The night after sex

Nina – the morning after SEX

So we had sex that night and everything was great but in her world that doesn’t mean anything.

Mood swings could happen at any time, my guard was up!

Me: Good morning 8:27 AM 

Nina: Good morning babe 8:30 AM 

Me: How are you feeling? 8:46 AM 

Me: Are you busy? 10:56 AM 

Nina: Sorry. I am at Walmart. My stalker was there last night around my house… smh 10:59 AM 

Me: while I was there? 10:59 AM 

Nina: Apparently he was 11:00 AM 

Me: how do you know? 11:00 AM 

Nina: Because he asked me what kind of car you drove. 11:02 AM 

Me: so what did you tell him? 11:02 AM 

Nina: Said he was “thinking” of me and decided to drive over… seen a car in the driveway got discouraged and left 11:02 AM 

Me: what did you tell him? 11:03 AM 

Nina: I didn’t tell him anything 11:03 AM 

Me: how do you plan to handle this (situation) in the future? 11:04 AM 

Nina: Other than that I am not gonna keep dealing with this. 11:04 AM 

Nina: I dont know only ever been in this situation 1 before 11:04 AM 

Me: meaning what? 11:04 AM 

Nina: He wants a threesome ?? 11:05 AM 

Me: Very funny, definitely not. 11:08 AM 

Me: ???? 11:17 AM 

Nina: Hold on I’m checking out right now 11:25 AM 

Me: gosh, what did you buy if the checkout is taking you so long, lol 11:38 AM 

Nina: I had to buy a vacuum cleaners 11:50 AM 

Nina: And then I drove home so I would be able to talk to you better 11:51 AM 

Nina: And we’re walking the property because we came home and my fence was held open with a stick 11:51 AM 

Me: oh my, probably your stalker 11:52 AM 

Nina: As much as I would love to say yea him… I doubt it. He knows how much J. loves his dogs 11:52 AM 

Nina: But that just means I need to secure that fence… especially since that pool is back there… so I’ll go to Best Buy and get more cameras 11:53 AM 

Nina: As far as my “stalker” I don’t know… I can’t really do much for him driving by… 11:53 AM 

Me: you could tell him to not do it – or tell me to stay home 12:04 PM 

Nina: I tell not too all the time. 12:06 PM 

Nina: Smh. He said next time he won’t be so nice 12:07 PM 

Nina: Idk… as conceited as I may “sound” I dont know what he wants from me or what I can do for him at this point… it won’t stop 12:09 PM 

Me: you can tell him to stop or tolerate what he’s doing, your choice 12:10 PM 

Me: And what does this even mean: He said next time he won’t be so nice 12:11 PM 

Nina: I dont know. He could’ve been drunk for all I know 12:11 PM 

Me: So what do you want to do about this? Just wait and see what happens? 12:12 PM 

Nina: No I think I’m gonna have to meet him and have a sit down with him and see where all this is coming… It’s all new for me 12:12 PM 

Me: you make it too complicated because I assume the sitdown is exactly what he wants 12:32 PM 

Me: I have no sympathy for people like him so he better stays out of my way 12:32 PM 

Nina: No. He doesn’t want a sit down… he wants a nut.. And that doesn’t sound like you… (stay outta my way) kinda sexy… 12:33 PM 

Me: I’m not joking with such things, if I’d see him lurking around there he might end up in the hospital. I am not a violent person but this is Texas and if some mf is lurking around in the dark he should be prepared for that. 12:38 PM 

Me: If that would be my ex I would tell her to stay the fuck away or I’d file a restraining order. No matter how good friends her and my kids would be, I know if you allow stuff like that to happen it will lead to disaster eventually. 12:40 PM 

Nina: Ive told him all of this… but if he’s “driving by” what can I do. It’s a public road 12:41 PM 

Me: well, then he better stays on the public road for his own safety 12:41 PM 

Me: But I remember you send me a screenshot where you were telling him “If you just want to stop by then you should say so” – that is not exactly the “stay away” message 12:43 PM 

Me: you’re sending mixed signals – this is my humble opinion 12:43 PM 

Nina: Because at the time he wasn’t that serious… and you know I try to keep the peace considering my house is a billion square feet and I never know where he is at 12:45 PM 

Me: well, I honestly think it’s time to change this, for your sake, his sake and the sake of everybody’s kids 12:46 PM 

Nina: Yes dad 12:48 PM 

Me: that’s not funny 12:48 PM 

Nina: Let’s be serious… For a few 12:48 PM 

Nina: When I met him I was at a time in my life where I was transitioning 12:48 PM 

Nina: I became this wild child 12:49 PM 

Nina: Extremely wild he became my “sex you”… whatever I missed in the last 10 years with my ex… I took out on him.. and I guess that’s what he missed 12:49 PM 

