Why me?

Nina – why me? Why?

I was in a good mood when I woke up at 8, I went to the gym and then swimming.

Then when I was barely back home…. the notification sound of my phone let me know Nina was texting me.

Nina: Wake up text buddy 9:21 AM 

Me: Good morning 10:01 AM 

Nina: Hey sleepy head 10:08 AM 

Me: what’s up? 10:09 AM 

Nina: Lol nothing. Was just saying hey… 10:12 AM 

Nina: I did fall asleep last night… fast. After trying to fight through the meds for like two hours it just knocked me out 10:12 AM 

Me: I figured, either that or you called a fuck buddy and had fun in the pool ???? 10:19 AM 

Nina: Lol that’s for tonight by the pool ? 10:19 AM 

Me: i see you planed it well 10:20 AM 

Nina: Planners gotta plan. Lol 10:29 AM 

Me: I’m sure they do 10:31 AM 

Nina: Lol What’s on your calendar for today 10:33 AM 

Nina: Why do I have to wait until night time to shock the pool 10:34 AM 

Me: You have to shock it? Is that what they said? 10:35 AM 

Nina: No But the algae is gone and the water isn’t clear so he said I could 10:36 AM 

Me: oh, ok. Well, then you better do as you were told. I never had problems with the PH value of my water or algaes but Europe has a different climate. My only problem were the leaves but my skimmer was pretty good and I always covered the pool at night. 10:41 AM 

Nina: Yeah my pH levels are good… but he said with all the rain and pollen it’s causing algae. And i could cover it at night or when not in use but the heat from 10:45 AM 

Nina: the sun would only cause more algae to grow 10:45 AM 

Nina: Funny how I can get algae to grow but the front yard I cannot get grass to grow for nothing 10:45 AM 

Nina: ??? I need to marry a landscaper. An Asian landscaper so I can eat rice around pretty grass ???? 10:45 AM 

Me: That sounds like a good plan 10:46 AM 

Nina: ^that was a joke. 10:46 AM 

Me: You don’t say, with you I never know 10:46 AM 

Nina: The little circle part of my yard is nothing but weeds. I swear the people before me is killing my pockets 10:46 AM 

Me: I thought you maybe misunderstood the quote from yesterday: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. 10:47 AM 

Nina: I understand it 10:48 AM 

Me: I know you do, I was joking 10:50 AM 

Nina: Have you been looking into moving? Found a place yet? 10:51 AM 

Me: I was looking in Palm Bay (Florida) and also San Antonio but I haven’t decided yet. 10:53 AM 

Me: Ever since you said you don’t want me to move in I started looking 🙂 10:54 AM 

Me: I guess it’s because you don’t like my dining room set 10:54 AM 

Me: and the fact that I would need an office 10:54 AM 

Me: We hurt without moving. Poison without touching. Bear the truth and the lies. And we are not to be judged by our size. What are we? (Don’t say DICKS) 11:04 AM 

Nina: Are we human or hearts? 12:07 PM 

Nina: Wherever you decide to move I’m sure we will still be able to text. And I never said you COULDN’T move in you said that first because you think I would kick you out… lol. 12:10 PM 

Nina: I would miss you. But if you’re into traveling you would make time to see me right… lol. Plus I have 4 residencies in Atlanta in which you could come from Florida and visit. I also am considering taking one residency in Spain or England 12:11 PM 

Me: The answer to the riddle is just WORDS 12:12 PM 

Nina: Lol…. I’m still having an extremely hard time living with my 19 year old… who thinks he is now the man of the house… 12:19 PM 

Nina: Where would I put your office? I would need like $150,000 dollars to add to this house… 12:20 PM 

Nina: Lol 12:20 PM 

Me: you would love being around me 12:20 PM 

Nina: I’m sure I would and the kids would love you…. but they will work your last nerve. 12:21 PM 

Me: but I would say Mom doesn’t allow it 12:21 PM 

Nina: Nothing stops these kids with age. 12:21 PM 

Me: you know I would let you play it but Mom doesn’t 12:21 PM 

Nina: ??? 12:21 PM 

Nina: Blame the mom huh? 12:21 PM 

Me: sure 12:21 PM 

Nina: They wouldn’t believe you 12:21 PM 

Nina: because I’m sure if the kids ask me for one They would have it 12:21 PM 

Me: good cop (me) bad cop (you), totally believable 12:21 PM 

Nina: July would be extremely too soon to move you in. I’d need at least a year 12:37 PM 

Nina: That and considering you never invite me over… we had to do a whole lot more then sit in my room at midnight and “talk” 12:37 PM 

Nina: I fail to see how a relationship grows from always being one sided. Going no where, doing nothing and my home always being the central location for everything… 12:38 PM 

Nina: I’ve said before this right here that you and I do is the same exact thing my stalker and I did… except sex was always a must… and he catered to the kids… 12:38 PM 

