Nina was waiting for us to meet again

Nina – the road to sex

Nina:  Ugh wake up 2:49 PM 

Me: ok 2:58 PM 

Me: what’s going on? 2:58 PM 

Nina:  I missed you 2:59 PM 

Me: awwww 3:00 PM 

Nina:  Did I wake you up? 3:02 PM 

Nina:  I’m honestly sorry if I did? 3:03 PM 

Me: kind of but it’s ok, I have to take a shower, prepare something to eat, get my clothes ready 3:03 PM 

Nina:  Why you so sleepy ? you masturbated? 3:04 PM 

Me: no but I will before I come over tonight, lol 3:07 PM 

Me: I’m sorry, that means should you confirm that you want to see me 3:07 PM 

Nina:  I chocked on my drink… why would you do that? Lol 3:07 PM 

Me: to clear my mind 🙂 3:09 PM 

Nina:  ?? you’re silly. Mr “mind driven” 3:10 PM 

Me: I hope you still want to see me?! 3:10 PM 

Nina:  Can I get you inside of me? 3:24 PM 

Nina:  No comment, selective reading or what? 3:42 PM 

Me: no, I had to get ready. Get me inislde of you? 4:08 PM 

Nina:  Yes 4:19 PM 

Me: Not sure what that means 4:21 PM 

Me: are you busy now? 4:36 PM 

Nina:  No. I got stuck talking to my son ???. That guy can TALK!! 4:38 PM 

Nina:  Inside me 4:38 PM 

Nina:  What do you think that means… you make everything impossible. Lol 4:39 PM 

Me: your answer if we’re going to see each other depends on my answer to that question? ? 4:47 PM 

Nina:  Lmfao. No. My answer depends on these kids. They are horrible today. 4:48 PM 

Nina:  Lol. However, your answer would be greatly appreciated ☺️ 4:48 PM 

Me: I guess we’ll see, Idk, you are so shy and nervous. Somebody told me shy people are a turn off, lol. Glad I’m not shy. ????? 4:50 PM 

Nina:  Are shy people a turn off? 4:51 PM 

Me: to you, yes, I am very open minded 4:53 PM 

Me: now you’re quiet and then I have to go to the dead zone 5:08 PM 

Nina:  ? 5:09 PM 

Nina:  When are you going. I didn’t understand what you said… 5:09 PM 

Me: I meant shy people turn you off 5:18 PM 

Me: you said that several times 5:18 PM 

Me: I’m more open so no, you being so shy doesn’t turn me off 5:18 PM 

Me: I told you this is not about sex 5:18 PM 

Me: you gave me a line yesterday so here is one for you: If you just want to have sex with me and dump me afterwards then I will destroy you! (actually it doesn’t really sound good, also didn’t when you said it, lol) 5:20 PM 

Nina:  Shy people don’t turn me off. Lol 5:20 PM 

Me: you said that 5:21 PM 

Nina:  I never said or at least don’t recall. I’m a very open person except when it comes to kissing 5:21 PM 

Me: you said that for real, and you kissed me, lol 5:21 PM 

Nina:  I actually for a split second considered marrying you ??.. but that wedding has to be over 100k ??? 5:22 PM 

Nina:  That was an easy kiss. I mean tongue you down kissing will never happen. 5:23 PM 

Me: split second? when exactly? where are the smileys? 5:29 PM 

Nina:  The smileys are there 5:29 PM 

Nina:  When exactly what? Did I think about it 5:30 PM 

Nina:  I always think about it when it is brought up…. comprises remember 5:30 PM 

Me: here is a text from you from March 9: Well… what if I rape you? Or send you into sex trafficking? ? 5:36 PM 

Me: that was before we even met 5:36 PM 

Nina:  Lol… 5:37 PM 

Nina:  You saved all those messages? 5:37 PM 

Me: I don’t text much, I don’t delete, texts are only a few kilobytes 5:38 PM 

Nina:  You don’t text much I think we have like over 10,000 messages 5:41 PM 

Me: Should it really happen that one day you seriously think about marrying me you have to make that clear that you’re not kidding 5:48 PM 

Me: Not that I believe it will ever happen 5:48 PM 

Nina:  Yes sir!! 5:48 PM 

Me: yes sir what 5:49 PM 

Nina:  I can’t tell you that I’m serious… because that would mess up the romantic proposal and the 100,000 wedding 5:49 PM 

Nina:  I will make it clear that I’m being serious. 5:49 PM 

Me: ok, and you know from me you would most likely not get a 100k wedding, sorry to disappoint you so badly 5:52 PM 

Me: but you would get my heart which is so much more worth ? 5:53 PM 

Nina:  The sky is the limit 100k wedding is achievable ??? 5:55 PM 

Me: Yeah, sure. I still don’t know if you want to see me, just remember, I’m waiting for you to tell me eventually 5:56 PM 

