The day after...

Nina – sex or no sex

It’s fair after reading the previous post to wonder – did they have sex or not

It shall be revealed!

Me: Good morning 8:23 AM 

Nina:  Good morning 8:47 AM 

Me: How are you feeling? 8:50 AM 

Nina:  I am feeling good. A little tired. But I really have to get things done. 8:52 AM 

Me: A little tired? You’re not getting sleep at all. What things? 8:53 AM 

Nina:  I know. I think my thyroid is acting up again. I just be feeling so drained 8:54 AM 

Nina:  I need to go get these Mac computers, get my award letter for home taxes, go to courthouse drop those papers off…pick up my tags 8:55 AM 

Nina:  But I’m not sure if my is doing the tree or not 8:56 AM 

Me: get what MAC computers? 8:59 AM 

Nina:  I also need to run to my old house and grab the boys bikes dnd toys plus mail 8:59 AM 

Nina:  From the store 8:59 AM 

Me: you bought new ones? 8:59 AM 

Nina:  I am about too 8:59 AM 

Me: Ok 9:00 AM 

Nina:  On base they have a mini Apple store? 9:00 AM 

Nina:  And…. no taxes 9:00 AM 

Me: yeah but they only have the slow I5 ones 9:02 AM 

Me: If you want to buy without taxes you can do that online at B&H 9:02 AM 

Me: and they have all the Apple stuff 9:02 AM 

Nina:  I dont know what that means… I just need them to be able to cut my designs and store them… 9:03 AM 

Nina:  My Mac book and other iMac are for personal and school 9:03 AM 

Me: on base they have the ones with the I5 processors (slow(er)), in the store or online they also have the ones with the I7 processor (way faster) but yes, it depends on what you do with them. 9:04 AM 

Nina:  You left at 256 and my baby girl was right in my bed at 303 ? 9:11 AM 

Me: wow, good timing, lol 9:13 AM 

Me: I admit I was a little nervous, no door, the alarm, kids could come any minute 9:13 AM 

Nina:  What do you mean no door. I shut the door when you went to go pee… lol 9:16 AM 

Me: I didn’t see that, ok. 9:21 AM 

Me: So why do you need more than 1 computer? 9:22 AM 

Nina:  Because I have six kids? Lol 9:25 AM 

Nina:  We have six computers… smh. Well three desk and three lap 9:26 AM 

Nina:  But the two HP Desk tops I just bought (1 weeks ago) for the garage are garbage so I’m gonna give those to the two little ones and replace them with the macs 9:27 AM 

Nina:  If you think I have a lot of computers please don’t ask me how many printers I have 9:28 AM 

Me: lol 9:28 AM 

Nina:  My way of thinking is fucked! Lol 9:30 AM 

Me: I would help you getting organized 9:30 AM 

Me: if you want me to 9:30 AM 

Nina:  I’m pretty organized. I think. I just think weird. Like this printer is personal use. This one is for 12×12 prints… etc and that’s how my mind operates. 9:32 AM 

Nina:  Everyroom in my home is its own entity. So if I ever get into sewing… then I need a sewing room… lol 9:32 AM 

Me: Oh my. Do you still love my hands? 🙂 9:37 AM 

Nina:  If I said no…..? 9:38 AM 

Nina:  …. but yes, I still love your hands. 9:39 AM 

Nina:  Turns out… you are pretty shy, nervous and careful 9:42 AM 

Nina:  I was sooo lazy last night… but I enjoyed it a lot 9:42 AM 

Me: Careful? 9:43 AM 

Nina:  Yes, but I like how easy it was to take advantage of you. I turned you into putty and you didn’t have a chance. 9:44 AM 

Nina:  Loved how helpless you were 9:45 AM 

Me: but what makes you think I’m “careful”, I’m not sure what this word is referring to 9:46 AM 

Nina:  Shy, reserved… 9:47 AM 

Nina:  Withholding… gentle to the touch. 9:47 AM 

Me: so you like it more rough? Is that what you’re saying? 9:50 AM 

Nina:  I want it however you’re gonna give it to me. But last night I wanted it so bad… because you were being so hard to get… so rough would have been great… 9:54 AM 

