Once again the stalker and now the mother in law

Nina – the stalker and the evil mother in law

I didn’t know what to expect anymore

… but she kept surprising me

Me: Good morning, I hope you slept well 10:46 AM 

Nina: I did. I hope you did as well. What time you get off? I crashed at like 330 10:47 AM 

Nina: Just now waking up 10:48 AM 

Me: Like 2 10:49 AM 

Nina: Oh ok 10:49 AM 

Nina: We are better suited as friends… and I can still have a baby if you want too. Lol. I mean cause at this point I don’t need anything but your sperm. Since I wouldn’t ask you to help me pay for the procedure… I wouldn’t want you to think I’m looking-for some “rich man” to save me 10:51 AM 

Nina: Everything will fall into place and everything I said was true… but I’m not gonna keep stressing my self out or tip toeing on what to say 10:51 AM 

Me: I don’t want to talk about that. How is it going with the electrician? 10:52 AM 

Nina: They are almost done the deck. Been here since 745. So I’m allow the kiddos to swim… maybe one day we can hire a chef to cook us (you and I) dinner by the deck ? 10:52 AM 

(I didn’t know what to say to that, she went from “being friends only” to “romantic dinners cooked by a chef” – who does that? So I left without a word and went for a swim and to the gym without saying anything – no text from her when I came back, so I pretended…)

Me: did the kids have fun? I thought I sent this text earlier but now it’s not here 4:01 PM 

Me: made it to work 4:01 PM 

Me: So is everything ok now (electricity)? Did you have some fun in the pool? 4:22 PM 

Me: talk to me before they send me into the dead zone ? 5:15 PM 

Nina: Hey 5:39 PM 

Nina: Are you in the DZ 5:39 PM 

Nina: I’m sorry I was sitting here talking to my friend about her baby. ? 5:39 PM 

Nina: The kids had a blast in the pool. 3 hours in there. I done got dark as hell. Lol. So I’m mad about that. Lol the electric is almost done 5:41 PM 

Me: cool, ok 5:41 PM 

Me: awww, you don’t have time to talk and I’m here bored 6:28 PM 

Nina: Ugh, my ex’s mom is bugging me and I don’t know why. 7:09 PM 

Me: how so 7:20 PM 

Me: with what 7:21 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (copy of the chat she had with her ex mother in law) 7:22 PM 

Me: doesn’t sound like bugging 7:23 PM 

Me: but either you want to stay in contact or draw a line 7:24 PM 

Nina: She called 15 Times 7:24 PM 

Nina: I tried drawing the line. She just won’t stop. 7:27 PM 

Me: well, maybe you should make it more clear but that’s not for me to say 7:41 PM 

Nina: I tried 7:49 PM 

Nina: Be careful it’s gonna come all broken up… 7:50 PM 

Nina: (sending me the text she sent to her former mother in law)

Look, I have the past go long time ago. I have no guilt and regrets. You called our 2 day old daughter a “whore child” my kids referred to as ni**ers so many times. And don’t forget the whole I bet she voted for Obama and she is using my son… I loved your son more then I loved anyone else in this world. And I’m sure it showed. You talk about the kids as if you been in their lives for the last 8, 6 and 2 years and you won’t acknowledge them as your grandkids even in this message, you called them “my sons kids”. My oldest is withholding a lot of his feelings, but nothing has changed when it comes to dealing with you all. He doesn’t want to talk to you. My little ones are too young so I don’t question them. We could have been a whole lot happier and healthier had his family accepted his kids this whole time. 7:50 PM 

Nina: We were the ones who had to deal with the tears and anger your son displayed in our home. 7:50 PM 

Nina: I’m over it and it’s easy to do when leave us be. Again, I don’t hate y’all I just don’t have nothing to say to you all. For what? For the last 10 years of we were there so there ain’t nothing you can tell my kids that they don’t know about their father other then why you weren’t there for the last 10 years… me? Distance etc… we don’t care anymore… 7:50 PM 

Nina: From this day forward don’t contact us again please. I’m sorry but trying to bridge a gap that you created 10 years ago is no working for us. We never hated you… and those flowers your son sent you in October was from me to thank you for being there for you son. I was always trying… I won’t waste another second trying. We are of no relation to each other. “Your son’s kids are alive and well” rather tour in their lives or not… 7:50 PM 

Nina: Take care! 7:50 PM 

Me: Well, I think you explained it very well, I would simply either not answer anymore or change my number. 7:53 PM 

Me: are you still talking to her? my return to the DZ is sure coming up, can’t wait to get out of here 8:07 PM 

Nina: I’m not. My neighbor just installed my lights so I’m boxing up the trash. It’s the least I can do. 8:09 PM 

Me: I see, ok. well maybe we can talk later or tomorrow ☺ 8:09 PM 

Nina: I’ve said all of the above to her before. 8:29 PM 

Nina: We can talk later. I am wrapping everything up. You will have my full undivided attention. My little one vomits and running a fever and my little son has active lice again… 8:43 PM 

