The downfall

Nina – The Downfall

When you see all the red flags but you decide to stick around then you should not be surprised that a certain day will come.

It’s just a matter of time when!

Me: Good morning 8:28 AM 

Nina: Good morning babes 8:29 AM 

Me: Was that a confession that you talk shit? And that I only get the shit? 8:35 AM 

Nina: No. It was a joke. I figured you ran off the phone because I had cramps and didnt wanna catch the BS… lol 8:44 AM 

Me: no, of course not 8:49 AM 

Nina: Guess what… I dropped out for clinical mental health?? 8:56 AM 

Me: why 8:58 AM 

Nina: I am mentally not there any more. I’m starting to live through people vicariously after the death of my ex. 8:59 AM 

Nina: That and they keep changing state law requirements due to the high amounts of suicide and mental health patients. Cutting the cost/medications and insurance is taking a toll on counselors, patients alike. 9:00 AM 

Nina: So anyway I said all that to say I transferred programs ?. I went back to what I am good at… So you are now looking at the future of DR. Nina… business management with an emphasis on social impact management ?. 9:01 AM 

Nina: I’ll finish my counseling degree when I can learn to put my feelings aside… 9:02 AM 

Me: … says the lady who claimed to have NO feelings (which the smart dude from Europe never really believed) 9:03 AM 

Nina: ??? 9:03 AM 

Nina: Are you gonna congrats me with flowers and kisses or are we gonna discuss how smart you are… lol 9:04 AM 

Me: Very funny, yes, I am smart, no need to discuss facts, lol. Of course I really hope you will do what you’re passionate about to be honest, in this world and especially this area I’m glad that (for now) you won’t be a counselor. 9:10 AM 

Nina: I will still advocate for mental health… but honestly that profession has changed me… I stopped taking people at face value and started digging more then I should be with friends, families and strangers alike… I make a better business partner ya know… BECAUSE IM SO BOSSY ??? 9:13 AM 

Me: That sounds just about right 9:17 AM 

Nina: Ima beat you up!! Honestly I need you to be jumping for joy!! I am nothing without education ?? 9:17 AM 

Nina: Guess I’ll go to Home Depot and look at all those sexy men??? 9:18 AM 

Nina: No forreal I got to go to Home Depot 9:18 AM 

Me: ok, ttyl 9:19 AM 

Me: Saying you’re nothing without education sounds somehow sad btw 9:27 AM 

Me: I was at Home Depot 3 times this week, never saw you there, lol, lol, lol 9:36 AM 

Nina: Lol. 10:10 AM 

Nina: I don’t care what everyone thinks I wanna know what YOU think 10:10 AM 

Nina: ? 10:10 AM 

Me: yes you do care what other people think, you love the attention 10:47 AM 

Nina: Smh… bye! 10:58 AM 

Me: bye? Really? Why does that make you upset? 11:00 AM 

Nina: It doesn’t make me upset it’s a “black people saying” like boy bye ? 11:01 AM 

Me: huh? 11:04 AM 

Nina: Basically in white people talk it means stop playing 11:05 AM 

Me: I’m not, you said it often, “I need attention, lots of it” and at the same time “Don’t say Hi sexy” so I won’t comment on how you look or you’ll find me boring (if you’re not already find me boring) 11:07 AM 

Nina: I do need lots of attention but not from the world from my man I give a fuck about somebody saying that I’m sexy but I don’t know 12:01 PM 

Nina: So there are 4 residencies with my DBA l. I’m thinking I’ll take two in Georgia and the other two in Arizona 12:01 PM 

Me: residencies? DBAI? Idk what you’re talking about 12:13 PM 

Nina: Oh snap it went to you… lmfao.. it was suppose to go to someone else. So residencies are like hands on training in classes. DBA is my doctorial. Lol and I have to travel during those 4 residencies. Which are 4 days each time… 12:14 PM 

Me: Yeah, I figured it might be for somebody else 12:23 PM 

Nina: Well I do have a lot of haters who don’t want me to be successful in life… apparently ? 12:34 PM 

Me: that’s sad, but I know people like that, been there 12:36 PM 

Nina: You know that’s why I stay to myself. It’s crazy how people turn on you… 12:48 PM 

Nina: My friend and I were counselors together… she just started a little ways after me… so of course she was happy when I dropped out.. (she can pass me you know… but that was my second masters.. not hers… so today I get the “you just wanna out do us all (home, cars and education) text… like WTF… smh 12:50 PM 

Nina: But you know what babe… I show my kids (as black men and women) 12:51 PM 

Nina: don’t let society make you feel like your can’t succeed, don’t fall for the I’m black bullshit… look at mom…. I don’t have anything to prove to no one but my kids ? 12:51 PM 

