Being a text buddy is less stressful

Nina – being a text buddy

This morning I got up early, went to the gym and then swimming afterwards.

Back in the car I checked my texts and boom, several texts from her and 2 missed calls.

Nina: Good morning 7:55 AM 

Nina: Hello? 7:57 AM

Nina: Rise and shine my prince. 7:59 AM

Nina: Why are you not answering? 8:07 AM

Nina: Are you not talking to me anymore? 8:15 AM

Nina: Have a nice day. 8:43 AM

Me: Hey, I was at the gym. Did you have some good ME-time? You didn’t come back from getting the kids to bed 8:58 AM 

Nina: You never answered me back so I figured you were in the panic room 9:04 AM 

Me: Nah, I was just patiently waiting for you to be back but then I was like “she’s probably having hot sex and then just fell asleep” 9:09 AM 

Nina: That would of been great… 9:16 AM 

Me: yeah, I’m sure 9:17 AM 

Nina: But alas it didn’t go down. It was me a glass of wine and a Netflix movie. 9:18 AM 

Nina: Kissing booth… 9:18 AM 

Nina: My stalker came by around 8 for J. and to give him his gifts and stuff… so I had a hard time getting the little ones to settle down because he gets them all rowdy. 9:20 AM 

Me: Why rowdy? 9:24 AM 

Nina: I dont know. They be wrestling upstairs or something… smh. 9:25 AM 

Me: lol, ok 9:30 AM 

Me: I’m almost done with my work, I’m going to the movies in a few. Have to max out my MoviePass. 🙂 10:05 AM 

Nina: What you gonna go see 10:25 AM 

Nina: Thanks for the invite babes? 10:25 AM 

Me: what invite? 10:34 AM 

Nina: The one you didn’t ask. To the movies ? 10:34 AM 

Me: I’m sorry I thought you said you’re busy and that your stalker is there?! Or you leave him alone with the kids? 10:50 AM 

Nina: He isn’t here today! Lol. That was yesterday. And the kids are at school. And yea I’ll leave him here with the kids but it’s very very rare… because I have no life ??? 10:51 AM 

Me: Oh, my bad, I misread then 10:51 AM 

Nina: Ahhh misreading isn’t good ? 11:08 AM 

Me: Yeah I know. I’m back. It was really funny, not for your age group though, lol 2:10 PM 

Nina: Lol my age group 2:14 PM 

Me: that’s right, I’m serious, you would have been the youngest person in a well filled theater (I was surprised how crowded it was) 2:16 PM 

Me: Loved the Shakespeare quote: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. 2:22 PM 

Nina: I have an eye exam at 4… 2:26 PM 

Nina: That is a very nice quote 2:27 PM 

Me: yes it is and I’ve been living with it (sticking to it) for almost my whole relationship life 2:37 PM 

Nina: And does it work for you? 2:54 PM 

Me: Well, I had some good relationships but like you said, finding the “forever one” of course would be ideal. 3:00 PM 

Me: But I believe in the quote “Love always finds it’s way” 3:04 PM 

Nina: How do good relationships end? 3:06 PM 

Nina: … never mind I get it. 3:06 PM 

Me: Lol, ok. Are you picking the kids up? 3:09 PM 

Me: And will you feed me tonight? (so much for anytime… what if I’d like to stop buy right before work?) 3:10 PM 

Nina: I am not picking up the kids. Z. is. And I would never mind you stopping by before work. Except today I am on my way out the door for my eye exam as soon as he pulls up. 3:14 PM 

Nina: And if I can’t ride your face… then I have nothing else to feed you… because any other time it’s to late at night.. that’s what you said. 3:14 PM 

Me: ok, it was all a hoax then, thx for clarifying this 🙁 3:17 PM 

Nina: What you mean a hoax 3:29 PM 

Nina: You said you don’t eat late at night ? 3:29 PM 

Me: well but you said any time so I’m just trying to take you by your word 3:32 PM 

Nina: Seriously, do you wanna eat tonight? 3:38 PM 

Nina: What do you wanna eat? 3:39 PM 

Me: I’m not picky 3:42 PM 

Me: (but pu$$y is excluded from the menu) 3:42 PM 

Nina: But not spicy 3:43 PM 

Nina: Lol 3:43 PM 

Nina: ? pu**y? ?? 3:43 PM 

Nina: Such a harsh word 3:44 PM 

Me: lol 3:47 PM 

Me: well since you say Mr. D I guess I can be nice and say Mrs. P 3:47 PM 

Nina: Lol 4:00 PM 

Me: well, let me know when you’re done with your exam 4:06 PM 

Nina: I am done 4:11 PM 

Me: ok, how was it? 4:15 PM 

Nina: I have a headache… ??? 4:18 PM 

Nina: And I brought my 6 year old with me … driving me bonkers 4:22 PM 

Me: sorry to hear that 4:23 PM 

Me: What are the kids doing? 4:29 PM 

Nina: Learning, they are only allowed video games on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays… 4:34 PM 