Nina: SMDh. I’m trying to get shit together lol. Talk soon babe 8:43 PM 

Nina: Are you out of the panic room? 10:07 PM 

Me: Now I am 10:34 PM 

Nina: Good. She is still texting me… and being rude. I think a number change is definitely in order. I blocked her and she used her husbands phone… now the sister texting me 10:35 PM 

Nina: Look how rude she is 10:35 PM 

Me: just block all those numbers 10:36 PM 

Me: at some point she will run out 10:36 PM 

Me: you said you have friends at the PD, let somebody call her and scare her off 10:36 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (more screenshots of her conversation with her former mother in law) 10:38 PM 

Nina: I’m seriously considering it. I just don’t want to be ignorant and stoop to her level… at times it’s hard because she is controlling as you can see in the messages I just sent you. I would never make up her calling my kids anything… but of course she downplays everything to be in control… and has to have the last day. I won’t let her get to me like she got to her son. At this point I have decided ignorance is what she wants… no matter 10:38 PM 

Nina: How she tries to come for me shoe won’t get access to my kids. Because they don’t want it… she has never acknowledged them in the last 8 years… I’m 10:39 PM 

Nina: not about to let it go down now 10:39 PM 

Me: I think you’re making one big mistake, you write those endless texts, that’s something you shouldn’t do in the first place. You don’t have to explain or justify anything. You said what you had to say now let it go. Don’t defend yourself or try to explain things or send her one more word. Be done with her. 10:41 PM 

Nina: Yes, I am done… 10:42 PM 

Nina: Not another word from her. But when she came at me the way she did… I just had to get petty with her to let her know nothing she says or does will change my 10:43 PM 

Nina: mind about the kids 10:43 PM 

Nina: That sweetheart message had her blowing up my phone and Facebook. I was told to “respect my elders” she is noones sweetheart 10:44 PM 

Nina: But I’m sure she hates me now and is disgusted by me . I’m so sure she won’t reach out anytime soon 10:44 PM 

Me: I hope not because you don’t need any of this 10:45 PM 

Me: but you invest way too much in that, your texts are too long. 10:46 PM 

Nina: I don’t. But the “counselor” in me is very direct 10:48 PM 

Nina: If I kept it bottled up inside it will destroy me. So I speak how I feel. I let it all out and be done with it. I am the same way with you or anyone for that matter… sometimes if you ignore a person you end up eating you’re own words… 10:52 PM 

Me: ok, do what’s best for you 10:53 PM 

Nina: But you’re right. I said it I’m done. There is nothing else to explain at this point 10:53 PM 

Nina: Electric is done finally 10:53 PM 

Me: awesome 10:58 PM 

Me: So what are you going to do with the rest of the evening? 11:03 PM 

Nina: Go to bed. I have my stalker cursing me out… my ex’s family is still trying to calling me etc. my homegirl trying to plan her baby shower etc.. I am going to go in the bed and relax. I do feel a migraine coming on.. smfh 11:10 PM 

Me: ok, have a good night and sleep well ? 11:11 PM 

Nina: I can talk for a few if you want but if not goodnight 11:12 PM 

Me: you had enough stress today you should rest, I don’t always want to be the reason for you not getting enough sleep 11:13 PM 

Nina: Lol 11:13 PM 

Nina: Okay. 11:13 PM 

Nina: Ok… it’s not like I’m about to just pass out. Lol 11:15 PM 

Nina: Is it a long night for you? 11:15 PM 

Nina: I’ll probably have three kids home with me tomorrow… smh 11:15 PM 

Me: no ill be off at 12, I’ll be fine 11:16 PM 

Nina: R u tired? 11:19 PM 

Nina: Oh my goodness (stalker) seriously? Forgotten about? I am not with you. And I’m not here for your pity party. If you wanted to stop by you could have said hey I’m in the area or whatever. This is the bullshit I’m talking about. I was busy all damn day! 11:21 PM 

Me: wrong person dear 11:22 PM 

Me: just in case you’re wondering if I am tired, no, I’m not 11:22 PM 

Nina: Oh my goodness lmfao!! ((Sorry)) ^that is how people get caught^ 11:23 PM 

Nina: I was talking to my stalker, luckily I’m not a cheater ?. ??. 11:23 PM 

Me: it seems you need your sleep 11:23 PM 

Nina: Yes I asked you if you were tired then he texted me so I thought I text him back.. 11:23 PM 

Me: no problem 11:23 PM 

Nina: So do you still miss me? 11:32 PM 

Nina: Am I still stubborn and a spoiled brat ?? (don’t answer) 11:32 PM 

I just stopped talking to her, I got busy at work again and that whole back and force with her “stalker”, crazy!

Made me wonder to how many people she was talking at the same time.

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