Is there anything that can patch this?

Nina – The Comeback

About 2 weeks passed by without hearing from Nina and I had no desire to contact her.

Life was just less complicated without her but then one day…

Nina: I know we haven’t been talking for a while and here I come again letting you know that I miss talking to you. 10:28 AM

Me: Hey, how is it going? 2:57 PM 

Nina: I’m ok. I was just about to send you a photo of me… ya know in case you missed me… lmfao 2:57 PM 

Me: well send it 🙂 2:59 PM 

Nina: I was naked in the photo 2:59 PM 

Me: I’m not so sure if you are kidding or not, just send it 3:01 PM 

Nina: Just kidding I got out of conferences as I had to meet the board committee for my dissertations… this is me when I’m actively acting the role as a mom, counselor and or human… 3:01 PM 

Me: very nice 3:13 PM 

Me: did you pick up your kids? 3:28 PM 

Nina: No. I’m no longer picking up kids ?. My son will 3:29 PM 

Me: great, ok 3:31 PM 

Me: anything new in the meantime since we last spoke a long time ago (I guess it was in a galaxy, far, far away) 3:32 PM 

Nina: Nothing really new since we last spoke. Sorry the AC guy is here and so is the inspector for the deck (which passed) thank you!!! 4:04 PM 

Me: ok 4:05 PM 

Nina: My son is here and I just been using that to my advantage. I stay gone… I’m sure he is ready to get a job now ?? 4:05 PM 

Me: lol, funny. Well, then you should have all the time in the world now to focus on me 4:08 PM 

Nina: Should I? Lol you’re working all the time ? 4:12 PM 

Me: well, then for starters have time for me when I don’t work and we’ll go from there. 4:14 PM 

Nina: We’ll see 4:14 PM 

Me: that’s uplifting 4:15 PM 

Nina: Lol it’s a start… we aren’t even in a relationship n we broke up 4:15 PM 

Nina: what like 10 times ?? 4:15 PM 

Me: 10 timeds what 4:17 PM 

Me: you have to miss me 10 times before you realize that you don’t want to be without me? 4:18 PM 

Nina: Did the whole text not come threw 4:25 PM 

Me: it just came… weird again, we probably broke up 9 times out of 10 because of technical issues or incomplete texts. 4:30 PM 

Nina: Lol 4:30 PM 

Nina: Maybe so 4:30 PM 

Me: but you said it more than once that it sucks to not talk to me, does that not mean anything? and we never had a fight in person, not even a real argument 4:31 PM 

Nina: And we won’t. At least not around my children. And missing talking to someone doesn’t really miss much except what it says. Miss talking to someone… 4:45 PM 

Me: so you don’t miss me rubbing your back? Laughing and joking? Me touching you? 🙂 4:48 PM 

Nina: I mean I do miss them, but it’s not something I can’t live without 5:07 PM 

Nina: I miss the sex but I can have sex whenever I want. I say all of this with a kind heart and being truthful. You haven’t really gave me much to look forward to by being with you, I don’t lose anything by not being with you and I’m wondering what’s to gain… and I don’t mean back rubs, laughing (or materialistic), sex etc… So it’s easy for me to go back and fourth with you and my stalker. If that makes sense. He fulfills all those things I do miss when no one is available.. ?. 5:07 PM 

Me: Ok, then I guess he is what you’re looking for, Idk 7:09 PM 

Me: So when we stopped talking to you went back to him? ? 7:25 PM 

Nina: Lol, I wouldn’t say I went back to him… lol… but…. we had a couple sexual encounters… 7:41 PM 

Nina: Which means nothing to me. Sex doesn’t drive my feelings. 7:42 PM 

Me: Sexual encountes huh? Lol, ok 7:43 PM 

Nina: Lol… something like that ? 7:47 PM 

Me: Well good for you 7:49 PM 

Nina: Really? Good for me? You’re silly 7:50 PM 

Me: Was it not good? 7:51 PM 

Nina: Are we really gonna talk about this… this is insane 7:52 PM 

Me: And I also said it since it seems that’s what you want, sex when you want it without a commitment 7:52 PM 

Nina: I don’t just want sex without a commitment. That’s crazy. However, until I find the right guy it’s just best I don’t sleep with every man I meet. So he is there 7:55 PM 

Nina: when the search is not worth the work or effort. You and I stopped talking, I trust his assets (no STDs) and he is always there when I need the extras without commitment. 7:55 PM 

Nina: I mean if I wanted just sex without commitment I would just keep him… 7:55 PM 

Nina: But I do want more, just not from him… but sex is always good… or can be good if both parties work together. 7:56 PM 

Me: Ok Nina, whatever floats your boat. ? 7:59 PM 

Nina: All that I said like what? A baby? Having a man? Being committed? No marriage? Nothing changed. I do want all that. I’m looking for all of that… but I tread lightly because he has to be my forever… because I’m not doing this shit alone.. and or with someone who will walk later… You and I have been talking since what? January and where have we gone? How far did we get? Yes I am iffy at times and my changes with the wind but it’s probably because I see we aren’t really getting no where. You and I have become all talk and no action. We can sit around and talk about babies all day and night but what good does that do us? 8:06 PM 

Nina: And now I just re-enrolled back into school because I was tired of waiting for all this to take place so… I don’t see how a baby can happen now… 8:07 PM 

Me: Ok but remember, you’re the one often saying no to us meeting 8:09 PM 

Me: But I understand,it’s cool 8:09 PM 

Me: And actually we didn’t go anywhere because of the fact you’re changing like the wind and this wind is blowing you in different directions 8:11 PM 

Me: But when the right man crosses your path you will know 8:12 PM 

Me: I have to go back in the dead zone, TTYL or tomorrow 8:21 PM 

Nina: Ok. Bye. 9:27 PM

It wasn’t a really busy work day but I didn’t feel like talking to her.

Why was she always coming back?

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