Nina: So by the time they play then I am either cooking, cleaning or reading school work 4:34 PM 

Me: I see, ok 4:39 PM 

Me: BTW massage those pressure points like I showed you, that really helps, that wasn’t a lame excuse to touch you ????? 4:40 PM 

Nina: Lol. I will try it. Seriously my contacts are killing me 5:10 PM 

Me: I hope not 5:24 PM 

Nina: Lol. 5:44 PM 

Nina: So I spent $300 on a vacuum Saturday and thought it didn’t work… I took it out the pool today and it is so freaking gross I almost vomited 5:45 PM 

Me: oh my, yuck 5:46 PM 

Me: I guess swimming with you in the pool is also off the table 5:47 PM 

Nina: The water tested safe… they just left 5:53 PM 

Nina: Do you wanna go night swimming 5:53 PM 

Me: well, your back yard has raccoons, you were talking about snakes so Idk, lol, that sounds like Jumanji 5:55 PM 

Nina: Oh my goodness 6:02 PM 

Me: ok. So you want to do anything tonight or will there be something stopping you from seeing me? 6:31 PM 

Nina: Lol. I am about to call it a night actually. Before I lose my mind on these damn ungrateful kids 6:37 PM 

Nina: The more and more days go by… I’m thinking she can have her grandkids they aren’t worth the stress they put me through anymore… ? 6:37 PM 

Me: I knew it, so much for “anytime” ? 6:43 PM 

Nina: ??? 6:44 PM 

Nina: Hang out and do what? Talk? We always talk….. 6:45 PM 

Nina: Look, we are talking right now ? 6:45 PM 

Me: hey, no worries, text buddies it is, I said it before ??? 6:48 PM 

Nina: I can dig it 6:50 PM 

Me: lol, ok 6:53 PM 

Nina: I guess your official name is text buddy… it’s still a 4 letter word… lol close enough. 7:10 PM 

Nina: You’re sulking huh 7:11 PM 

Me: no, why? that was hardly a surprise 7:13 PM 

Nina: Oh okay 7:14 PM 

Me: then enjoy your night, I hope your headache is gone. 7:57 PM 

Nina: What do you mean then? Was something before that text? 7:58 PM 

Me: no, just one single text. Do you still have your headache? 8:10 PM 

Me: and I was referring to “Lol. I am about to call it a night actually.” 8:11 PM 

Nina: I don’t have a headache ? 8:24 PM 

Nina: The call it a night text was so 3 hours ago 8:24 PM 

Nina: ?? 8:24 PM 

Me: yeah, that’s why I was surprised that you’re still up 10:38 PM 

Nina: You must of just came out the panic room 10:38 PM 

Me: no, I was actually playing my VR and lost track of time. I’m off today, it’s Tuesday (well, not that I’m off every Tuesday lol) 10:42 PM 

Nina: Oh right it is Tuesday 10:44 PM 

Nina: You’re so confusbeautiful no 10:44 PM 

Nina: Oops 10:44 PM 

Nina: Was trying to pick up my daughter and text at the same time. 10:44 PM 

Nina: Earlier you said what if I wanted to stop by before work… so I figured you were on your way to work. Confusing. 10:46 PM 

Nina: And then when you were talking about coming to eat and I said something about eating late… you probably should of said that you were off today.. etc. 10:47 PM 

Nina: But alas you wait until 10:45 to make mention of that… ? 10:47 PM 

Nina: You could have asked me to dinner… but like you said text buddies… works for me ? 10:50 PM 

Me: it is what it is 10:50 PM 

Me: how did you get rid of your headache? Was it the pressure points? 10:55 PM 

Nina: 2 pulls chased with a mountain dew, orgasm and cold air ? 10:57 PM 

Me: Oh wow, lol 10:59 PM

Me: did you fall asleep. 11:49 PM 

Me: I want my food 11:59 PM 

I had dinner at 6 that evening, I was just playing talking about the food the whole time.

Being a text buddy seems to be more stress-free.

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