Short and sweet – don’t look for perfection! You won’t find it, it’s really that simple. That doesn’t mean you should settle for less and ignore possible red flags. Ask yourself, what are your absolute “heck no!” things. You don’t want to be with a cheating liar, no doubt aboutContinue Reading


I said this before, just be yourself, don’t try to pretend to be someone else. If you are a confident person then you have nothing to prove. Only an arrogant person believes that (s)he has to prove things and that’s because of his/her lack of confidence. In their opinion arrogantContinue Reading

Stop chasing people! Seriously, stop chasing people! Chasing someone is NOT how dating works. Try to become more interesting to other people instead. You want to find someone you can actually connect with. Be available, allow people to connect with you. People’s time is valuable, don’t waste it on thingsContinue Reading

Many people setup a date, get excited for the big day but then in the evening, after work, many bring “work” to the date meaning they might be stressed from work, a fight with the boss or colleagues, stress, frustration, anger – often that reflects in how the evening isContinue Reading

As obvious as it is, keep your eyes open when you’re looking for a new relationship, not only online on dating sites or in dating apps. You can meet good people in unusual places. Even when you’re not all dressed up and you might look a little “messy”, you areContinue Reading

So you are meeting somebody for the first time after getting to know each other on a dating site and / or texting for a while. Often at this time there is some kind of familiarity though you’ve never met before. When you finally see the other person live andContinue Reading

Too much or too little information in your profile Online dating starts with your profile. Too little information may cause a person to simply skip your profile and go to the next one. If your whole life story is in your profile people might not want to read everything. AsContinue Reading

Dating isn’t always easy. Most things are common sense yet when I talked to women it’s unbelievable and sometimes even funny what you hear. I will probably share some of those stories at a later time, for now let’s go straight to the 10 essential dating tips: Be yourself! SoContinue Reading

It seems like dating and money are the 2 most important things in many people’s life. Many websites are out there for both topics. This site is about my personal experience, my encounters with women (and I will also mention a few “adventures” of some of my friends). I willContinue Reading