Talking to Andrea #2

Talking to Andrea (part 2)

Andrea: : I believe you…without sounding standoffish, im sure you will continue to explore your options… 5:10 PM 

Me: Options with you? Is that what you mean? Or in general? 5:46 PM

Andrea: : In general, i have to understand you are single and new to the area. 5:52 PM
Andrea: : I’m not trying to push you away, just wanting you to be sure. 5:53 PM

Me: That sounds weird 5:55 PM

Andrea: : What’s weird 6:02 PM
Andrea: : Why will save a lot of lies and cheating, if you are sure about who you would like to share time 6:07 PM

Me: The way it sounds, I don’t want to date many people at the same time 6:08 PM

Andrea: : No…not at all..although, this should b the definition of a cheater. 6:25 PM

Me: ok, to make it more clear: I really would like to meet you and if you agree to meet me then I don’t have to keep any doors open or however Americans say that 6:39 PM

Andrea: : Ok, i understand…its termed… “Weigh my options” 6:42 PM

Me: hm, not what I want 6:51 PM

Andrea: : What are you looking for. 7:01 PM
Andrea: : Ur profile says, sexy, smart,fit and fun….are you offering the same. 7:05 PM

Me: you should have figured by now that my profile was meant to be funny… but I am definitely smart, pretty fit and very much fun… about the sexy – this is for you to decide 7:09 PM

Andrea: : Ok….i just want you to be able tho provide the same things you ask for… 7:11 PM

Me: I hope I can… but it has to be to your standards not mine 7:12 PM

Andrea: : Ok, well, perhaps i will not meet your standards. 7:14 PM

Me: can you stop that? We will find out, all I’m asking you for now is to give it a chance (unless you found something about my character that you don’t like), not care about the whole me being inexperienced dating an African American woman… 7:16 PM

Andrea: : Not concerned about that, you cleared that for me 3 hours ago. Im saying perhaps i don’t fit the above discription. 7:19 PM
Andrea: : Hwever, im very confidant with myself. 7:20 PM
Andrea: : if neither are ok with the other, yhen ive obtained a friend. 7:21 PM

Me: which part you are worried about? And again, it was not meant to be 100% serious. Yes, I want to laugh and we did this already (about scammers and me faking dialect – I heard you laughing), sexy – I don’t know whether you are the woman in the picture or not so I’ll see – and this is really not the most important thing 7:21 PM
Me: and I already figured that you are smart 7:21 PM

Andrea: : Well thank you, and yes that is me, 2 years ago, but me. 7:24 PM
Andrea: : BUT I’M NOT WORRIED… 7:24 PM

Me: not worried, of course, I should have know that by now. I have a meeting in 5 minutes, should be only 45, I hope you’ll be around later. Maybe meanwhile you can share your thought on what you think how we should “proceed” 7:26 PM
Me: I’m back 8:22 PM
Me: are you still talking to me? 8:54 PM

Andrea: : Lol…and laughing 8:56 PM

Me: what happened? 8:57 PM
Me: ??? 9:12 PM

Andrea: : Nothing 9:15 PM

Me: what are you laughing about? 9:16 PM

Andrea: : Nothing 9:18 PM
Andrea: : I’m done laughing. 9:18 PM
Andrea: : 😉 9:18 PM
Andrea: : 😉 9:19 PM
Andrea: : 😉 9:19 PM

Me: ” Lol…and laughing” what were you referring to? 9:20 PM

Andrea: : R u still at work? 9:20 PM

Me: yes, 4 until 12 – remember? Why? 9:21 PM

Andrea: : Y do u sound so nervous right now?…….lol. 9:25 PM

Me: why nervous? I simply don’t get it, I was asking you before about your thoughts on how to proceed, then I didn’t hear from you, then you send me the lol and laughing. I’m confused 9:28 PM

Andrea: : I think moving forward should b a mutual decision…what say you? 9:36 PM

Me: honestly… you speak in riddles… this is one of those moments where I don’t know whether it’s because of language or my poor reading skills of women – I simply don’t know what you’re doing but I’m sure you can help me understand if you want to 9:41 PM