Nina:  You should know I’m joking. I’m not materialistic unless it our home… then I’ll go all out then. I go big! I don’t even wear jewelry. BUT you didn’t say no so 6:02 PM 

Nina:  that’s a plus. (Look at you winning my heart) 6:02 PM 

Nina:  I’m still figuring out these kiddos. I have to still run to the store… I’m waiting on my son to leave etc… etc… but I do wanna see you. It’s just so hard… lol I could barely get yo this morning… I’m practically sleep walking at this point. 6:03 PM 

Nina:  I gather you are out of the panic room. 6:04 PM 

Me: haven’t been in there yet. if you want and need sleep I understand, no worries 6:14 PM 

Nina:  My kids are driving me insane… my two year old was just stuck outside near the gate opener screaming and I didn’t even know it because I’m on the other side 6:36 PM 

Nina:  of the yard dealing with my son… and this tree cutting and told my other son to watch her and keep her inside…. smh. 6:36 PM 

Nina:  Perhaps tomorrow will be better because these kids are working my nerves and all I’m seeing is red! However before 11 I’ll let you know if anything changes 6:37 PM 

Nina:  because i do wanna see you. 6:37 PM 

Me: sounds good (not the whole kids thing of course) 6:40 PM 

Me: if you say tomorrow I’ll say “not even if we would cuddle in bed tonight?” 6:41 PM 

Me: ???? 6:41 PM 

Me: no, I’m not that mean 6:41 PM 

Nina:  Im game for just cuddling… and sleeping. No talking ? 6:42 PM 

Me: seriously, if you think I / you / we talk too much there is nothing wrong with listening to some music and cuddling 6:43 PM 

Nina:  I don’t think we do. But you should know when we live together only two things go on in the bedroom. Sleeping and sex… 6:54 PM 

Nina:  We will converse in the offices of your liking… lol 6:54 PM 

Me: that’s fine with me 6:55 PM 

Nina:  Ahhh music… there is one topic we never discussed… I listen to all 6:56 PM 

Nina:  types of music… so do you see yourself riding with me to rap 6:56 PM 

Nina:  music… I mean can you twerk? ?? 6:56 PM 

Me: twerk? 6:58 PM 

Nina:  I take that as a no… lol 6:58 PM 

Me: Idk why it means. where are you heading? 7:01 PM 

Me: Twerk The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience 7:04 PM 

Me: that sounds more like something you would do if I don’t comply, lol 7:05 PM 

Me: where are you heading? 7:17 PM 

Nina:  Lol did you really look it up 7:35 PM 

Nina:  I had to go get trash bags and milk ? 7:36 PM 

Me: where are you usually shopping? 7:39 PM 

Nina:  Wherever I feel like driving. Why? 7:49 PM 

Me: I’m just curious where Nina shops, I usually go to Walmart or HEB 7:51 PM 

Nina:  I prefer HEB. Walmart is okay if I need things like diapers. Girl clothes and dog food… I usually avoid their food items. HEB is cheaper 7:52 PM 

Nina:  And a lot of HEB brand products taste better then main brand items. I’m very picky about food. Lol. Then there is the dollar general. Which is close if I need 7:53 PM 

Nina:  bread, cigarettes I will run there… don’t have to deal with congested parking and or ignorant people. 7:53 PM 

Nina:  What did you eat for dinner today? 7:54 PM 

Me: I made 2 sandwiches ? 7:54 PM 

Me: no veggies, nothing 7:54 PM 

Nina:  Oh my word…. I’m sure when we have sex you’ll be starving… you’re gonna lose energy 7:55 PM 

Nina:  ((Just kidding)) 7:55 PM 

Me: I know 7:55 PM 

Nina:  So you love bread or is extremely lazy to cook… 7:55 PM 

Me: (that you’re kidding) 7:55 PM 

Nina:  But it is a true fact… 7:56 PM 

Me: both actually 7:56 PM 

Nina:  So where does your’s money go? If you could empty your account right now what are you buying? Clothes? Electronics? Not really a spender? 7:57 PM 

Nina:  that.. so craft room it is… and I do have a thing for electronics. 7:58 PM 

Nina:  I’m blowing money on my craft room. Although I have been wanting to redo my wardrobe I hate shopping for clothes, sneakers etc… I hate malls and stuff like 7:58 PM 

Me: Yeah, electronics and traveling. my lease is up in July so I’m also thinking about where to go from there. I want to settle down eventually 8:04 PM 

Nina:  Why not renew it? Moving sucks 8:05 PM 

Me: no, I don’t want to and yes, moving sucks that’s why I think you’ll stay in your house for quite a bit 8:09 PM 

Nina:  Ok 8:09 PM 

Nina:  Lol. I really probably couldn’t even afford to move. That craft room 8:10 PM 

Nina:  alone was 18,000 lbs ? 8:10 PM 

Me: See, you say a lot of things but I know you are not serious all the time 8:11 PM 

Nina:  And I’m trying to force myself to love this house everyday but it’s missing something. And the raccoons, squirrels, possums and seldom mice the dogs catches in 8:11 PM 

