One door closes and another one will open

Nina – the end and a new beginning

I went out for lunch and ran into that nice lady who was pretty clueless about buying the right laptop so I helped her and I she asked for my number and if I could help her set it up.

She seemed nice, she was pretty so of course I gave her my number

Me: I’m back. 1:37 PM 

Nina: Ok, ttyl, have the pool guys over 2:34 PM 

Nina: Wow… I had a shitty day. This has nothing to do with what I am about to say. I carry on this weight all by myself… every single day since the death of my ex. And I’ve sheltered everyone out of my kids and I lived except for my stalker (because he has never let me down- through the changes) (not on a relationship level- totally let down) but I don’t want to continue leading either one of you down this path that will never come. I just said my goodbye to him and it’s time I do the same to you (yes, even as friends) because the truth is I wanted more from either one of y’all and since November and into January neither one of y’all can meet me half way. Its all talk…it will always be talk. 7:34 PM 

Nina: It’s a shitty thing to say- I know. But it’s true. So ending whatever you and I have/had and will never have seems like I need this in my life- at this time. Same with him. For growth, for self- relief, for mental functioning. I can’t keep crying all my problems out to people who do absolutely nothing for me but say I’m sorry… 7:34 PM 

Nina: Because sometimes I’m sorry isn’t enough… I know you think, feel, or be my diary. It causes confusion and aggravation ?. Take care 7:37 PM 

Nina: Just know I have regrets maybe, maybe not but I can’t keep allowing you to be in my life. 7:37 PM 

Nina: I truly hope you find what you are looking for. And you know what… every hateful thing I have ever said to you, about you I take back. Enjoy your night babes. Always- Nina R. 7:37 PM 

Me: Oh well, ok, I totally understand. I also truly hope you find what you’re looking for and thanks for “taking the hateful things back”. Enjoy your life and try to avoid to get caught up in BS and don’t rush things. Take care. 8:38 PM 

Nina: Thanks babes, you take care too. 10:54 PM 

Nina: It’s not that serious babes. I just don’t want to keep dragging you down. And I’ve totally been there and it totally sucks. So yea, you owe me. 11:49 PM 

Me: owe you what? You haven’t been dragging me down Nina, no worries 11:51 PM 

Nina: I posted my pain on FB yesterday and said I was gonna cry for 2 hours in the bath tub just from being overwhelmed and trying to bridge gaps.. etc.. I did. For 3 straight hours, cried my eyes out. This morning at 530 A.M… I woke to banging at my door. My best friend has came down from Louisiana because he knew I was broke. Because I’m pretty personal otherwise. I need a man like that. If I can’t have a man like that. We are waisting our time… 12:14 PM 

Nina: Because I’ve known you since January and we haven’t gotten anywhere but time passing. 12:14 PM 

Nina: I have to go… TTYL 12:15 PM 

Me: you are broke? are you kidding me? you never said that before, only that you paid thousands of Dollars here and there, cash, like you were taunting me with that. ttyl 12:21 PM 

Me: and I don’t have Facebook so I wouldn’t know, you didn’t cry out to me when I mentioned helping pay the bills 12:22 PM 

Nina: Why are we talking about money? 12:52 PM 

Nina: Ohhh lol. I didn’t mean broke financially. Lol I meant broke… as in broken silly… lol 12:53 PM 

Nina: for the last guy and he had six jobs since knowing him. Please don’t ever feel like I “taunt” you with anything except my good looks and slick mouth… 12:54 PM 

Nina: I usually don’t express mental exhaustion on FB. Lol. And taunting you with money. That’s shallow… I just told you it doesn’t move me. I was head over heels 12:54 PM 

Nina: But seriously I had a mental breakdown yesterday… and I did a full cleansing and said fuck this house… it my babies and I turn. Everything I basically told you yesterday I put out there to the world (minus getting drunk) I didn’t get twisted. 12:56 PM 

Me: ok. What I thought you are is being extremely lonely that’s why I wanted to spend time with you in person and not always the texts 12:56 PM 

Nina: I am lonely. I told you that Iong ago 12:59 PM 

Me: I know you’re busy but still 1:00 PM 

Nina: Because we were let progressing into anything and seeing you after midnight was killing me because I be dragging ass in the morning 1:00 PM 

Me: nothing Nina, let’s not talk about that anymore 1:08 PM 

Nina: K 1:11 PM 

Me: So you’re still up for going to Austin? 1:12 PM 

Nina: I am 1:16 PM 

Nina: I’ve been mapping it out., 1:16 PM 

Nina: I even tried to fly out Monday to circus circus in Las Vegas until the 10th 1:19 PM 

Me: cool, I like Las Vegas, they have many good acts 1:22 PM 

Me: you should definitely do something that you can enjoy, cruise, trip, something 1:24 PM 

Nina: I am 1:29 PM 

Me: ok, awesome I have to go take care. 1:32 PM 

That was it with Nina for now, I decided to ignore her texts the next morning, I wanted to start something new with somebody new.

When one door closes just walk through another one. Hello Darla!

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