The morning after...

Nina – “You will give in to me…”

We met and had a nice conversation and no, we didn’t have sex.

But she wanted to!

Me: Good morning, how is everybody doing? 8:28 AM 

Nina:  Oh my goodness we are just getting up. Late for school ?? 8:29 AM 

Me: oh oh 8:30 AM 

Nina:  ? 8:32 AM 

Me: you’re not getting enough sleep, text me when you’re back please 8:35 AM 

Nina:  I’m waiting on them to get ready. 8:36 AM 

Nina:  What happened is I forgot to turn on my alarm from the incident the 8:40 AM 

Nina:  other night with yahnee. I force myself to wake up the same time on weekends. But since I stayed up till 4 I turned off alarm to not wake 8:40 AM 

Nina:  at 545 ?….. 8:40 AM 

Nina:  Oh how I need a husband (without the paper) ??? 8:42 AM 

Me: just some husband, anyone? Lol 8:47 AM 

Nina:  Lol at this very second yes. For all other purposes I suppose you would do. lol 8:49 AM 

Nina:  Wanna just keep the kids home from school and go get married? Today? Downtown? 8:49 AM 

Me: it would be nice if it’s a little more romantic and you also know the time is right, not getting married out of a mood and of course I know you don’t mean it 8:52 AM 

Nina:  Ahhh romantic… fairytaleish 9:11 AM 

Nina:  Stop saying you know what I mean and don’t mean. Lol 9:11 AM 

Me: I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to get married today unless you’re so in love with me that you don’t want to be without me anymore and since plan A didn’t work (sex me up) you’re going for plan B ? 9:13 AM 

Nina:  ????? 9:23 AM 

Me: Was is it only the 5 emoticons or is / was there also some text somewhere? 9:24 AM 

Nina:  That was it. Because I was driving. I’m home now 9:44 AM 

Me: Ok. So am I right? 🙂 9:44 AM 

Nina:  I am so in love with you that I would marry you today…. because being without you sucks! 9:46 AM 

Me: and again, I don’t know if you’re kidding or not 9:47 AM 

Nina:  Let me make coffee really quick. 9:47 AM 

Me: I’m sure the smileys will come a little later, it’s the phone, texts are not coming in order or are late. 9:48 AM 

Me: ok 9:48 AM 

Nina:  Really, no smileys a little later. We discussed my feelings yesterday. I did fall in love with you…. but it could be lust. But even people marry in lust and 9:56 AM 

Nina:  grows into marriage. Love is growth and grows everyday. And yes, it does suck to be without you because I barely see you as is… so my reality is that it’s 9:56 AM 

Nina:  easier to love someone you only just met and see once a week. However, you are on my mind constantly AND I do have strong feelings about to bring around them she is serious… because my friends are my truest conscience… ? 9:57 AM 

Nina:  When Nina starts prepping for her friends for any man that she is 9:57 AM 

Me: So you can’t determine between lust and love? 9:58 AM 

Nina:  Yes of course I can, Love is emotional and lust is sexual. I haven’t at anytime (which I’m pretty good at) told you something that you wanted to hear to have sex with you. I have strong feelings for you… but I’m not sure if love is a strong word considering my imagination often runs wild with thoughts of you. And our conversations often drive my imagination so confusion sets it… my reality sets in 10:02 AM 

Nina:  *Not a strong word… but the right word at this point. 10:04 AM 

Me: Ok. What if I’m a “no sex before marriage” guy? We didn’t even talk about it. You wold be “cured” and out of here in seconds 10:05 AM 

Me: oh, who is that at the horizon? Nina running 10:10 AM 

Nina:  If you’re the no sex before marriage that would be ok…. we would have a fake marriage 10:14 AM 

Nina:  I’m not running 10:14 AM 

Me: a fake marriage, now that’s cute. So you are lusting after me? You always seem so calm, like we’re talking about the weather. It doesn’t even seem you want to jump me (I’m sorry, I had to put it like this, lol) 10:15 AM 

Nina:  Lol. Everything I say is “cute” ha! Because sex is not a serious thing for me. I want you. But I’m not into being aggressive or taking someone out of their comfort zone. If sex was all I was after I would have been “jumped you” and let you be. 10:21 AM 

Nina:  I told you I’m looking for my forever. I had a sex partner since my ex. I had two. One was a sexual attraction and the other was just dick for me. I can differentiate my feelings at any time… and completely shut a person out. 10:24 AM 

Nina:  While I was engaging with sexual partner for some time I was looking forward to hearing from you, meeting you etc… and then when my feelings (curiosity for you spiked) I started stepping back more and more from him… because I didn’t want to just hurt either of the two and he was drawing more feelings towards me… because he wanted my lifestyle (I assume) 10:26 AM 

Me: I guess I’m still waiting to get raped. 🙂 10:28 AM 

Nina:  Lol. Are you now? 10:29 AM 

Me: yes, you said it so I’m waiting to see if you were serious. 10:29 AM 

Nina:  I think you lust for me. I think you have sexual desires for me and no interest in a life with me. 10:29 AM 

Me: I didn’t see any cuffs or chains so I’m curious 10:29 AM 

Me: No Nina, that is absolutely not true and please don’t think that. 10:30 AM 

Nina:  We don’t do dates, flowers, dinners, movies, and the list goes on… Curiosity killed the cat you know 10:30 AM 

Me: Ok, let’s just wait with sex for a very, very long time 10:30 AM 

Me: because you are so wrong about that and please never say that again 10:30 AM 

Nina:  I’ve only been waiting for 4 moths now ?… what’s a couple more months 10:31 AM 