Me: that’s right and if that’s how you really think you better stay for yourself. This is your decision, do what you’re most comfortable with. 12:52 PM 

Nina: I wouldn’t do it no other way ? 12:53 PM 

Me: and I hope your kids will appreciate it all one day. 12:54 PM 

Nina: I hope. My 19 year old got it… my 18 year (smartest kids I ever known) just won’t apply himself. Lazy as hell. 12:54 PM 

Me: I know you mentioned that before. 12:55 PM 

Nina: I wish he would apply himself 12:59 PM 

Nina: So I totally kicked the guest house project this weekend… 12:59 PM 

Me: I’m sure things will fall in place for you and your family, give it a little time 1:02 PM 

Nina: I’m ready to live and travel. 1:02 PM 

Nina: So now you know I have to travel you ready to go with me ? 1:03 PM 

Me: no 1:03 PM 

Nina: Lmfao… you’re an ass 1:05 PM 

Me: where can I get a better juicer? 1:05 PM 

Nina: Hire one ? 1:06 PM 

Nina: I don’t know. You’re totally old fashion. Use machines babe 1:06 PM 

Me: this thing is ridiculous, I have a new weight loss drink, juice one grapefruit and then add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey 1:06 PM 

Nina: I have a brand new one in the box at the other house too… I probably should grab that thing. It was a gift.. 1:07 PM 

Me: yes, I had a nice machine years ago, I looked at Walmart but they didn’t have any 1:07 PM 

Nina: Why are you losing weight and why are you not traveling with me? Who’s gonna hold my bags ? 1:07 PM 

Me: I want to lose my belly fat and get that beach body again 1:07 PM 

Nina: You’re too old dude, hang it up… 1:08 PM 

Nina: ?? 1:08 PM 

Me: bs 1:09 PM 

Nina: Selective reading 1:09 PM 

Me: regarding what 1:10 PM 

Nina: My holding bags, traveling 1:11 PM 

Me: I said no, I don’t want to travel with you and of course I don’t know who will hold the bags then. Either somebody else is traveling with you or you’ll meet somebody wherever you go. Depending on the destination you’ll find out that people can be very nice 1:13 PM 

Nina: Why don’t you want to travel with me? Is this your day to be a cry baby… 1:14 PM 

Nina: Luckily I have my kids ? 1:14 PM 

Me: cry baby? Why? No, I’m in an excellent mood. I just finished Far Cry 5, this drink I just made tastes awesome and I’ll workout and go swimming more often 1:17 PM 

Nina: Glad to hear that.?? 1:19 PM 

Me: and I got a thank you text from a friend, my suggestion helped her to get rid of her back pain 1:19 PM 

Nina: Nice! 1:20 PM 

Me: and the neighbor had his water sprinkler running for like 3 hours and the wind blew it all on my grass, lol 1:20 PM 

Me: I don’t think he planned on doing this 1:20 PM 

Nina: Lol free water! 1:20 PM 

Me: yeah 1:21 PM 

Me: and you have big party like tomorrow? 1:22 PM 

Nina: What party? 1:24 PM 

Me: your sons birthday party or when was that 1:28 PM 

Nina: Ohhh no tomorrow was suppose to be the guest house and decking… his party isn’t until next week 1:28 PM 

Nina: I’d invite you but you already used up all your “No’s” for this lifetime ? 1:29 PM 

Me: I understand 1:31 PM 

Me: no worries 1:31 PM 

Me: shit, there is the no again ???? 1:31 PM 

Nina: Understand what? Look, if your trying to be “an ass” to push me away… just say so babes. I have no reason to stick around where I am not wanted… lol.. I have enough on my plate as is… feel me? ? 1:32 PM 

Me: don’t be an ass yourself, yesterday and today you established that you’re better on your own, you said you’re not sure if you really want a baby so were you trying to push me away? Just say so Nina, I have no reason to stick around where I’m not wanted. 1:36 PM 

Nina: ?? 1:36 PM 

Nina: So if I’m shitting, you’re shitting too? ????\u200d♀️ 1:36 PM 

Me: I’m just saying, I’m not pushing you away 1:37 PM 

Nina: So why be an ass? Because Nina is? I was born an ass you weren’t. 1:42 PM 

Nina: honest… if I say “we’re” going then pack your bags ?. 1:42 PM 

Nina: That’s in my DNA… 1:42 PM 

Me: what makes you think I’m not an ass? Do you think you can read people that good? 1:56 PM 

Nina: You’re definitely an ass… I got the text messages to prove that 1:56 PM 

Nina: You’re version of an ass though is not cute ? 1:56 PM 

Me: lol, thx 2:02 PM 

Nina: ?? 2:02 PM 

Nina: You’re welcome babes 2:02 PM 

Nina: So do you think I should put double doors in these two spots 2:03 PM 

Nina: Hold on 2:03 PM 

Me: in all seriousness, while I was an ass the other day today I’m definitely not 2:06 PM 

