Sword of Damocles

Nina – sex with the stalker

Me: so what do you like? I love the Snickers blast and the Reeses 2:37 PM 

Me: I’m getting ready to SSS 2:45 PM 

Nina: Is that shit shower and shave lol 2:45 PM 

Nina: ??? 2:45 PM 

Me: that’s right 2:46 PM 

Nina: Typical guy 2:46 PM 

Nina: I do like Reeses blast however I am not big on ice cream ever… I only ever eat it if I’m constipated…. 2:48 PM 

Nina: Text me when you get to work then. 2:48 PM 

Nina: if I asked to ride your face tonight you wouldn’t object huh? 2:58 PM 

Me: talking about fuck buddies again? 3:05 PM 

Nina: I don’t have fuck buddies 3:05 PM 

Nina: For the millionth time… my ex is simply my go to guy… 3:05 PM 

Me: I’m not mentioning my go to girls, lol 3:08 PM 

Nina: You have none 3:08 PM 

Me: hohoho 3:09 PM 

Nina: What’s that Supposed to mean 3:09 PM 

Me: like “are you sure about that?” with a mean evil grin, like the Grinch 3:10 PM 

Nina: I’m positive about that… 3:10 PM 

Nina: 4 ladies all your life… well 5… 3:10 PM 

Nina: No more backpage, or craigslist… your hours are hectic and your still here since January… I’m pretty damn sure 3:11 PM 

Me: I never did anything with backpage or craigslist 3:11 PM 

Nina: Oh I know but that just makes it that much harder to find something simple if they don’t exist ?? 3:12 PM 

Me: I was shocked though that a woman I was interested in dating was actually on backpage which “ended” a relationship that hadn’t even started. I thought my coworker was joking when he saw a picture of her and he said “Oh I know her” 3:12 PM 

Nina: Which means he would actively have to be out looking for something else which I doubt you’re shy 3:12 PM 

Nina: ? 3:13 PM 

Me: she also had (has) 6 kids 3:13 PM 

Nina: Ask your coworkers if they know who I am 3:13 PM 

Me: lol 3:13 PM 

Me: she got drunk, called me saying don’t leave me, I love you, it was bad 3:14 PM 

Nina: Ewww 3:15 PM 

Nina: Yeah you seem to run into a lot of women with issues 3:15 PM 

Nina: Seriously ask your coworkers if they know me I’m sure they see me around 3:15 PM 

Me: I’m sure they are. I’ll take that picture with you drunk and topless. If somebody says “Yes, that’s how I know her” I’ll punch him right in the face 3:16 PM 

Me: yeah, she had lots of issues, I should have known. She had evil eyes and was intimidating, maybe that’s why, lol 3:17 PM 

Nina: Why would you punch them ??? your silly 3:17 PM 

Me: I’m joking. I don’t do that even if he’d say “Yeah, I had her last week”. I’d ask you first 🙂 3:18 PM 

Nina: I’m sure all my men know not to discuss me with other men ? 3:19 PM 

Me: loooooool 3:20 PM 

Nina: You sure know to pick them… stop feeding these “girls” bullshit fairytales or speak to them as if it were a role in some movie and they wouldn’t be so obsessive over you… 3:24 PM 

Nina: Luckily for me I see right through all that and keep you at a distance 3:24 PM 

Nina: ? 3:24 PM 

Nina: When my stalker used to come around my other friends he said he felt awkward because he couldn’t tell within the crowd men or women whom I have been with. I told him to just nod and smile ???? 3:26 PM 

Me: I didn’t tell her anything because I was very suspicious because she acted strange 3:27 PM 

Me: and if that’s what you want, keep me at a distance then I hope you won’t regret it one day ? 3:28 PM 

Me: and this is not a threat, almost more like a promise 3:28 PM 

Me: ??? 3:28 PM 

Nina: lol, I have no regrets ? 3:29 PM 

Me: ok 3:29 PM 

Nina: I do think that you should see if there is anything or anyone else out there more suitable to your wants and needs though. 3:32 PM 

Me: why bother then talking about you and me if that’s what you really think 3:36 PM 

Nina: Because anything is possible 3:37 PM 

Me: well, to me that’s wishy washy, either 2 people want to seriously try to be in a relationship or they don’t. there is nothing in between. if they don’t, we’ll, yeah then they can be fuck buddies or whatever 3:39 PM 

Nina: So you wanna be fuck buddies ? 3:49 PM 

Me: is that what you really want? 3:51 PM 

Nina: I know I can have you whenever I want to ??? 3:53 PM 

Me: didn’t we agree to take each other seriously? 3:56 PM 

Me: clear answer, Nina, is that what you want? 3:57 PM 

Nina: I asked a question first babes. You don’t always get your way with me but I always will get my way with you. 3:58 PM 

