saying your profile pic is suspect. 11:49 AM

Me: well, then what can I do? 11:52 AM

Andrea: : Send me a pic….too easy 11:56 AM
Andrea: : Without cropping, palm trees, water…JUST YOU 11:57 AM
Andrea: : I know you will never device me. 11:57 AM
Andrea: : Where are you dear….. Did i scare you again. 12:00 PM

Me: lol, no 12:00 PM
Me: why are you so against Skype? Then you can be sure 12:01 PM
Me: and are you really at work? You seem to have more time to chat at work than I do. 12:03 PM
Me: Renee, where are you dear….. Did i scare you again? 12:07 PM
Me: I guess you are busy now, I’ll make some lunch and I also have to pick up something from the post office and from the dry cleaners, ttyl 12:16 PM

Andrea: : Ok…. evade if u must…wheres the pic….., I’m at work…however, i don’t do Skype. I don’t even have it. 12:19 PM
Andrea: : So, it is what it is. 12:20 PM

Me: I’m not evading, and why is it OK for you to disappear for 20 minutes when after 8 minutes you assume that I disappeared, lol 12:27 PM
Me: You are very special and the worst thing about it is that you know it 12:28 PM

Andrea: : Special….what does that mean? 12:32 PM

Me: Unique, unusual, different than other girls, but all in a good way since I like it 12:34 PM

Andrea: : I disappeared to go get coffee, and lunch. 12:35 PM
Andrea: : Lol….YOU LIKE IT HUH….LOL 12:35 PM

Me: Without telling me, lol. I will do the same now but I just told you 12:36 PM
Me: And yes, I like it /you 12:36 PM

Andrea: : You can do whatever you want…I’ve told you that…I’m not jealous. 12:40 PM

Me: Do what? Grabbing lunch, a coffee and going to the dry cleaner? Yes, I will 12:42 PM
Me: And I know you’re not jealous because we’re not in a relationship 12:42 PM

Andrea: : Even if i were… 12:44 PM
Andrea: : I’m not a jealous person 12:45 PM

Me: I still don’t get it, jealous about what? I would do my best that you would never have a reason to be jealous 12:46 PM

Andrea: : It sounds like u drink a lot of coffee. 12:47 PM

Me: No, actually I don’t 12:48 PM

Andrea: : Ok…i believe you. 12:49 PM

Me: But I’ll have my lunch now which is almost ready and then run my errands 12:49 PM
Me: And I should stop waiting for a text from you 12:50 PM

Andrea: : What, you can’t text while you’re at lunch…????? 12:52 PM
Andrea: : Lol…….you must b cheating….lol….. 12:52 PM
Andrea: : 😉 12:52 PM
Andrea: : Still no pic 12:53 PM

Me: Usually I don’t read, text or watch TV while eating 12:53 PM
Me: Not cheating, scamming 12:53 PM

Andrea: : Oh…ok…scammer….lol 12:54 PM
Andrea: : Enjoy your lunch….;-) 12:54 PM

Me: Scam you later 12:55 PM
Me: I mean ttyl 12:55 PM
Me: Oops 12:55 PM
Me: are you making some good progress with your work when I am not interrupting you? 2:16 PM
Me: I see, now you’re working hard… 2:45 PM

Andrea: : What?????? 2:52 PM

To be continued

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