Nina: And also on the office 2:08 PM 

Nina: These doors… I wanna put by the entry way… 2:08 PM 

Nina: Don’t mind the mess we just got home from shopping??? 2:09 PM 

Nina: I’ll answer you in a few minutes babe… my school is on the phone 2:09 PM 

Nina: Back. 2:16 PM 

Me: I think you should do what you want to do 2:19 PM 

Nina: But do you think it would look right? 2:29 PM 

Nina: Don’t bothering answering… I’ll ask someone else… I’ll let you go and talk to you later… you might have had a great day but you’re really shitty towards me… so I better walk now before I lose my cool…. I’ll text you before bed. Have a great rest of your day. 2:33 PM 

Me: what’s wrong now? It’s really hard to tell from the pictures 2:34 PM 

Me: I meant what I said that you should decide for yourself, you’re right there. or take better pictures 2:34 PM 

Nina: ?? 2:34 PM 

Nina: ?? 2:35 PM 

Me: from what I see in the pictures the doors wouldn’t even fit 2:35 PM 

Nina: I use to miss our talks… but all week has been bullshit… 2:35 PM 

Nina: I will text you later on before I go to bed I got to go 2:35 PM 

Me: well, and that’s entirely my fault you think? talking about not having babies 2:36 PM 

Me: better of being alone 2:36 PM 

Me: your ex stalking around 2:36 PM 

Me: you being confused 2:36 PM 

Me: you saying it’s better to not meet the kids right now 2:36 PM 

Me: you’re just pissed because I said right now (under those circumstances) I don’t want to travel with you 2:37 PM 

Nina: So for somebody who said let’s leave yesterday alone is sure bringing this shit into Friday… I asked about fucking doors not about having a fucking baby 2:37 PM 

Nina: I’ll never ask you for advice again ? 2:40 PM 

Me: Why would you say “I’ll never ask you for advice again ?”? 2:50 PM 

Nina: Seriously, I really don’t care if you’d travel or not with me… I’m not traveling for at least 8 months away from now anyways… you’ve been shitty all week. If this is who and what you are then stay away. Either you’re gonna stay centered throughout this friendship or we can just separate… I’m beyond fucking over it… your smart remarks and being a dick are not attractive at all. Regardless of what the hell I said or do I chose to wake up with a new start… and not bring up old shot constantly because I am in my feelings 2:50 PM 

Nina: What you said about “feeling sorry for me” BIG MISTAKE” probably the worst thing you can every say to someone who is often having low points in their lives… 2:51 PM 

Nina: No one wants to have a baby by someone who feels sorry for them EVER! That’s sickening and I refuse to be a single parent AGAIN.. because your feeling sorry me 2:52 PM 

Nina: So at this fucking point before I start my MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND… 2:53 PM 

Nina: either your on board or off… no, you don’t have to travel with me for school, nope don’t have to have a baby either. Living together is definitely out of the picture (because look how you act) so we can carry on with these fucked up conversations or end them now!!! I’m not about to go tit for that with you…. Plenty of other fish in the sea ? 2:54 PM 

Me: Now you’re just plain nasty Nina. If one bad day can outweigh everything else then there’s really nothing else. So let’s just separate. Happy fishing. 3:05 PM 

Nina: ?? 3:06 PM 

Me: One day it’s about babies and living together, the next day it’s the opposite. I honestly think sometimes it’s this narcissistic and controlling behavior. You seek attention and when I don’t answer the way you expect it things go south. Sometimes I do think you consider yourself better than others and believe you’re entitled to special treatment. Sure, it was just a joke, me carrying the bags on the trip, but why would you even say that?

I think you are a great person but you should not do people like this. There is no need to talk down to other people. There is no need to threaten people (baby and living together is definitely out of the question). You should be able to forgive. I also think that you chronically argumentative and embrace conflict when you can get it. I don’t mean you any harm. I never did. I might not always say or do the right things but I am not your enemy.

Look at your texts with your ex mother in law or your stalker. Way too much words on your end (and I only know the tip of the iceberg). 6:32 PM 

Me: You didn’t even want to go deeper in the “Why don’t you want to travel with me” instead you reacted like a little child (or your own words: spoiled little brat) “I really don’t care if you’d travel or not with me”. Maybe you give it some thought or you disregard it because you think you know everything better (than me). That’s your choice. I’m done talking to you. 7:56 PM 

Like I said, if you maneuver your ship in dangerous stormy waters then expect a bumpy ride.

… and one day your ship will sink if you keep doing it!

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