Nina – You can’t help it but love me

Last night she disappeared all of a sudden without a word!

I was getting tired chasing her – I was just waiting to see what happens next

Nina: Good morning 9:08 AM 

Nina: You’re sending mixed signals. 9:08 AM 

Nina: You are so drawn to me for a reason… you can’t stop thinking about me, you probably think about me all the time and you’re lusting after me. 9:09 AM 

Me: Where is this coming from? It’s not that I ever took the “let’s get married” or “let’s have a baby” talk for real. So yes, mixed signals. 9:15 AM 

Nina: Well everything I have said was true… except the marriage. I do want a baby. Of course With someone I want to be with. Marriage would never happen for me again.. so absolutely not true. Marriage means nothing to anyone anymore. I have no reason to lie on my children, or to anyone for that matter. I have nothing to lose by being honest. I owe no one nothing. I’m bored. That’s the bottom line. You live a secret life and while I don’t share everything with everyone I have no problem speaking out and openly to you… 9:45 AM 

Nina: We walk different paths and there is no possible way for us to walk the same path. Maybe it’s age, maybe it cultural, but conversing with you is nearly impossible because “your job” or whatever it may be. I don’t want to be a part of that lifestyle. 9:46 AM 

Nina: So if it’s a must that we part ways then this is my last text. My friendship remains there… 9:46 AM 

Me: There is nothing secret about me except that I didn’t tell you everything about my job which of course I would if things would have progressed. I value marriage a lot, it’s a promise, a commitment, it’s 2 people laying down their life’s for each other so don’t you dare saying “marriage means nothing to anyone anymore” because even if there’s nobody else out there (which I doubt) – I do value it. 9:51 AM 

Nina: So if I’m waving red flags keep moving babe. Take care ?? 9:53 AM 

Nina: Ima go ahead and block you…. I hope you find what you’re looking for. I will take my “high paranoia ass and keep it moving”… ? 9:56 AM 

Me: Now you’re just childish Nina. 9:57 AM 

Me: You said it, that you’re surprised that I keep up with your shit 9:57 AM 

Nina: And you love it. You can’t help it but love me. I got you hooked and now you don’t know what to do. Sleeping with me was a mistake babe, I got you hooked from the beginning. 5:45 PM 

Me: Are you serious? Smh. Have the kids arrived? 6:01 PM 

Nina: No. They aren’t gonna come due to the weather and his oldest got in trouble… at school ? 6:02 PM 

Me: oh crap, ok. I’m sure you’ll find something else to do 6:02 PM 

Nina: Yes… I’m having a date later ? 6:10 PM 

Me: A date? Really? Ok, then have a nice evening 6:15 PM 

Nina: It’s not until 8 PM 6:15 PM 

Me: ok 6:18 PM 

Me: So did you get the pool cleaned? did anyone watch you? 6:22 PM 

Nina: Lol… it’s ladies night.. in case you were angry… ?? about my date! And I did clean the pool and my crazy 8 year old got in… 6:25 PM 

Nina: smh. And everyone watches me ?. I’m pretty famous 6:25 PM 

Me: I’m not angry, why would you say or even assume that? 6:27 PM 

Nina: Just conversing… 6:27 PM 

Me: ok 6:28 PM 

Me: what do you do on ladies night? exchanging cooking recipes and parenting tips? 6:28 PM 

Nina: No! Get drunk and find men and maybe f*ck them. 6:31 PM 

Me: lol, sure 6:32 PM 

Me: go and see Blockers, in a group of women / moms that’s most likely even more fun 6:33 PM 

Me: I thought not before 8 and then you just disappeared, have fun ? 8:09 PM 

Me: Picking the girls up or going to the movies? 8:14 PM 

Nina: Noooo I’m back at home screaming fuck my life!! ???? 8:59 PM 

(I actually got off early and decided to take a break from the stress with Nina – so I went to see a movie with a friend – no texts from her so I decided to text her the next day)

Me: Good afternoon, what happened now? Why screaming? 12:25 PM 

Nina: So my son went swimming yesterday in the pool and told me he feel so much better after his shower because his head itch no more and he said that he had red and black bugs in his hair and I was thinking he was making fun of my pool cleaning because I need to get someone to come cut down the tree 12:30 PM 

Nina: So me and my daughter took a shower and as I was brushing her hair my son said oh that’s what the bugs look like that’s in my hair and I look down in her chair and see bugs and it’s lice – again 12:30 PM 

Nina: ???? 12:30 PM 

Nina: My eight-year-old says there’s a girl in her class in front of him who’s always scratching her head and he seen a bug on his desk yesterday and didn’t think nothing about it 12:31 PM 

Nina: So until 1 AM this morning I was doing lice treatments 12:31 PM 

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, that’s crazy 12:32 PM 

Me: never had them but I heard it can be quite bad and irritating 12:32 PM 

Nina: We never either as black people don’t get them… but apparently because he didn’t put oil in his hair after his haircut on Sunday… 12:33 PM 

Nina: it was an invitation to them ? 12:33 PM 

Me: well, some things kids have to learn the hard way 12:34 PM 

Me: adults too, lol 12:34 PM 

Me: So you cancelled the girls night? 12:34 PM 

Nina: Me and my oldest daughter was inspected last night and we are clear… the younger three not so much. The one with the longest hair didn’t have much in his hair at all. Which is surprising. But I do keep his hair oiled often because I have to braid its lots of gel and oil 12:34 PM 

