Nina talking about suicide


I was wondering if she’d really go to bed that early but I was stuck at work and so it took me a while to answer.

Nina going to bed so early? No way!

Me: oh well, I thought with no school you could have stayed up. 10:52 PM 

Nina: Yea… I wanted to… but that child of mine is going to cause me a heart attack.. I’m so sick of her and her antics… I’m just wore out with a migraine 11:15 PM 

Me: sorry to hear that 11:18 PM 

Nina: You know what I said it time and time before… I would rather die and lose all my kids then to deal with her another day. She makes me sick to my stomach and I’m so frustrated that these laws have my hands tied… 11:20 PM 

Nina: As long as my daughter is in my life I will never be happy. Ever. And that’s what’s sad. That I’m willing to end my life and leave my younger three to face the world mother and father less because I can’t stand her that much… 11:21 PM 

Nina: I’m gonna try to go back to sleep… at this point I think you should just move on and find someone else… because I give up… am giving up. I quit. I’m just done… 11:22 PM

Me: you better stop saying things like that 11:23 PM 

Me: and you know I have to report you for being suicidal and I won’t let you just die 11:23 PM 

Nina: I’m not gonna die… 11:24 PM 

Nina: But that’s my feelings and I’m entitled to them. ? 11:24 PM 

Me: I’ll report you for giving up on me then 11:25 PM 

Me: I’ll get you institutionalized 11:25 PM 

Me: no worries, nice fluffy walls and lots of meds 11:25 PM 

Nina: Lol… I’m sure they’ll lock me up for that. 11:26 PM 

Me: I’m not laughing 11:26 PM 

Nina: Seriously, I can’t find happiness if I have to deal with her… I can’t because every time I am up she will try to find a way to bring us down and it’s hurting the little ones… my Little ones are hurting the most, as if they haven’t been hurt enough already… 11:27 PM

Nina: I’d die to give my kids a smile… but I can’t with her around…. I can’t do it. She drains me of my energy! 11:27 PM 

Me: well, you didn’t want to follow up the links that I sent to you, I can’t help you if you’re not willing to look for solutions 11:28 PM 

Me: send her in a boot camp 11:28 PM 

Me: Or as an alternative: 11:38 PM 

Me: but you have to do something, I cannot take her away from you and bring her there 11:39 PM 

Me: I guess you went back to sleep?! 11:54 PM 

Nina: No.. I’m smoking 11:59 PM 

Me: oh, ok. Think about what I just texted you and check the link. I’m omw to my car 12:03 AM 

Me: if you’re smoking you could have said good night 12:23 AM 

Nina: What do you mean 12:38 AM 

Me: meaning when you smoke you’re up, when you’re up you could say good night before go to bed 12:43 AM 

Me: but no worries, have a good night 12:43 AM 

If somebody is talking about suicide you never know if it’s only to get attention or if it’s real.

More red flags, time to run – but I didn’t and it got worse!

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