I want sex

Nina:  See you say all the perfect things and i smile from ear to ear… And our number would grow by two babies at most… lol. I want a forever… and if we are buying together we’d have to double the square footage. And I’m not paying the bills (kidding)Continue Reading

US flag

I had to work in the morning so I didn’t text much but then this… Yes, I wasn’t born here so I have an accent – since the day we spoke, Nina! Nina: Everything sucks in the US. Was talking to pool guy. He was complimenting my work. I doContinue Reading

I'll put my daughter in Foster care

We were talking about meeting and then this happened… Considering throwing my daughter into foster care. Me: So since today is not a good day on your end and then Friday / Saturday is usy at work – should we aim for Sunday? 8:04 PM  Nina: Yes that will work.Continue Reading

I am a big brat

We talked a lot about more common things and Nina was acting strange. This was not the first time that she called herself a “big brat”! Nina: Im a big brat- let you tell it ? 7:20 PM  Nina: Seriously I was setting up all my computers and stuff inContinue Reading

The kids are killing me

Another evening and more complaints about the kids I met the kids and I couldn’t see what’s “wrong” with them, they behaved very well Nina: Kids are killing me. All I see is red!! 7:24 PM  Nina: I seriously think my kids are why I can not get into aContinue Reading

Nina talking about suicide

I was wondering if she’d really go to bed that early but I was stuck at work and so it took me a while to answer. Nina going to bed so early? No way! Me: oh well, I thought with no school you could have stayed up. 10:52 PM  Nina:Continue Reading

Dating Nina

Despite of all the red flags I met Nina in person. She had a nice house, lots of kids and cameras everywhere (if you sit in a living room and a camera is pointing at you, how is that supposed to make me feel? I asked her about it andContinue Reading

Hello Nina!

So I was chatting on the dating app and had a conversation going for like 2 minutes. She seemed to be nice but then when I asked what she likes to do for fun she wrote this: Well, I’m xx years old, surely I haven’t got life figured out butContinue Reading