Nina: I don’t think he actually wants me as much as he wants the bedroom… 12:50 PM 

Nina: I raised the bar with him… he wants that back… 12:50 PM 

Me: I don’t know anything about that 12:51 PM 

Nina: His connection to me is stronger then my connection to him… when my ex died he is who I called 12:52 PM 

Nina: he tended to my kids with my oldest sons and allowed me to have my space… I mean he stepped in as a father figure quick… 12:52 PM 

Me: like I said Nina, YOU have to figure that out 12:52 PM 

Nina: My bond to him is a valuable friendship and you’re right at some point I have to draw the line… 12:53 PM 

Me: I don’t want to be part of nobody’s drama, I told that long before I even heard this name. 12:53 PM 

Nina: I know this! 12:53 PM 

Me: I know you can’t have peace and harmony every day – in no relationship, but all unnecessary drama? Thank you, but NO thank you. The “necessary” drama is enough, lol 12:54 PM 

Nina: Ohhh here we go again… 12:54 PM 

Me: No we don’t 12:55 PM 

Nina: Ok. Let’s talk about something else 12:55 PM 

Me: Oh no, don’t brush me off like that. Stalking is despicable 12:56 PM 

Me: Most stalkers do not suffer from hallucinations or delusions, it’s more likely that they suffer from forms of mental illness including depression, substance abuse, and personality disorders. You said “he might have been drunk” – this is plain and simple dangerous (the question is for whom). He can drive drunk, hit somebody, he can do something crazy or unexpected 12:58 PM 

Me: I had a friend who was the nicest guy when he was sober but an asshole when he was drunk. He ruined his whole life 12:58 PM 

Nina: I wouldn’t know… my imagination is pretty wild… I figure if he wants to drive by and etc he will do if I tell him to stop or come on.. so I choose not to engage in it 12:58 PM 

Me: tell him to stay out of your life – no contact. Seriously. He needs to move on (because he won’t as long as he believes there is “hope” (in his imagination). Those people don’t think rational. And no, I am absolutely not jealous. 12:59 PM 

Nina: That is probably the case with him although I never saw him actually drunk drunk… I only know how he is by the way he tells me what would happen if someone did this or that to me in his presence… 1:00 PM 

Me: tell him to stay out of your life – no contact. Seriously. He needs to move on (because he won’t as long as he believes there is “hope” (in his imagination). Those people don’t think rational. And no, I am absolutely not jealous. 1:00 PM 

Nina: I would hope you wouldn’t be. 1:00 PM 

Me: definitely not but also definitely no tolerance for stalkers 1:01 PM 

Nina: I mean we wouldn’t have really known since he woke me up this morning to ask me 59 thousand questions 1:01 PM 

Me: and of course you answered them all and spending (how much?) time to talk to him (or text) 1:02 PM 

Nina: The worst form of abuse is silence… that is what pushes many people over the edge… I didn’t entertain him long.. but I answered what he asked me to an extent.. 1:04 PM 

Me: *sigh* 1:05 PM 

Nina: I have allowed him to vent and that was Pretty much it 1:05 PM 

Nina: Can we talk about something else please 1:05 PM 

Me: no, you gave him HOPE and yes, sure, if you want to change the subject we can do this but that doesn’t make the problem go away 1:06 PM 

Nina: I don’t know what else to say… I fell like you’re digging for what Nina would say or do.. or how does Nina feel…and I don’t have the answers. I do me. 1:08 PM 

Nina: Everyone else either falls in place or gets in line. I can make him do anything… if that was the case it would have been done… 1:08 PM 

Me: but you can stop giving him hope and send mixed signals. Case closed. Do you still want to see me tonight? 🙂 1:09 PM 

Nina: I dont know. I don’t want to cause any issues…. he’s saying he’s coming here… I’m not sure if that’s a threat or not 1:10 PM 

Nina: I’m sleepy in which I am about to take a nap while Z. picks up the boys… 1:10 PM 

Nina: If I get enough rest I’m sure tonight maybe do able but I feel like I gotta figure some shit out fast… because I feel confused…… honestly I do 1:11 PM 

Me: ok, ttyl. If he now determines if I can over or not, oh my. 1:17 PM 

Nina: ? 1:17 PM 

Nina: That’s not what I said I just don’t want any problems especially in front of my kids 1:18 PM 

Me: And I sure don’t want to cause any problems, no worries 3:01 PM 

Nina: I don’t even know what you mean… ugh.. 3:02 PM 

Me: what’s there to not understand, I don’t want to cause any problems and I won’t. 3:11 PM 

Nina: Ok 3:17 PM 

Me: Where did you go? 5:25 PM 

Nina: I’m sorry I’m just waking up… 5:44 PM 

Nina: I’m just trying to make sure everything blows over smoothly… but apparently nothing works in my favor… much like today. A hectic day…. nothing got done 7:22 PM 