Andrea: : Thomas, i think we should both agree on how we should proceed, its not a woman thing. 9:49 PM

Me: of course not, but I already told you how I would like to proceed. I like the talking also better than the chatting so I definitely would like to talk to you on the phone more often but if you agree I also would like to meet you in person – like you said, looking at somebody while talking, reading body language and so on 9:50 PM

Andrea: : I agree 9:55 PM

Me: but I also tried to explain to you that I am not pushy, I don’t want to ruin it and I am not very good with dating women. My last relationship ended about a year before I came here and I haven’t dated anybody yet, I met 2 women from the website but that was still where I lived before. 9:59 PM

Andrea: : Ok, how did it work out?10:02 PM

Me: it didn’t 10:03 PM

Andrea: : Ok….have you ever asked if it could b you… 10:04 PM

Me: meaning…. 10:05 PM

Andrea: : I ask myself that question 10:05 PM
Andrea: : ,and I’ve been married twice 10:06 PM
Andrea: : So i try to search myself 10:06 PM

Me: you mean like “my fault”? 10:07 PM

Andrea: : Yes 10:08 PM
Andrea: : I know i was young in my first marriage, but i was very mature, however it ended, because I DO NOT TOLERATE LYING AND CHEATING. 10:09 PM
Andrea: : hint….hint;-) 10:10 PM

Me: sure, I was married before and I know it both our mistake during that time. we both focused too much on our careers, I was working hard and I thought it was awesome while she was growing her business, everybody in town knew us but we grew more and more apart 10:10 PM
Me: with my “jealous” girlfriend on the other side it was different, I was basically doing everything for her, to please her, she could be bossy, then the next moment depressed, jealous… but I stayed by her side though it wasn’t always easy 10:11 PM
Me: one of the recent 2 girls liked me very much but she started kinda stalking me online, acted weird when I didn’t pick up the phone right away… she reminded me too much of my previous girlfriend so yes, my “fault” that I didn’t want to give her a chance, it didn’t feel right 10:12 PM

Andrea: : No fault, thou just made a decision that was best for you. 10:15 PM

Me: so no, except for the first one I think it’s not me… of course I cannot expect everybody to love me but I am intelligent and fun, there are girls who think I am cute, I am very giving and maybe give in too often in a relationship but overall I think I am ok, lol 10:17 PM

Andrea: : Then if you believe you are ok…never seek validation from others of whom you aster not sure of. 10:18 PM
Andrea: : U did what you believed to be right at that time, so lesson learned… Now u can move on to bigger and better things. 10:21 PM

Me: I told you, I know things where I am terrible: dating, reading women, sometimes wait too long so yes, I examine myself. And hey, you said I should not beat myself up 🙂 10:22 PM

Andrea: : And i meant that. 10:26 PM

Me: will you tell me what your job is or is it really a big secret? 10:27 PM

Andrea: : Yes it is a big secret…… 10:30 PM

Me: wonderful. But you’re not working for the military?? 10:30 PM

Andrea: : I gave you a hint, once i see you, i will share that with you. 10:31 PM
Andrea: Absolutely not…. 10:32 PM
Andrea: Maybe u r a scammer? 10:33 PM

Me: yes 10:41 PM
Me: professional Scammers are rare. Check out my website: www.germanscammers.con (.coN, not .coM) 10:41 PM

Andrea: : Lol….too late for jokes… 10:43 PM
Andrea: : Lol 10:43 PM

Me: why too late? I do that day and night. If you consider getting to know me better you have to be prepared for that 10:44 PM

Andrea: : So how does it feel to have had me as a part of your entire day. 10:45 PM

Me: I liked it – except for the moment when you were laughing and didn’t tell me why. I think the last time that happened to me was in school, lol. Otherwise I stick to what I said before, you are very smart and that is good for me. Not sure whether you still have some “bossy tendencies”, lol 10:47 PM