Nina:  ??? 10:31 AM 

Me: Exactly, all we’ve been doing is talking a lot and with a few exceptions (when you cussed me out or you telling me why I’m not the right person for you) I enjoyed every moment 10:31 AM 

Me: I meant it when I said you’re a great mom (and no, nobody is perfect) and I’m sure you would be a great wife / partner (again) 10:32 AM 

Nina:  If I have to wait your forcing my hand to take your sex 10:33 AM 

Me: you’re not the type 10:33 AM 

Nina:  Lol at cursing you at… you were driving me crazy. 10:33 AM 

Me: what does forcing even mean (when a woman is saying it) 10:33 AM 

Nina:  I don’t know. I would assume she would go out of her way and become so sexually attractive it would drive you wild and you would have to give it up and give in. 10:35 AM 

Nina:  And you will give in to me, I promise you that 10:35 AM 

Nina:  A tease. In which I’m extremely good at as well ?. 10:35 AM 

Me: “become so sexually attractive” – how does that work? I thought either you are sexually attracted to somebody or no. 10:36 AM 

Nina:  I dont know. Different I guess opposed to how she normally is. 10:38 AM 

Me: but how? 10:38 AM 

Nina:  I dont know. I’m just making conversation. You say I’m shy and reserved. maybe next time I won’t be… 10:39 AM 

Nina:  What are you doing? Having sexual thoughts about me… you want me on your computer desk right now huh? Just say fuck work… 10:40 AM 

Me: I’d like to see the not so shy anymore Nina. 10:40 AM 

Me: Just doing some cleaning in the house 10:41 AM 

Nina:  I’ll work on it… 10:43 AM 

Me: awww, that’s cute. 10:44 AM 

Nina:  often wonder is that true… is that where boredom’s sets in for me. 10:44 AM 

Nina:  I’ve just been told so many times that I am a black widow and I lure men in and play with them like toys… so I’m trying to take it down a notch… because I 10:44 AM 

Nina:  Stop it with the awww that’s cute. Lol 10:44 AM 

Me: it’s actually kinda hard for me to picture you like that (not being shy, see, the other texts also came and I was only referring to the “work on it”) 10:45 AM 

Me: I already lured you in and with sex I’ll make you my little toy 10:45 AM 

Me: and play you like a harp 10:45 AM 

Nina:  Lol I doubt it… 10:45 AM 

Me: Ok 10:46 AM 

Nina:  I’m learning more and more about you as the days go by… sex was a touchy topic for you in the beginning and now this is the jist of our conversations. So 10:48 AM 

Nina:  somewhere along the lines there’s “lust” and somewhere else there’s feelings. I think your confusing the two. 10:48 AM 

Me: I’m not confused at all and you know I was not serious about “luring” you 10:49 AM 

Nina:  I have to feel that it’s more then just sex… because if it’s all that it’s gonna be about I will fuck and leave you and carry on with life. Once I’m done I’m done… and can totally separate love from sex and lust from sex.. so somedays I’m just like “He wants to just smash and pass… so ima give it to him… “10:50 AM 

Nina:  and carry on and then other days I’m not sure what you want so I stay more reserved 10:50 AM 

Me: Nina, one more time. I want so much more than just sex and I hope you know that 10:50 AM 

Nina:  Sooooo… depending on how you play your moves will be the ultimate factor for me to determine if I will be a black widow or yoirnfirever 10:50 AM 

Me: I keep telling you what I want 10:51 AM 

Nina:  *your forever 10:51 AM 

Me: And you better want more than just sex 10:51 AM 

Nina:  *telling and doing/showing are way different. Much like me talking and being shy. 10:51 AM 

Nina:  I can talk sex all day because I can back up everything I say… so it’s easy. 10:52 AM 

Me: Ok Nina, but that’s not what I want 10:53 AM 

Nina:  I understand 10:55 AM 

Me: Do you? Really? 10:55 AM 

Me: I could sit there for hours and talk because I like being with you 10:56 AM 

Nina:  You’ll either be placed on my team or on the sidelines as my cheerleader waiting for the next guy to fail so you can slide in and try again… my motto for everything 10:59 AM 

Nina:  Yes I understand. Just wanted to make sure you to put that in the atmosphere… your actions determine how I will treat you and what side of the game you’ll be 10:59 AM 

Me: that’s awful, you better place me on your team 11:02 AM 

Nina:  Lmfao. I’m surprised you didn’t say that’s cute ? 11:03 AM 

Me: because it’s not cute 11:07 AM 

Me: I know you were not in your right mind last night, did you mean it that you want to see me tonight? 11:07 AM 

Nina:  I wasn’t in my right mind? 11:08 AM 

Me: No, driven by lust (hey, I’m just kidding, don’t be so serious) 11:10 AM 

Nina:  Ahh that I was actually… 11:13 AM 

Nina:  I had the right mind. Just bad intentions. It’s not my fault I can see right through them jeans ? 11:14 AM 

Me: What do you see? What bad intentions? 11:15 AM 

Nina:  body heat against me when we hugged. That sealed the deal knowing we were both thinking the same thing. 11:19 AM 

Nina:  Bad intentions were wanting sex…and I wasn’t thinking making love. I was thinking straight hardcore sex… from behind. I see your sexual organs an felt your d**k but my questions remains unanswered… 11:23 AM 

Me: Here it is: I know you were not in your right mind last night, did you mean it that you want to see me tonight? 11:24 AM 

Nina:  Yes I still do, and I’ll confirm a little later 11:25 AM 

Nina:  You book our cruise yet? ? 11:25 AM 

Me: Not yet, lol taking a little nap before work, I’m tired. ttyl 12:00 PM 

Surprisingly no conflict, no drama, no red flags (maybe a few small ones).

So I guess it was all good? Of course it was not!

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