Who cares about STDs

STD’s? Who cares!

2 years ago I met this girl and she was really nice but also a little ghetto (I’m usually not judging or generalizing but she was a black girl who talked and acted ghetto). It was cute somehow in a way but we really didn’t have much in common but we decided to stay friends and chatted every now and then. Soon she got a new (black) boyfriend and seemed to be happy and I wished her nothing but the best.

Then after a few days she started sexting with me, invited me over multiple times and asked me to f*ck her hard. We never had sex before and I said no.

The next day she said good morning, vented a little about work and then this happened:

Latischa: Come on, I want u to f*ck me, y u keep saying no? Y’all want some good booty. 10:09 AM 

Me: Lol, not all men are the same. Maybe I should come over when your boyfriend is there. 10:12 AM 

Latischa: No, then u can’t come. 10:21 AM 

Me: oh now you’re telling me what I can’t do? 10:22 AM 

Latischa: U wamt to see me with a big black d*ck 10:22 AM 

Me: no, I will either kidnap you before he even arrives or kick his ass 10:24 AM 

Latischa: U can come now I got a friend here 10:42 AM 

Latischa: U coming 11:09 AM 

Me: what friend 11:13 AM 

Latischa: Ugh. A friend period she said she do a 3 sum 11:14 AM 

Me: I didn’t know man or woman. How does she look like? 11:16 AM 

Me: Maybe I just want her and make you watch 11:16 AM 

Latischa: Boi bye. I dont want to watch that 11:17 AM 

Latischa: She fime tho amd white 11:18 AM 

Me: Fine and white? Sounds like a good wine. 11:20 AM 

Latischa: U mad now 11:20 AM 

Latischa: Ok another day 11:21 AM 

Me: No why? 11:21 AM 

Latischa: Come. Then 11:24 AM 

Latischa: She leave at one 11:25 AM 

Me: You should know by now that I don’t just fuck random chicks. And people who do shit like that most likely will have a STD sooner or later. So no offense but no thank you. 11:29 AM 

Latischa: Ok. Im not offemded. Have s good one 11:30 AM 

Me: so now you don’t want to talk anymore huh? 11:31 AM 

Latischa: Well ima go catch my std lol i talk to u tonight at work 11:32 AM 

Me: do you think this is funny???? 11:33 AM 

Latischa: Of u don’t then Yes hahaha. Stds are not real, u dont catch them just like that. I know, Ive been with many guys. 11:33 AM 

Me: Oh well, I’ll pass, ttyl then. 11:35 AM 

It’s scary but it really seems many people don’t care about STD’s at all and just sleep around. Those people should talk to somebody who actually has a STD and get some insight how this is like. I talked to men and women with STD’s and they ALL have deep regrets.

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