Nina: I was even nice enough to send you pics… which I have of course never received any of you. Ever! ? 3:58 PM 

Me: I want a relationship, you know that. if you’re telling me I can’t have one then I can answer your question 3:59 PM 

Nina: I want the same thing it’s just timing seems off 4:01 PM 

Me: why? because you’re scared? 4:02 PM 

Nina: I am not afraid 4:03 PM 

Me: and if that’s what you really want then let’s just build, there is no rush 4:04 PM 

Nina: You know I got weak, I told you 4:06 PM 

Me: What do you mean? Refresh my memory please 4:07 PM 

Nina: Refresh your memory? Details? Times and locations? 4:08 PM 

Nina: It was over Mother’s Day weekend 4:08 PM 

Me: yes, details 4:08 PM 

Nina: Friday of Mother’s Day weekend he came over to drop some things off unexpectedly… my son was here they got to talking and hanging out and we all got to drinking and having fun… my homegirls has came by… he didn’t wanna leave.. and it went from there 4:13 PM 

Nina: Well on into Sunday… 4:13 PM 

Me: So you had sex? 4:17 PM 

Nina: We did, several times 4:22 PM 

Me: Oh wow 4:26 PM 

Me: Where did you go? 4:35 PM 

Nina: Sorry pest control was here 4:38 PM 

Me: oh, ok 4:39 PM 

Me: why do you want me as a fuck buddy if you already have one?? 4:39 PM 

Nina: We weren’t talking then… remember you felt sorry for me. Then I felt bad when you contacted me that following week… my stalker  is not my fuck buddy by choice but he’s there when I need him. 4:40 PM 

Nina: I trust him. So I figured instead of going out finding another guy to bring around my kids I’d just keep him close by. We kinda had this thing 4:41 PM 

Me: but again, what do you want with me? 4:41 PM 

Nina: But anyways I had mention this to you before. I don’t want a sex partner (because technically I have one with whom I can do whatever with) but I am in search of my forever 4:41 PM 

Me: which according to you is also not me… So I don’t qualify as a sex buddy and not for the longer than forever 4:42 PM 

Nina: I don’t understand? 4:56 PM 

Nina: How this is all being turned around on me… 4:56 PM 

Nina: We are building right? 4:56 PM 

Me: are we? you tell me. you had sex with somebody else 4:57 PM 

Me: would it matter since we weren’t talking around that time if I had sex with an ex? Actually not really an ex, just somebody I used to have sex with. In sure you don’t mind? 4:58 PM 

Nina: But I am not committed to anyone… you or him. Right? So I didn’t cheat. We decided at that particular time to go our own way… 4:59 PM 

Nina: I wouldn’t mind at all… 4:59 PM 

Nina: How could I mind? You’re not committed to me. But I would find her and question her ??. For safety purposes ? 5:00 PM 

Me: well, then it’s all good. So what are we going to do from now on? are we still sleeping with other people? should we build and commit? 5:00 PM 

Nina: What if I said let me get it out my system one last time? 5:02 PM 

Me: oh Nina, really? 5:03 PM 

Me: oh you mean me? ???? 5:03 PM 

Nina: Just what if? Where would that leave us? 5:06 PM 

Me: Nina, I can’t stop you from doing this, it’s probably more between you both than you’re willing to admit to yourself 5:08 PM 

Me: So you want to have sex with me one last time to ge time out of your system? 5:18 PM 

Nina: Do you want to? 5:34 PM 

Me: I think it’s best for you to figure out what you want right now. You had sex with him, you already thought about having sex with him again (as a reaction to “well, then it’s all good. So what are we going to do from now on? are we still sleeping with other people? should we build and commit?”) so… 5:36 PM 

Me: and no, I don’t want to, we’re not having sex 5:37 PM 

Nina: Lol that was just a question. He didn’t even cross my mind. And why are we not having sex again? Why? 5:38 PM 

Me: because you didn’t really well, then it’s all good. So what are we going to do from now on? are we still sleeping with other people? should we build and commit? answer the question 5:39 PM 

Me: I mean you said something but still 5:39 PM 

Nina: Why? Say again! I don’t understand 5:52 PM 

Me: I was asking you a serious question, well, then it’s all good. So what are we going to do from now on? are we still sleeping with other people? should we build and commit? Your only answer was about having sex with him to get him out of your system. What kind of answer is that? 5:57 PM 

Nina: But babes since January I’ve been screaming the same story I don’t know you nothing about you. I’m not going to commit to something I do know… we discuss this every week and nothing changes. It’s not about having sex with him or you. I’m just doing me until I learn more about you. It’s only been since January 5:59 PM 

Me: ok 5:59 PM 

Nina: But if your looking for a fair enough answer… I’m having sex with whoever is available when I need it as long as I am not committed to anyone or anything then I am ok. ?. No regrets 5:59 PM 