Nina:  but it’s really depending on the mood… 9:54 AM 

Me: I was totally expecting you to say I got what I want now I move on 9:55 AM 

Me: (nah, just kidding, lol) 9:55 AM 

Nina:  By the way… from the time I started rocking I felt you throbbing… 9:55 AM 

Nina:  so you are really not that kind driven. In turn, I’ll take a trip to Mexico. You should probably be doing your research??. I won 9:55 AM 

Nina:  *mind driven 9:55 AM 

Me: I am mind driven, you have been on my mind for a long time 9:56 AM 

Nina:  Lol I’ll move on after we sex in every position possible lol lol 9:57 AM 

Me: I hope not 9:57 AM 

Nina:  I wouldn’t do that…. (move on) 9:57 AM 

Me: that’s the thing, sometimes I don’t know what you would or would not do 🙂 9:58 AM 

Nina:  When? Why? 9:58 AM 

Nina:  Are you afraid to give in to me? Me being on control of your mind and body? 9:59 AM 

Nina:  You’re just gonna have to go with the flow… and enjoy the ride. I wouldn’t let you down… 10:02 AM 

Me: I see 10:02 AM 

Nina:  If I had it my way I’d be at your house having sex right now… that’s how much I still want you… and that is very rare for me 10:03 AM 

Me: oh so it’s just a matter of time until the effect wears off? 10:03 AM 

Nina:  No it’s not just a matter or time 10:04 AM 

Me: so I asked “Give in to what” (you asked me if I’m afraid to give in) 10:04 AM 

Nina:  Are you afraid to let your guard down? And just let it be, let us happen in and out of the bedroom. 10:06 AM 

Me: you pointed it out (maybe too many times, lol) that you get easily bored so I think it was a fair question. I liked you from day 1 and no, not because you’re all hot and sexy, we spent a lot of time texting. It’s so much more. So if I’ll let my guard down completely then I’ll be in love with you and you better think twice if that is what you want. 10:12 AM 

Nina:  Regardless of your guards being up or down you can’t stop what the heart wants… and I may be shallow for saying this (not conceited) 10:15 AM 

Nina:  but I feel your bordering love…. even before the sex. ?. Why would I have to think twice about if that is what I want? What do I gain or lose from you loving me and vice versa? 10:15 AM 

Me: I’m just saying… and yes, I am bordering love but I know myself, there is still this lever in my head, if I’ll allow you to flip it then I am all yours and you might find that boring (because then it’s so easy) 10:18 AM 

Nina:  So then your whole “Nina All bark and no bite” only fits in places you want them to and not in general. 10:31 AM 

Nina:  You can’t pick and choose with me what you think is serious and what is not. Love is a risk and it’s either your willing to risk it or not. 10:31 AM 

Me: I know that Nina 10:34 AM 

Me: And the all bark no bite was strictly referring to you in the bedroom 10:35 AM 

Me: So no 24/7 access to Nina, she hasn’t been texting for 19 minutes 10:53 AM 

Nina:  I was driving. You can have access to my all you want and however much your heart can handle 10:57 AM 

Me: oh it can handle a lot 11:00 AM 

Nina:  I bet 11:01 AM 

Nina:  Lol 11:01 AM 

Me: are you scared? 11:02 AM 

Nina:  Yes 11:02 AM 

Me: why 11:02 AM 

Me: And Nina disappeared again… 🙂 11:27 AM 

Nina:  I’m just gonna attach a camera to me so you can see that I am engaged in shopping. Lol. 11:27 AM 

Me: haha, that’s cute 11:34 AM 

Me: when you have time please answer my question 11:34 AM 

Nina:  Because I don’t like being in situations I have no control over 11:35 AM 

Me: I know me neither, but I think that’s what it makes so exciting. 11:35 AM 

Nina:  We should of done lunch together… 12:08 PM 

Nina:  Probably afraid to be seen with me… which is why I only see you 12:08 PM 

Nina:  …. joking 12:08 PM 

Nina:  after midnight ??? 12:08 PM 

Me: selective reading, again? And I hope you are kidding, I have no problem being seen with you in public 12:10 PM 

Nina:  Who and where is the selective reading. 12:34 PM 

Me: I know me neither, but I think that’s what it makes so exciting. 12:35 PM 

Nina:  You wanna have fun babe, fuck it let’s have fun! 12:35 PM 

Me: ok, what do you have in mind? 12:36 PM 

Nina:  Whatever you want! 12:41 PM 

Nina:  Because it appears that you are all bark and no bite 12:42 PM 

Me: hahaha 12:43 PM 

Me: I’d like to see you helpless, no control, nothing you can do when those hands touch you 12:44 PM 