Andrea: : I explained to you how some would say I’m spoiled, not bossy. 10:51 PM

Me: I think I might not understand the word “spoiled” right, can you be more specific to avoid misunderstandings? 10:53 PM

Andrea: : A person who Gets whatever they want, or having their way 10:55 PM

Me: ok… so how do you achieve that in a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship or marriage? 10:56 PM

Andrea: : The other person gives that person whatever they want, whenever they want…. 10:59 PM

Me: and WHY would the other person do that? (That sounds kind of like me in my last relationship though but actually my girlfriend was manipulating me) 11:00 PM

Andrea: : Butt that’s not me, i merely see this as loving the person, and taking care of each other. 11:00 PM
Andrea: : I never cried or had a fit if i did not get my way. 11:01 PM

Me: but like I said, I am a very giving person, you probably would have it very easy with me anyway 11:02 PM

Andrea: : Well it sounds if you may have allowed some of this from your ex. 11:03 PM

Andrea: : But I’m not manipulative. 11:03 PM

Me: it actually worked fine as long as I felt loved in return but when she was jealous and mad most of the time (and again, for no reason!) then it got bad 11:05 PM

Andrea: : U keep saying that…. Women don’t get jealous for no reason, so did you have a side chick, and she was not suppose to say anything? 11:07 PM

Me: what? No! I didn’t see anybody, I didn’t chat with anybody or spent time alone at the computer, it was for no reason like in the airplane. I would have never even flirted with anybody else, whether she was with me or not 11:09 PM

Andrea: : Do you plan on letting me sleep tonight? 11:10 PM
Andrea: : Ok…..HONEST ABE….LOL 11:10 PM
Andrea: : I feel like a teenager in high school up all night on the phone. 11:11 PM

Me: do you seriously care what I think regarding you going to sleep? I think you are a woman who tell me when she wants to go to bed 11:11 PM

Andrea: : Lol…..sounds like you want tho b controlled…lol 11:15 PM

Me: But I could chat with you all night long. 11:17 PM

Andrea: : I would love to chat, but i hve to work in the morning while you sleep in, can i wake you up, and keep you up as all morning. 11:20 PM

Me: Yes you can 11:21 PM

Andrea: : Ok…i guess you are sleep now. 11:22 PM

Me: I’ll get up early for you 11:22 PM

Andrea: : Lol….yes i can…ok……. 11:22 PM
Andrea: : Lol…..u r too funny 11:23 PM

Me: I can’t sleep at work but just started a new diagnosis program 11:23 PM
Me: I actually work, believe it or not 11:23 PM

Andrea: : Wool you cook breakfast as well. 11:23 PM

Me: Ok, we established that I am funny, how about I tell identify and sexy? 11:24 PM

Andrea: : I don’t believe it. 11:24 PM

Me: Don’t believe what? 11:24 PM

Andrea: : That ur working 11:25 PM

Me: Oh, I am working 11:26 PM
Me: So if you go to bed then ha e a good night, I have 33 more minutes 11:28 PM

Andrea: : Ok…i will try tho get some sleep 11:29 PM

Me: Gosh, text to speech is killing me today 11:29 PM
Me: Sweet dreams 11:30 PM

Andrea: : What should i dream about 11:30 PM

Me: Me? 11:31 PM

Andrea: : REALLY…. 11:32 PM

Me: Why not 11:33 PM


Me: Like 11:35 PM

Andrea: : U tell me what thou would like for me to hold on to. 11:37 PM

Me: Just positive thoughts about me 11:38 PM

Andrea: : Mentally 11:38 PM
Andrea: : Ok, perhaps u can wake me up in the morning 11:38 PM

Me: What time 11:39 PM

Andrea: : Lol… Postive thoughts 11:40 PM
Andrea: : Ok… I wool try and create some 11:40 PM

Me: Create? Hm 11:42 PM

Andrea: : TTYL 11:42 PM

Me: Ok 11:43 PM
Me: Good night, sleep tight. 11:44 PM

(And then she stopped texting until the next morning)

To be continued here

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