Nina: because I was up all night… so I’m playing catch up…. and these boxes are taking over my life and I have to get them emptied for trash tomorrow 7:22 PM 

Nina: I have the electrician here, my first sgt here 7:23 PM 

Me: what about my question 7:27 PM 

Nina: What about your question I answered it right at the beginning 7:27 PM 

Me: everything blows over smoothly? 7:28 PM 

Me: let me know when you can talk 7:40 PM 

Nina: Like voice talk? 7:41 PM 

Nina: Or text? Ok I’m getting kids to bed 7:41 PM 

Me: text 7:42 PM 

Me: is that your answer to my question : everything blows over smoothly? 7:43 PM 

Nina: Yes. I am hoping that everything blows over smoothly.. and that there isn’t any drama 8:28 PM 

Me: “hoping”… that’s like a child covering it’s eyes to make the bogeyman go away, lol 8:29 PM 

Nina: Lol 8:30 PM 

Nina: Pretty much 8:30 PM 

Me: nah, that’s not gonna work 8:33 PM 

Me: did you talk to him? 8:33 PM 

Me: talk, text, chat, whatever 8:33 PM 

Me: any form of communication 8:33 PM 

Nina: Lol. It probably won’t and no I haven’t talked to him at all 8:34 PM 

Me: ok 8:35 PM 

Nina: Do you want me to talk to him? Lol 8:35 PM 

Nina: He said he was gonna come over but I seriously think he’ll wait until midnight… but zerie will have friends over I’m sure… so it will stir up some confusion 8:36 PM 

Me: like I said, I don’t want to be part of any of this 8:38 PM 

Nina: So what does that mean?? I mean spell it out… because I don’t think anyone wants to be apart of anything 8:48 PM 

Nina: That isn’t positive 8:48 PM 

Me: you clarify your situation first and then you can let me know that it’s resolved 8:49 PM 

Me: like you said, your kids are indirectly involved and I think if he’s stalking then he’s mentally unstable. I don’t know how much he drinks when he drinks but everything can make him do something stupid. While driving, in front of your house 8:49 PM 

Me: I’m maybe a little more sensitive, my first wife had a serious stalker (he ended up dead), my second wife had a stalker at her workplace in the military, he ended up in a psych ward. 8:50 PM 

Me: It all started slow and not really threatening 8:51 PM 

Me: I have zero sympathy for stalkers 8:51 PM 

Nina: You really know how to pick them… lol 8:51 PM 

Nina: I guess I will see if he wants to talk and figure out what it is he wants… I don’t think he is an actual stalker… but I don’t know 8:52 PM 

Me: Must have been a good conversation, lol 2:44 PM 

Me: Somebody told me “The worst form of abuse is silence… ” so if you have a minute…. 🙂 2:53 PM 

Nina: I’m driving, picking up the kids from school. 2:53 PM 

Me: There are 3 things I kept repeating, kinda joking but when I’m honest with myself, I was not. 1) I feel sorry for you 2) Watch my sexy ass walk away 3) I don’t want to be part of this (that was not only the stalking but I don’t want anybody to get hurt but like I said, I despise stalking). I love to laugh, I can be goofy, I am adventurous, I love to travel, I love to to crazy stuff but I want somebody with whom I can do all those things. Most of all, no drama, no baggage, chaos. 4:18 PM 

Nina: I don’t know where all that was coming from and I’m confused by the language but ok babe. 4:32 PM 

Nina: I’m glad you came clean. I definitely don’t want to date a guy who feels sorry for me… what a shitty way to bring a baby into this world. That is sad on your part to even stick around feeling sorry for someone… it’s a phase for me.. not my lifetime. 4:45 PM 

Nina: but when you made that comment that you felt sorry for me I had to sit beside myself and reflect… and I knew you were being truthful… and lying to yourself by smiling… 4:45 PM 

Nina: find someone without any baggage, drama or chaos… ??. But given here… 4:45 PM 

Nina: Thank you for being honest with me though. And I hope you find someone better 4:45 PM 

Nina: But with your track record… and the women you pick.. I doubt it… Turns to be with me out of guilt and because you thought you could change   me?. Highly unlikely. I am one of a kind babes 4:45 PM 

Nina: out, my first initial thought was right all along…. you were just lusting after me and I promise you that you won’t forget me. You want more of me but now I am the one who will say no and you’ll be down on your knees and maybe I will watch you begging. I can see it in your face, you know I am a good reader 4:45 PM 

Me: you’re a shitty “reader” dear, you can’t read me at all. 4:51 PM 

Nina: Right… because I just “love to play games” 4:52 PM 

Again, after having sex here we go with a 180 degrees turn. This conversation went South over the course of several hours.

The day wasn’t over yet… should I even answer?

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