Quick tip #2 – Work

Many people setup a date, get excited for the big day but then in the evening, after work, many bring “work” to the date meaning they might be stressed from work, a fight with the boss or colleagues, stress, frustration, anger – often that reflects in how the evening is going.

If you setup a date for after work it’s a good idea to have some relaxing time in between. Take a shower (which you should do anyways – duh!), imagine you’re washing the stress off. Listen to some relaxing music, get your dating clothes ready (women: maybe you want to do this on the day before!) and switch to dating mode. Don’t think about what might go wrong, try to picture the good things. Thoughts to things is not just some bogus saying, it is how things work (at least most of the time). Successful people have a positive mindset, you can apply that do dating.

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