Arguing with Darla

In person we actually never fought, she kept twisting my mind and was as sweet as can be. No conflicts in person, no fights, no stress. Me: Good morning gorgeous 10:35 AM  Darla: Mornin. 10:37 AM  Me: I was excited to see you again 10:44 AM  Darla: Yea ok. 10:46Continue Reading

Trouble in paradise

We kept seeing each other but our work schedules clashed a lot and it turned out she was quite a jealous person. When I didn’t answer her texts within seconds she got mad. Darla: Gud mornin sexy 8:05 AM  Darla: U really didn’t talk to me last nite. 9:11 AM Continue Reading

Sword of Damocles

Me: so what do you like? I love the Snickers blast and the Reeses 2:37 PM  Me: I’m getting ready to SSS 2:45 PM  Nina: Is that shit shower and shave lol 2:45 PM  Nina: ??? 2:45 PM  Me: that’s right 2:46 PM  Nina: Typical guy 2:46 PM  Nina: IContinue Reading

Why me?

I was in a good mood when I woke up at 8, I went to the gym and then swimming. Then when I was barely back home…. the notification sound of my phone let me know Nina was texting me. Nina: Wake up text buddy 9:21 AM  Me: Good morningContinue Reading

Wedding rings

Today’s highlights: Let’s get married – bipolar behavior? Change of hearts? Or something different? Nina: Goodmorning.. I’m just waking up 10:03 AM  Me: Good morning, take your time, lol 10:12 AM  Nina: Oh I am lol…. I was up earlier for school… and I got so frustrated that I laidContinue Reading


2 days passed without me hearing from Nina but – of course, as always – one morning… I almost had forgotten that I assigned a specific notification sound to her contact so I knew it was her! Nina: Good morning 7:30 AM Me: Good morning 8:45 AM Nina: How areContinue Reading

I was just sitting here the next day with no intention to text her… I guess I meant to say “… with no intention to text her FIRST….” Nina: Good morning. After yesterday I think it doesn’t matter at this point anymore… let’s just drop this conversation. Let’s drop sexContinue Reading