Nina: Yes, cancelled. 12:34 PM 

Nina: They were here to help though. 12:34 PM 

Me: that’s nice, ok. 12:36 PM 

Nina: Just nasty… and you know I have very bad OCD… I think I shaved every ounce of hair on my body ????. I guess I’m am pretty paranoid ? 12:36 PM 

Me: this time you said it 12:36 PM 

Nina: Only because you think it ? 12:36 PM 

Me: I had long hair as a teenager, I’m glad I never had any problems 12:37 PM 

Me: looking back I can say I had a good childhood 12:37 PM 

Nina: As opposed to who’s childhood? My children’s? ? 12:38 PM 

Me: no, that’s not what I meant 12:38 PM 

Me: I don’t know much so I can’t tell 12:38 PM 

Me: I know a few fragments but I don’t see the whole picture 12:39 PM 

Me: of course losing a father like that must be terrible 12:39 PM 

Nina: Well when you were a child, as I was a child, laws and times were very different then today’s modernized children that are tech driving. So to say that is a comparison of something that can’t truly represent anything… 12:39 PM 

Me: but still, I was only thinking about my own childhood being grateful for it 12:40 PM 

Nina: I despise when people say when I was younger….. etc 12:40 PM 

Me: why would you despise it, you’re right, it was a different time, I didn’t have a phone and all the tech stuff 12:41 PM 

Nina: Well I’m glad you’re grateful for your childhood and was served with a silver spoon, babe. I’m also quite sorry my children have head lice… as I guess my parenting skills aren’t up to par in your world. I’m ending this conversation now… you can gloat to someone who actually can related to your childhood 12:41 PM 

Me: what are you upset about, I’m not comparing anything, I just had a moment of being grateful 12:42 PM 

Me: this has nothing to do with parenting skills 12:42 PM 

Nina: A moment of being grateful on someone’s else downfall… is ignorance 12:42 PM 

Nina: ? 12:42 PM 

Nina: Have an outstanding day and weekend 12:43 PM 

Nina: I’m done talking. 12:43 PM 

Me: even when speaking about the problems with your daughter 12:43 PM 

Me: I never said you or somebody is doing something wrong 12:43 PM 

Nina: ?? 12:44 PM 

Me: I think here you really misunderstood me , seriously 12:44 PM 

Nina: ?? 12:45 PM 

Me: I know your life isn’t easy (and again, I only know a few fragments) but don’t lash out on me. 12:45 PM 

Nina: ?? 12:46 PM 

Me: I hope you feel like talking later, that’s not who you are 12:47 PM 

Me: it is ridiculously cold, I went out with a shirt and shorts, dang it 12:51 PM 

Nina: You know what come to think about I don’t care to talk to you anymore, 12:52 PM 

Nina: we are never gonna see eye to eye… realistically it just won’t work. Maybe because it’s cultural or because you use language as an excuse for ignorance. But I don’t want to talk to you anymore. 12:52 PM 

Nina: I’m doing my best as a mother, a friend and as a human being. 12:52 PM 

Nina: If then you could NEVER relate to what my children and I go through. 12:52 PM 

Nina: Which makes speaking to you seriously as waste of time. Time after everything that goes on in my life is a reflection of how you had it time it has been a point proven… I didn’t ask for my daughter to be this, for their father to die, or for me to dislike my own child. 12:52 PM 

Nina: But we can’t relate… anyone can google places to send their child, but lice 12:52 PM 

Nina: It’s the world I live in today and I have to accept it rather than compare it to my past?? 12:52 PM 

Nina: So if you’re only here to “gloat” then go talk that shit to someone who’s at the same state of mind as you. Take care 12:52 PM 

Nina: Shit happens. 12:52 PM 

Nina: And I can’t keep my kids in a bubble to prevent shit from happening. 12:52 PM 

Nina: This is my approach to the “here and now” 12:52 PM 

Me: I didn’t compare anything, that’s the problem, you just assumed that. 12:56 PM 

Me: and I’m definitely not gloating, why? For what? 12:59 PM 

Nina: I wish to be left alone now, for good. I’m done. I tried being nice. Now I won’t be nice anymore… 1:00 PM 

Me: it’s the other way around Nina, I tried to be nice, I really did, because you should look at yourself and how you talk(ed) to me. 1:01 PM 

Me: not everybody is dancing to your tune 1:01 PM 

Nina: Then we are done here. Take care 1:01 PM 

Me: lol 1:02 PM 

Me: smh 1:02 PM 

Me: Only because I don’t sugar coat things or I’m not always telling you what you want to hear. I hope you’ll calm down and we can talk later ? 1:18 PM 

Nina: You’ll be miserable without me, you’ll go mad over me having sex with other guys why you can’t have me anymore. 2:03 PM 

Nina: Ima give your number to my world of friends and you can entertain them with your past, history and your non sugar coating bullshit. Truth of the matter is you couldn’t walk in my shoes if you wanted. Maybe I will use you for sex if I feel like it, you’ll be a good boy and come and get it but on second thoughts I probably find me someone else. 2:05 PM 

Bipolar behavior? Just Nina talking BS? I didn’t answer anymore.

This should have been the end of the story but of course it was not.

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