Me: fine, same here then 6:00 PM 

Nina: Be more like Nina ? 6:01 PM 

Me: who says that I’m not? 6:01 PM 

Nina: Not what? 6:02 PM 

Me: that im not like you, having my fuck buddies 6:03 PM 

Nina: you like me too much, I can see the lust in your eyes 6:08 PM 

Nina: Ok. Since you want me to ask. Are you! 6:08 PM 

Nina: Well keep doing you babes ? 6:09 PM 

Me: no I don’t want you to ask because you think you have it all figured out 6:11 PM 

Me: all the stuff you said earlier, Craig’s, backpage, me being shy 6:11 PM 

Nina: Well I asked so answer 6:13 PM 

Nina: Oh don’t be all chicken shit now… 6:22 PM 

Nina: Okay well let’s settle it. You continue to fuck whomever, I’ll do the same with my one guy. When we decide to be committed we will both test for STDs And take it from there… I’m only having sex with one person… not two not different… I stick to what I know. If you have your sex partners then fine… 6:23 PM 

Nina: I’m okay with that and respect that 6:23 PM 

Nina: But next time ask your sexual partner of pics in their bra and panties 6:24 PM 

Nina: like I ask if my sexual partner ???. Or things can become a blur 6:24 PM 

Nina: and draw confusion… 6:24 PM 

Me: but since you want to sleep with other people (or one guy) Im not so crazy about having sex with you 6:29 PM 

Me: I hope that is understandable 6:29 PM 

Nina: Understandable. 6:30 PM 

Me: ok 6:36 PM 

Me: and I guess that means then you don’t want to see me and since we won’t spend time together we can’t build. Catch 22 6:36 PM 

Nina: If you keep telling me you wanna come over and no sex what do you expect me to do? Sit around and wait? We barely see each other as is. Again there is no catch 6:54 PM 

Nina: you said you would do you- I would do me… so somewhere in between us doing us I guess we make time for eachother… and if not we remain “text buddies” 6:54 PM 

Nina: am as a person. 6:54 PM 

Nina: Somethings have to be spelt out for me in writing.. because if you tit for tat with me I’ll end up taking your word for it and calling your bluff. This is who I 6:54 PM 

Me: no, I actually asked if we can agree on building and not having sex with other people 6:54 PM 

Nina: Ohhh I must of misread that part 6:55 PM 

Me: that’s what I think is the only thing to make it work 6:55 PM 

Me: but having sex with you while you’re sleeping with someone else… seriously? 6:56 PM 

Me: at least commit that much that you won’t do that anymore 6:56 PM 

Nina: If you and I were sexually actively I wouldn’t have sex with two different people at one time. Ewwww…. that’s nasty. And not who I am. However, if you and I are talking as we have been since January and not really getting anywhere then I’m gonna mess with him. 6:59 PM 

Nina: Because he is available… you and I don’t do much but talk… so there is a tad of a hold on everything else… if we both agreed to continue on into a 7:00 PM 

Nina: relationship then it would stop. 7:00 PM 

Nina: When I had sex with you… it had been months since he was in the picture… 7:00 PM 

Me: well then agree to only have sex with me and it’s fine. that would be either in the morning or after work, nothing I can change about that right now. plus – I only live 10 minutes away 7:06 PM 

Me: well? 7:17 PM 

Nina: Lol 7:24 PM 

Nina: Hold on babes I am cleaning the yard 7:25 PM 

Me: ok 7:47 PM 

Me: well if you have a chance share your thoughts, the DZ is waiting at around 8.30 8:15 PM 

Nina: When do we start babes? 8:21 PM 

Me: tonight 8:26 PM 

Me: g2g, sry 8:26 PM 

Nina: Don’t be sorry. Lol it’s work and I need my monies … I mean if I gotta make a commitment to you. Lol, tonight won’t work babes, I am going to go to sleep early so I can wake up and prep for his party. This boy has a massive list of shit he wants to eat for his birthday. 8:46 PM 

Nina: I’m not afraid to be with you. I’m not afraid to love you either. It’s just hard to do because we don’t see each other and it’s gonna get really hard now that I decided to go back to school. There won’t be late nights etc. 8:47 PM 

Nina: I fucked up babes and gave into him that weekend. I don’t know why. But probably because he has been there through this whole ordeal. And much like you he is persistent, in a more aggressive way… 8:50 PM 

Nina: I am like crying puppy dog tears embracing this toilet with a horrible migraine… I’m going to bed babes. Drive safely home and at least send a message saying 11:00 PM 

Nina: you made it. 11:00 PM 

Me: Good night, “you made it” (not sure why I can’t say “I made it”) 12:09 AM 

Nina: ? you know what I meant ? 3:29 AM 

Sex with the ex – but the way things were going I was not surprised.

The Sword of Damocles – “there can be no happiness for one who is under constant apprehensions.”

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