Call 911

Nina – the evil mother in law, sex and the police

Would she even talk to me today after I “disappeared” without a word last night?

Did I even want to talk to her? This has started to become stressful!

Me: Good morning, I hope you got some rest?! 10:59 AM 

Nina: I did get some rest but I’ve been outside in the yard since about 730 about wrapping it up now 11:01 AM 

Nina: How about you did you get some sleep while the kids are home from school today to pink eye one lice 11:02 AM 

Me: I went to bed at 3.30 but I also got up early (8, which for me is early, lol) 11:03 AM 

Nina: Yes that is early for you 11:10 AM 

Nina: So you been up that long and just now texting me 11:10 AM 

Me: that’s correct. You disappeared telling me “don’t answer” plus you had a lot of things going on yesterday plus you didn’t even know anymore who you were talking to, lol. So I figured you need some quiet time. 11:11 AM 

Me: Is she still harassing you? 11:12 AM 

Nina: That’s funny. No. She just said I need to grow up. And those are her grandkids rather I want them to be or not and she will see her in court for grandparent rights ??? 11:13 AM 

Me: omg, seriously? I’d cover all my tracks and just disappear 11:14 AM 

Nina: And I shouldn’t speak of gods name because I am not a believer which isn’t fair to the kids. Which in fact had she had known how I raise my kids I raise them 11:16 AM 

Nina: To believe in God and all that stuff because it’s their decision At the end Of the day to change their minds 11:16 AM 

Nina: I’m not covering nothing my lawyer already said that there’s nothing she can do at all 11:16 AM 

Nina: She would’ve had to been actively involved in their lives to get there and then I randomly took them away 11:16 AM 

Nina: She doesn’t even know their names 11:17 AM 

Me: speaking of, why would she say your youngest is a “whore’s child”? Wtf? 11:18 AM 

Nina: I honestly don’t know why. My ex and me we just got home from the hospital and he was like ima call my mom… I said ok. And he told her he had a baby and she was like that girl will be a whore child just like Nina. Stop making babies with her… All I heard him say is you’re dead to me and destroyed our bedroom door. I had to call 911 to calm him down because the kids were so afraid. That’s when I told him he had to choose between them or us 11:20 AM 

Nina: Because every time he called home he would become irate and we got the backlash… smh 11:21 AM 

Me: omg, so much drama. I don’t like it when parents get loud (or hit doors or other stuff) and definitely not in front of kids. 11:22 AM 

Nina: But supposedly I am making it up… but even if that were a lie (which why would he lie) I still have the email from her when my son was about to have open heart surgery and he was wanting family to come see him and she emailed him and said we don’t care if that baby lives or dies 11:23 AM 

Nina: She wanted to control him and she was doing so until she met me…or learned about me. In his house she had put in cable and a house phone and was paying for it. When she found out the kids and I were there she turned off everything… SMH 11:24 AM 

Me: well, it’s good to have some evidence just in case, I hope no judge with a sane mind would let her near your kids. 11:25 AM 

Me: I’m mean, I would go further to protect my family and discredit her 11:26 AM 

Nina: I don’t think she would push and if she were awarded grandmother rights I’m sure it would be supervised and she wouldn’t get overnights and etc… those are my kids. I raised them and we are doing just fine without them… I just wanna scream some days to leave us the hell alone 11:28 AM 

Nina: We aren’t bothering them 11:31 AM 

Nina: So why are they bothering me 11:31 AM 

Me: that’s how I am, I simply don’t want to deal with BS or people who are harassing me in any way. 11:31 AM 

Me: I don’t need any form of negativity in my life. 11:31 AM 

Nina: Exactly. It breaks my heart that they would try and pull me out of my comfort zone. I mean my kids are still processing the loss and your worried about giving them Xmas gifts… they don’t want them or need them… 11:32 AM 

Nina: And he told his son… his family was racist and I was pissed that he told him that… because it was just better that my kids didn’t know of his family and their racism… 11:33 AM 

Me: I agree 11:34 AM 

Me: it’s always a pleasure when you disappear in the middle of a conversation without a word, lol 12:09 PM 

