Joe Goldberg YOU

So I ended my last post saying when one door closes often another opens. This is true in life and of course in relationships. My “Hello Darla” unfortunately sounded a little bit like Joe Goldberg from the TV show “YOU” (great show if you like relationship drama and stalking andContinue Reading

Sword of Damocles

Me: so what do you like? I love the Snickers blast and the Reeses 2:37 PM  Me: I’m getting ready to SSS 2:45 PM  Nina: Is that shit shower and shave lol 2:45 PM  Nina: ??? 2:45 PM  Me: that’s right 2:46 PM  Nina: Typical guy 2:46 PM  Nina: IContinue Reading

Why me?

I was in a good mood when I woke up at 8, I went to the gym and then swimming. Then when I was barely back home…. the notification sound of my phone let me know Nina was texting me. Nina: Wake up text buddy 9:21 AM  Me: Good morningContinue Reading

Being a text buddy is less stressful

This morning I got up early, went to the gym and then swimming afterwards. Back in the car I checked my texts and boom, several texts from her and 2 missed calls. Nina: Good morning 7:55 AM  Nina: Hello? 7:57 AM Nina: Rise and shine my prince. 7:59 AM Nina:Continue Reading

Is there anything that can patch this?

About 2 weeks passed by without hearing from Nina and I had no desire to contact her. Life was just less complicated without her but then one day… Nina: I know we haven’t been talking for a while and here I come again letting you know that I miss talkingContinue Reading

The night after sex

So we had sex that night and everything was great but in her world that doesn’t mean anything. Mood swings could happen at any time, my guard was up! Me: Good morning 8:27 AM  Nina: Good morning babe 8:30 AM  Me: How are you feeling? 8:46 AM  Me: Are youContinue Reading

The next door stalker

My neighbors had a young daughter (22) who always gave me a certain look or tried to find reasons to talk to me. One day she asked me for a ride and said she needs a ride to the park because she has to meet somebody there. I was thinkingContinue Reading