Nina:  the yard are deal breakers 8:11 PM 

Nina:  No, I’m seriously contemplating putting this house up for sale. 8:11 PM 

Me: I told you recently, the way you act you’re making this house your home, it’s not about flipping and seeking it in November 8:11 PM 

Me: selling, not seeking 8:11 PM 

Nina:  Well this house cost Me 475…. I financed 300,000 and added about $40,000 into and I’m still not content with it… I want a bigger kitchen, an amazing backyard and a larger laundry room.. at first it was no biggie but now I’m like yeah these have become deal breakers for me 8:13 PM 

Me: how about finding the man that you want first and go from there? 8:14 PM 

Nina:  I already found the man I want 8:14 PM 

Me: I’m serious 8:17 PM 

Nina:  I didn’t send a smiley face 8:17 PM 

Me: the man you want to spend your life with 8:17 PM 

Me: Not a man you lust after, a man you want to rape and the give away to human trafficking 8:18 PM 

Me: a man you want to be with most of the time 8:18 PM 

Me: a man you like to talk to 8:18 PM 

Me: who you know you can count on 8:18 PM 

Me: a man that supports and uplifts you 8:18 PM 

Me: even when you’re being difficult 8:19 PM 

Me: a man who will hold you in the evening and you know there is no better place on earth like being in his arms 8:19 PM 

Me: (I could go on but I don’t want to blow up your phone, I guess you get the idea) 8:20 PM 

Nina:  I told you my whole life story during the process of getting to know you. Even during cursing you out… I still waited for the next message from you. Half of 8:21 PM 

Nina:  what I tell you… my stalker doesn’t even know…. 8:21 PM 

Nina:  I don’t lust after you… I gave up all my sex partners for you (kidding) but seriously I cut everyone off to make time for you and I’m still not getting the D. 8:21 PM 

Me: Yeah, I guess I’m still waiting of getting raped, somehow that got stuck in my head now 8:23 PM 

Me: (mind driven person) 8:23 PM 

Me: Remember: And I would have tried you had I no been spotting 8:28 PM 

Nina:  I remember 8:28 PM 

Me: we’ll be fine, so if we’d meet tonight then less talking and more cuddling ?? 8:31 PM 

Nina:  Yes… get naked and get in bed!! Lol 8:31 PM 

Me: I said cuddling 8:31 PM 

Nina:  I’m tracking what your saying 8:32 PM 

Me: DZ 8:40 PM 

Nina:  ? 8:40 PM 

Nina:  If facebooks says it it has to be true ? 10:07 PM 

Me: awwwwww, I hope so 10:54 PM 

Nina:  Do you really? 10:55 PM 

Me: yes 10:55 PM 

Nina:  Well you gotta put her in there? 10:57 PM 

Me: I know but I guess you also have to do your part first. Have you decided if you want the quiet cuddle time later? 11:03 PM 

Nina:  Yes. I just got into bed… 11:03 PM 

Nina:  What’s my part? The doctors 11:04 PM 

Me: yes, the tube 11:04 PM 

Me: s 11:04 PM 

Me: yes you have decided (and will tell me what your decision is) or yes, you want it 11:05 PM 

Nina:  Ahhh right… ha! Yes. I am waiting on you 11:05 PM 

Me: ok ☺ 11:05 PM 

Me: don’t fall asleep 11:18 PM 

Me: set your alarm 11:19 PM 

Nina:  I’m trying not too 11:19 PM 

Nina:  Can’t I just give you the password to let yourself inside 11:19 PM 

Me: oh oh 11:19 PM 

Me: no, not before your kids met me 11:19 PM 

Me: I don’t want to scare anybody 11:20 PM 

Nina:  ???. Lol everyone is asleep 11:20 PM 

Me: but you know sometimes all coincidences come together 11:20 PM 

Me: so once I met them that’s ok 11:21 PM 

Nina:  K. I’ll set my alarm for 1205 11:21 PM 

Me: thank you 11:21 PM 

Nina:  Crybaby 11:21 PM 

Me: lol 11:21 PM 

Me: what if you don’t answer me? you want me to get loud or drive home silently? 11:22 PM 

Nina:  Answer you how? 11:22 PM 

Me: answer / open the door 11:28 PM 

Nina:  I set my alarm…. I hope.. or tap my window.. lol?? 11:29 PM 

Me: Idk which one it is, lol. It will be fine 11:30 PM 

Nina:  Oh geez 11:30 PM 

Me: I’m about to leave 12:00 AM 

Me: are you up? 12:00 AM 

Me: rise and shine 12:00 AM 

Nina:  I am up 12:00 AM 

Me: I’ll be there in a few 12:01 AM 

Nina:  You’re here 12:10 AM 

Me: I am 12:10 AM 

(I stayed for almost 3 hours)

Me: I’m home 3:07 AM 

(No answer, she must have fallen asleep right after I left)

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