Nina: You just said I agree and that was it 12:10 PM 

Nina: I didn’t know that needed a response 12:10 PM 

Me: oh so you just wanted to end the conversation? Lol, ok. 🙂 12:13 PM 

Nina: No. I just didn’t have a rebuttal we both were in agreement. 12:26 PM 

Nina: What are you doing? 12:27 PM 

Me: nothing really right now. 12:30 PM 

Nina: Oh. You could of been doing me ? 12:31 PM 

Me: Doing what? I don’t understand that sentence 12:32 PM 

Me: ok, now I am asking a question and you don’t answer 🙂 12:43 PM 

Nina: Having sex 12:51 PM 

Nina: Doing me… lol 12:51 PM 

Me: why are you always joking about sex? 12:52 PM 

Nina: Now what makes you think I’m joking babe 12:52 PM 

Nina: And if you thought that I was joking a better response would’ve been come get some 12:53 PM 

Me: Ok, come get some, lol. Yeah, I thought you were joking because I know you have your daughter there and she probably is buzzing around. 12:55 PM 

Nina: I was serious. I said all my kids are home today. Even the 13 year old… 12:56 PM 

Nina: But alas, I shall shower and head to Home Depot… lol for the men of course. Joking. I need mulch and a door 12:58 PM 

Me: and how in the world do you want to have sex then? You’re hilarious 🙂 12:58 PM 

Me: so you choose going to Home Depot over seeing me? Wow 1:00 PM 

Me: So I actually could meet all the kids and you think of sex and Home Depot? Double wow! Lol 1:07 PM 

Nina: ??? 1:18 PM 

Nina: Your silly 1:18 PM 

Me: why? that would have been a great opportunity don’t you think? 1:19 PM 

Nina: I do think if they weren’t running with pink eye, throwing up and have head lice. 1:43 PM 

Nina: In which my plans of Home Depot have now changed to Walmart asap. 1:44 PM 

Nina: My little one can’t keep nothing down and I have no clear fluids. Life as a single parent sucks… I’m either to busy or extremely busy. Never a break ? 1:44 PM 

Me: I understand, ok 1:49 PM 

Nina: You asked me to talk to you and then you say bullshit like I understand OK 3:51 PM 

Me: I understand that the kids keep you busy, I didn’t understand that you suggested sex especially not if all kids are home (which I didn’t know). The I just thought it me nice to finally meet them 3:58 PM 

Me: So why is that BS? 3:58 PM 

Nina: All I meant is that you wasn’t extending the conversation you deaded it by just saying ok, i understand 4:00 PM 

Nina: Oh and I forgot because we can only have sex at my house because God forbid I knew where you lived 4:01 PM 

Nina: ???? 4:01 PM 

Nina: You Just left me on yeah OK I understand 4:15 PM 

Nina: Yeah I’m good I’m out here laying mulch 4:15 PM 

Me: how is it going with the mulch 5:20 PM 

Nina: It’s all good. I’m not exactly raising six kids. Just three. Lol 5:31 PM 

Me: well, yeah but you know what I mean 5:34 PM 

Nina: I get it 5:39 PM 

Me: but I was actually doing pretty good that’s why I’m not worried about being around kids 5:40 PM 

Nina: ??? 6:08 PM 

Me: very funny Nina 6:09 PM 

Nina: I believe you. Never said you weren’t good with kids. 6:09 PM 

Me: where are you heading now? 6:30 PM 

Nina: I had to go to the gas station 6:30 PM 

Nina: Are you sure always want to know my whereabouts but I never know your whereabouts 6:31 PM 

Nina: And she is still texting me ? 6:31 PM 

Me: how is she now texting you? and you know I’m at work and you can always ask if you’re interested 6:35 PM 

Nina: I haven’t even checked to see what she was saying 6:38 PM 

Me: So from a new number? 6:40 PM 

Nina: Yes 6:41 PM 

Me: let me text her saying I’m your fiancée and I won’t tolerate this disrespectful behavior and will involve the local authorities if this doesn’t end. 6:41 PM 