Nina: But as far as him and I went… always my house… ALWAYS 12:38 PM 

Me: probably because it’s nicer than his? was he ashamed of his place? would you have been able to get out? who would watch the kids? 2:21 PM 

Nina: Watch the kids for what? 2:23 PM 

Me: if you’d go out with somebody, dinner, movies, sleepover 2:27 PM 

Me: does he have a gf or wife? 2:30 PM 

Nina: When I met him I lived in BW where my neighbors always had my kids… so I could do and go where I wanted… plus we both had kids so even still as single parents we could have done things with them. He also has a 17 year old boy as I do. 2:35 PM 

Nina: If he’s married… ? he would have a ton of explaining to do when going home to his wife… ? 2:35 PM 

Me: men do lie a lot but that’s none of my business what’s going on between the two of you 2:36 PM 

Nina: Lol. No he’s not married. He lives with his mom. 2:37 PM 

Nina: You know I don’t recall you ever asking to do something in the daytime… ever 2:48 PM 

Nina: But it’s all good… I made the comparisons because it shows an example of typical men… lol.. add that to the fact that I’ve told you numerous times my daughter is more then capable of tending to the kids when I am away… that and or my boys. 2:49 PM 

Nina: If you’re always so concerned about my being able to get out or away 2:50 PM 

Nina: why date a women with children? So you don’t have to do nothing with her and can just hang at her house after midnight ??? 2:50 PM 

Me: you’re getting mean again, that’s not how I think. Ttyl 2:51 PM 

Nina: I’m not getting mean. If you feel that way it’s probably because it’s a true statement… lmbo. But alas, we shall talk later. Later, text buddy ? 2:52 PM 

Me: I’m back, what have you been doing? 6:00 PM 

Nina: All afternoon… nothing. Kids and I swam. Water is about clear. A little cloudy though. And then we all took showers, cooked dinner together and now we are quieting down about to read books until bedtime. 6:02 PM 

Nina: They didn’t care for video games today… which is great 6:02 PM 

Me: lol, ok. Yeah, it’s really hot today, I’ll come over for a swim tonight but don’t bother, you keep doing what you’re doing, you can watch me on your cameras ???? 6:08 PM 

Nina: It’s all good if you wanna go swim… I’ll leave my curtains open 6:13 PM 

Nina: And now they bolted the gates shut for the “kids in the neighborhood” wherever the kids are. I haven’t seen any? 6:13 PM 

Me: who is “they” bolted and didn’t you tell “them” to do so? 6:15 PM 

Nina: Pool guys (for permit reasons) and yea I told them to bolt them shut because I didn’t want swinging gates anyways for my daughter to sneak people in it 6:43 PM 

Me: understandable, ok 6:49 PM 

Nina: Making slushees with the kiddos. They have a late bedtime tonight. Mommy’s has alcohol in it. See I’m family oriented… if only I had a man 7:29 PM 

Me: stop saying that to me, you don’t want ME to be that man 7:35 PM 

Me: I’m very family oriented 7:35 PM 

Me: you’d be surprised 7:35 PM 

Nina: Because you are too wishy washy for me ???? 7:47 PM 

Nina: I know. My dad said Germans and Austrians often are… 7:47 PM 

Nina: On the phone with my favorite man… my daddy ??? 7:49 PM 

Nina: Lol. Well daddy says I should give you a chance… I need someone in my life who will “tame” me so I can settle down and relax a little 8:05 PM 

Nina: ??? 8:05 PM 

Nina: Pffft what does he know ? 8:05 PM 

Me: like I said, I don’t want to tame or change you but I would want for you that you do what’s best for the family and the relationship 8:06 PM 

Nina: ?? 8:09 PM 

Me: Yeah yeah, that’s all you have to “say”, lol 8:11 PM 

Nina: I’m mopping… lol 8:11 PM 

Me: ok 8:12 PM 

Nina: I’m back. And you’re probably in the panic room 8:33 PM 

Me: nope 8:34 PM 

Me: I’m sure it’s about to be time 8:34 PM 

Nina: OK cause my phones about dead anyway I forgot to charge it when I was in the garage 8:35 PM 

Me: just plug it up, what’s the problem lol 8:36 PM 

Nina: What if I don’t have electricity 8:36 PM 

Nina: Because I forgot to pay the bill 8:36 PM 

Me: I highly doubt that 8:39 PM 

Nina: Lol… it could happen though 8:42 PM 

Nina: Wanna buy me a maid? 8:42 PM 

Me: could she be my fuck buddy? when you have a migraine? 8:44 PM 

Nina: No 8:45 PM 

Nina: That’s not what you want, remember 8:45 PM 

Me: Are you sure? I want sex every day and it seems you often have migraines ? 8:59 PM 