Me: or you won’t know what’s next, ice cubes or hot wax 12:45 PM 

Me: and you’ll start begging again 12:45 PM 

Nina:  Lol… or I’ll just be thinking about the isles in Walmart ?? 12:46 PM 

Me: especially when you’re all wet ??? 12:46 PM 

Nina:  Is it wet enough for you babe? 12:50 PM 

Me: Isles of Walmart? to buy ropes? 12:50 PM 

Nina:  No because I’m bored with being tied up 12:51 PM 

Me: really? First you said scared now bored? 12:51 PM 

Nina:  I am still afraid to do it…But he said I’ll start baking again and I was just like or I’ll start thinking about that Isles in Walmart 12:52 PM 

Nina:  It was a joke 12:53 PM 

Me: how can it be boring when you’re scared? I’d be scared too, I like being in control 12:54 PM 

Nina:  Didn’t have much control last night ? 12:54 PM 

Nina:  I don’t know how I can be it never happened 12:55 PM 

Me: well let’s make it happen, try new things 12:55 PM 

Nina:  Ok…fine. Here’s to trying new things 12:56 PM 

Nina:  You can try threesomes?? 12:58 PM 

Me: you want another man in your bed? ? 12:58 PM 

Nina:  Sure why not? Or a female or both. Couple on couple… (I know a few who would do it) or we can go to a swingers party in a hotel. Everyone has something going on. Bondage’s, tape, anal and oral… the possibilities are endless… sex with someone in a mask is always interesting…. 1:01 PM 

Me: are you serious? 1:02 PM 

Nina:  I am serious 1:03 PM 

Nina:  I don’t necessarily “want” a different man In my bed, but I wouldn’t 1:05 PM 

Nina:  object to it either if you’re wanting to “try new things” one extreme 1:05 PM 

Nina:  can’t outweigh the other. ?. That’s not how it works. Either we are 1:05 PM 

Nina:  all in or All out ? 1:05 PM 

Me: I see 1:10 PM 

Nina:  Your response? How are you feeling 1:17 PM 

Nina:  I see… is not a form of communication 1:17 PM 

Nina:  ? 1:58 PM 

Me: I don’t really know what to say, it raises all kinds of questions 2:48 PM 

Nina:  Were you sleeping? 2:48 PM 

Me: no, just eating something, taking a shower, gathering trash, iron a shirt 2:49 PM 

Nina:  So where have you been all this time? You get frustrated usually when 2:51 PM 

Nina:  I don’t answer you… so why me leave me hanging? Were you processing 2:51 PM 

Nina:  the information above. I highly suggest moving forward don’t ask questions if you really don’t want the answer…or can’t handle the answer. ?. 2:51 PM 

Me: yes of course I was also processing 2:52 PM 

Me: I forgot to mention that I talked to my brother, my mom was hospitalized 2:53 PM 

Nina:  ??. Is she ok? Are you ok? Do you wanna talk about it? 2:53 PM 

Me: a neighbors dog entered her property and she fell, she need to have emergency surgery but she’s fine now. 2:54 PM 

Me: See, this how it looks, I got only those 2 texts from you, then the rest came 2:55 PM 

Me: but of course no in order 2:55 PM 

Me: not 2:55 PM 

Nina:  What!!! I’m so sorry to hear that.. some people’s children… I hope for a safe and full recovery ❤️. 2:56 PM 

Me: Yeah. So yesterday you said you could easily go without sex and now you want to bring in other people. Are you sure you can have a relationship with me? and stay faithful? 3:03 PM 

Nina:  I can go without sex… wanna see. I was just naming things that we could engage in. I never said I would do them. Much like being tied up… your have a strong mind you should not play in your head or with my words so much… you’ll go mad! Lol 3:05 PM 

Me: how about we’ll try a few things that we both like and agree on and the later once we know each other better we can see what else is out there 3:08 PM 

Me: I think everything is ok as long as we both agree on it 3:09 PM 

Nina:  All that was mentioned above I would never do.. seriously… a swingers party… ?. I have been to a few before.. it seemed interesting.. but my homeboy could only go if he were a couple so I went with him 3:11 PM 