Me: and that I’ll take you to Europe and she’ll never see them, ever 6:42 PM 

Nina: For real you would do that 6:42 PM 

Me: oh definitely 6:42 PM 

Me: or we’ll call her the next time I see you, you tell her to let it go and then I’ll pretend to get mad, “grab” you phone saying “give me the phone baby, I’ll handle this” and I’ll tell her 6:43 PM 

Nina: Hold on babe I’m doing this last treatment 6:46 PM 

Me: ok 6:57 PM 

Nina: Aww that is so sweet of you. And I’m sure it would piss her off beyond anything I could think of. It’s a deal. Smh. 7:10 PM 

Me: let me know if you seriously want me to do that 7:11 PM 

Nina: I would seriously want to do that. But only if she calls or text again… 7:11 PM 

Nina: This is what she had sent 7:11 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (conversation with her former mother in law) 7:12 PM 

Me: very repetitive 7:25 PM 

Me: is she quiet now? 7:32 PM 

Nina: Yeah she’s quiet because I am not answering her 7:32 PM 

Me: like you often to me but I also keep texting ?????? 7:36 PM 

Nina: Lol whatever… and it’s because you love me that you keep texting. She just wants to be nosey. 7:44 PM 

Nina: This is what’s keeping me busy 7:45 PM 

Me: that’s a lot of hair, lol 7:57 PM 

Nina: Yeah that’s my six-year-old son 7:58 PM 

Me: well, it’s almost DZ time, first today so today had been good 8:07 PM 

Me: ttyl or tomorrow if you go to sleep early 8:07 PM 

Nina: Ok babes. 8:12 PM 

Nina: Come get drunk with me 8:14 PM 

Me: later 8:27 PM 

Me: I guess you got drunk without me, lol 11:26 PM 

Nina: No. Lol didn’t even touch them. My little one is sick so I’m just sitting with her watching her fight sleep 11:26 PM 

Nina: You said later and I didn’t know if you were serious because you don’t drink 11:27 PM 

Me: I hope she’ll get some good sleep 11:27 PM 

Nina: I guess you could’ve been saying later as in goodbye 11:27 PM 

Me: oh, ok, but I don’t use the word like that 11:31 PM 

Nina: So what does later mean 11:32 PM 

Me: I meant later (getting drunk with you) 11:32 PM 

Nina: So you were going to drink 11:32 PM 

Me: though I probably would be drunk after 2 glasses or so since I don’t have any tolerance for alcohol 11:32 PM 

Nina: Then I could of taken advantage of you… sounds romantic 11:34 PM 

Nina: Lol 11:34 PM 

Nina: But you don’t drink so you’re probably playing. Although tonight would have been perfect “assuming am hoping you were off tomorrow ? 11:34 PM 

Nina: *and 11:35 PM 

Me: Well, you talk like “would”, “could” – if I know my grammar right that’s not the same as “I will (take advantage)” or “tonight is perfect”. 11:36 PM 

Nina: I’m not sure what you’re saying. But I would of and could of is skylars fever didn’t shoot back up 11:38 PM 

Me: that’s what I meant 11:39 PM 

Me: will you stay up a little bit or go to sleep? 11:49 PM 

Nina: I’m not sure I’m already In the bed with her passing time. She is hella fussy 11:52 PM 

Me: ok, I’m leaving in a few I’ll see if you’re still up when I’m home 11:57 PM 

Me: I’m home and I guess you fell asleep, I hope you can rest well 12:16 AM 

Me: Not even get good nights anymore ? 1:12 AM 

Nina: Oh my goodness goodnight babe 1:14 AM 

Me: lol 1:15 AM 

Me: how is she doing? 1:15 AM 

Nina: I just set my alarm for 115 to give her meds. She is hot still ?? 1:16 AM 

Me: maybe go to the ER? 1:17 AM 

Nina: Yes I was just thinking this because she is rolling everywhere. Almost like too week to walk. I’ll wait 45 kin to see if the Motrin breaks it 1:20 AM 

Me: I hope it does, ok 1:22 AM 

Me: So… it’s only been 30 minutes, any changes? 1:50 AM 

And then there was silence… so all the weird stuff going on and again she was asking for sex.

Again I was asking myself: “Why am I still talking to her?”

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