Nina: Well you asked about a fuck buddy… that’s what I was referring to. 9:00 PM 

Nina: Seriously, I keep asking myself, what do you want from me and with me… it’s been since January. Why can’t you answer that with compassion and truth. Despite how I feel and or don’t feel. 9:57 PM 

Nina: Why can’t you be honest and open? 9:57 PM 

Me: So you don’t really have anything to say? 9:57 PM 

Me: I am honest 9:58 PM 

Me: I kept saying it that I’d like to be in a real relationship with you. 10:00 PM 

Me: Longer than forever and everything good more often than always 10:02 PM 

Nina: But why me (I know I’m not suppose to ask) but I just wanna know why? 10:05 PM 

Nina: You can have all that you said with anyone else in this world. Why Nina? Why a single mother of 6 who is just barely getting by mentally, physically and emotionally? 10:06 PM 

Me: I don’t know Nina, those things are not always rational and explainable. In the beginning I liked talking to you, then in between you got all crazy on me several times but when we didn’t talk I also missed you so what do you want me to say. That tells me that I would not turn my back on you (as long as you don’t cheat) even when things get tough 10:10 PM 

Nina: ?? 10:11 PM 

Nina: Lol at all crazy in between. I think I was more crazy in the beginning when I said my former mother in law hired you to get close to me because you came out of no where and was being all secret for no reason… Which sometimes I still question your motives because I haven’t seen where you lived or we haven’t been anywhere.. so I 10:13 PM 

Nina: was just wondering 10:13 PM 

Me: I have no bad intentions and nobody hired me to break your heart or kill you 10:18 PM 

Nina: ? 10:18 PM 

Me: is it so hard to understand that I just like Nina for who Nina is? Even if she’s a little crazy sometimes? 10:19 PM 

Nina: And actually it is hard to understand considering you and I are so very different. Extreme difference. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a thing. You never saw me eat before, I smoke you don’t, I have really bad OCD, I’m moody on my cycle. I have 6 kids and you don’t think I could ever get away. I hate carnival rides 10:28 PM 

Nina: I also hate thunderstorms, flying, and sleeping without my feet under the covers. I drink you don’t… 10:29 PM 

Me: well I would protect you from the thunderstorms, I’d cuddle with you under the covers, I’d watch you eat and make sure there is some food left for me, if you’re moody I’d flee into the virtual world or hide somewhere with the kids 10:32 PM 

Me: and I’d go on the rides with them 10:32 PM 

Nina: Can you believe for once I have nothing to say. Lol 10:41 PM 

Me: why is that? because it’s so incredibly sweet what I just said? 10:45 PM 

Nina: Yes 10:45 PM 

Me: but you still would tell me we can’t swim tonight though I did bring swim trunks ? 10:46 PM 

Nina: Yes I can’t swim tonight and you can’t either. 10:56 PM 

Me: lol, I knew it 10:56 PM 

Nina: This explains me 10:56 PM 

Me: that’s fine, take the lovely thought from before (when you were speechless) and go to sleep 10:57 PM 

Nina: What? 10:57 PM 

Me: I’m not like that but me saying this won’t change your thoughts. 10:57 PM 

Nina: I didn’t say you were like this I was sharing a feeling that I 10:58 PM 

Nina: couldn’t put in words. It showed up in my Pinterest feed ? 10:58 PM 

Me: oh, ok 11:00 PM 

Nina: ….. and this is so you 11:01 PM 

Me: don’t try to put everything in words, sometimes you just can’t 11:09 PM 

Nina: I want to get married riding tigers do you? 11:09 PM 

Me: So why can’t I swim?? 11:10 PM 

Me: riding tigers? Sounds exciting 11:10 PM 

Me: what if they attack? Run? 11:10 PM 

Nina: Well one of us has to be faster then the other… 11:10 PM 

Nina: Because I shocked the pool 11:11 PM 

Me: I love it when somebody says but you can’t outrun a tiger, lion or whatver and I say but I can outrun you 11:11 PM 

Me: I guess you fell asleep, good night 11:26 PM 

Nina: Sorry I was watching a video 11:26 PM 

Nina: I’m still here 11:26 PM 

Me: I see, ok 11:28 PM 

Me: well since the pool is off the table and you didn’t say anything else I’ll go home in a minute 11:28 PM 

Nina: Are you off work? 11:41 PM 

Me: in 2 minutes 11:44 PM 

Me: my coworker is already here I just have to finish one thing 11:45 PM 

Nina: Oh okay. If I didn’t feel and look like shit I would totally invite you over… but I am just like blah 11:45 PM 

Me: Good night and sleep well 11:56 PM 

Nina: Sweet dreams babes 11:57 PM 

I had a special notification sound so that I always knew that it was her when I received a text.

The day ended like it started, I was still in a good mood and started watching some TV.

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