Nina:  Ha! Now you wanna get to know each other? Interesting. Now who’s back paddling 3:14 PM 

Me: I’m not back paddling. I like talking to you, spending time with you and also being close to you and I’d like more and more and more 3:45 PM 

Nina:  Two year old is driving me insane today… ?. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Maybe sooner. I have to clean up behind her.. and figure out these damn doors she keeps getting out of… 3:53 PM 

Me: back from where? 4:07 PM 

Me: ? 4:15 PM 

Nina:  What do you mean back from where I meant like I’ll be texting you in a few 4:30 PM 

Nina:  I’m cleaning and trying to come up with the schedule for these kids so we’re all on the same page 4:30 PM 

Nina:  Don’t send me angry faces it turns me on? 4:30 PM 

Me: turns you on? for real? I thought I turn you on 4:33 PM 

Me: I still have you saying “please” in my ear ? 4:34 PM 

Me: ??? 4:34 PM 

Nina:  Lol. Did you like that I said you please? 4:35 PM 

Me: Yeah I liked it 4:35 PM 

Nina:  Gives you butterflies in your tummy 4:36 PM 

Me: perhaps 4:36 PM 

Nina:  I don’t know what perhaps means 4:37 PM 

Me: Same as maybe 4:42 PM 

Me: everything ok? 5:34 PM 

Nina:  If it weren’t would you come save me? 5:35 PM 

Me: yes ma’am 5:40 PM 

Me: I hope you don’t have to find out but I protect my loved ones 5:41 PM 

Nina:  Ahh I believe you. 5:53 PM 

Me: still cleaning? did you come up with a schedule for the kids? 5:59 PM 

Nina:  waste of money if they won’t take care of it… the protector, all their games systems hooked up. They have every single game system and two TVs up there and 6:11 PM 

Nina:  I did. Even with a payment plan. Hopefully it helps. And I won’t have to continuously clean up behind them. I want to redo this loft so bad… but it will be a 6:11 PM 

Nina:  they keep it trashed. 6:11 PM 

Nina:  I wanna put a big popcorn machine out there and a bed with a projector 6:11 PM 

Nina:  on the balcony for me and you and movie night ???. At least that’s 6:11 PM 

Nina:  my vision. 6:11 PM 

Nina:  *an outdoor bed 6:11 PM 

Me: awww, that sounds romantic, if only you’d like movies 6:17 PM 

Nina:  But I’m trying to love this home and make it our own… because the kids knew the hell I went through to leave our other house… I was almost stuck there.. but 6:18 PM 

Nina:  they trash this house.. 6:19 PM 

Nina:  Maybe I need a maid service?? 6:19 PM 

Me: You might need one 6:22 PM 

Nina:  overall I’m setting up a schedule and a planner… 6:28 PM 

Nina:  I’ll be moving Y. out of her room this week and ordering a guest room furniture set.. and she will live in the loft since she is so nasty… 6:29 PM 

Me: do you think she will try to make my life hard or miserable in any way? or any of your other kids? 6:30 PM 

Nina:  No. I don’t think so. She never really did my ex like that. She’ll avoid you if anything and come around when she wants something. Like any other teen. lol 6:31 PM 

Nina:  my other daughter want all of your attention and will hunt you down daily… 6:32 PM 

Me: ok. Just in case you need some inspiration : 6:33 PM 

Me: some people have awesome ideas 6:33 PM 

Nina:  Thanks 6:37 PM 

Nina:  Guess ima take out my braids and put a wig on 6:38 PM 

Me: why? 6:41 PM 

Me: expecting guests? 6:41 PM 

Nina:  Why the guest bedroom or why my hair? 6:42 PM 

Me: the hair 6:45 PM 

Nina:  Ohhh i dont know. Because I hate staying the same for two long… lol 6:45 PM 

Me: oh, ok 6:46 PM 

Me: do you have many wigs? 6:47 PM 

Nina:  Yeah I have about 12 6:48 PM 

Me: different colors? 6:48 PM 

Nina:  No all black 6:49 PM 

Nina:  I hardly ever wear them because I’m lazy 6:49 PM 

Me: well then why do you think about wearing them? take the braids out and be done with it 6:57 PM 

Nina:  Be done with what? Well then I would have to actually style my hair considering I shaved the sides off for the summer 7:01 PM 

Nina:  Have I ever showed you my natural hair? 7:01 PM 

Me: no I don’t think so 7:04 PM 

Me: I miss you 7:18 PM 

Nina:  I miss you more 7:21 PM 

Nina:  MMS Received 7:22 PM 

Nina:  My kids nearly have me in puppy dog tears… lol I’m just hating them today… all of them equally… 7:22 PM 

Me: awww, I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time. I love your hair 7:31 PM 

Me: I’m omw to work for the 8 o’clock meeting. I might as well do a half day since you’re busy 7:38 PM 

Me: So far it has been a relaxing day so I should not complain 7:38 PM 

Nina:  So you could have been here the whole damn time and didn’t come? 7:49 PM 

Me: you know I was off, you were busy it seemed 7:49 PM 

Nina:  Well you could met the kids ?. I’m not always gonna ask for you. If 7:50 PM 

Nina:  you want a relationship you’re gonna have to put in work. 7:50 PM 

Me: I’m willing to do that but I thought it’s better to do at the way you want. Now I know 7:51 PM 

Nina:  asking you to meet my kids… don’t you think? 7:53 PM 

Nina:  No, it’s better for you to say hey Nina I’m off today we should take the kids to the park so I’m can interact with them. Sounds a whole lot better then me 7:53 PM 

Nina:  I’m quite sure It is. Because it shows you want it and not being 7:53 PM 

Nina:  forced…. loser move ? 7:53 PM 

Me: don’t be mean, I’ll do better but you knew I’m off. But again, next time I’ll ask and then you can say yes or no. I’m excited to meet them 7:54 PM 

Nina:  Are you really? 8:07 PM 

Nina:  Like this babe? 8:15 PM 

Nina:  Goodnight babe ? 9:25 PM 

Me: Awwwwww I will miss you so bad 11:06 PM 

Nina:  I miss you to 11:07 PM 

Nina:  R u in the panic room 11:07 PM 

Me: I was. That’s really fu**ed up, so I basically volunteered to do a half day and then I have to end up there 11:08 PM 

Me: but I didn’t only want to go for the meeting I wouldn’t have gotten paid. 11:08 PM 

Me: get some sleep, I thought you were sleeping, I didn’t mean to wake you up 11:08 PM 

Nina:  Oh wow. Pretty messed up 11:08 PM 

Nina:  I’m up n moving 11:09 PM 

Me: what are you moving? 11:11 PM 

Nina:  My body. Lol. It meant that I’m moving around. My friend had just stopped by to check on me n he dropped off some wine.. 11:12 PM 

Me: nice, ok 11:14 PM 

Me: are you saving it or drinking a glass? 11:16 PM 

Nina:  Yea no drinking 11:16 PM 

Nina:  Well… goodnight 11:26 PM 

Me: Are you very tired? 11:32 PM 

Me: Hey? 11:38 PM 

Me: ??? 11:41 PM 

Nina:  No not very 11:43 PM 

Me: let’s go onto the pool ? 11:44 PM 

Me: into 11:44 PM 

Nina:  ??? it’s freezin in that water I’m sure 11:44 PM 

Me: oh really? 11:45 PM 

Nina:  I dont know 11:45 PM 

Me: that’s fine, I don’t want you to get sick 11:45 PM 

Nina:  You would get in it? 11:46 PM 

Me: Idk, I just want to see you, lol but I know you must be very tired 11:48 PM 

Nina:  Aww you wanna see me? That’s cute 11:49 PM 

Nina:  .. and I am sleepy 11:49 PM 

Me: I know 11:50 PM 

Me: are you alone? 11:52 PM 

Nina:  No. I’m with my baby 11:52 PM 

Me: ok, will she wake up if you give me a quick call? 11:54 PM 

Nina:  You want me to call you? lol. No she won’t wake up 11:55 PM 

Me: yes, call me 11:56 PM 

Nina:  Right now? 11:57 PM 

Me: yes, I’m already in the car 11:57 PM 

Nina:  I will call you from my house phone. Hold on 11:57 PM 

Me: ok 11:58 PM 

Me: Good night ?? 12:35 AM 

Nina:  Goodnight babes 12:35 AM 

So did we have sex? The answer was in this conversation.

Yes we had sex and yes, she was very lazy.

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