The liquor talking

Nina – selfish, hate, sick, disgusting

Me: That’s enough, if you’re drunk – fine, then we’ll end this conversation right here and now. 6:19 PM 

Me: of course I have compassion, fuck, my ex wife is dead 6:20 PM 

Nina: Probably because of you… 6:20 PM 

Nina: Because you sure in the fuck don’t stop 6:21 PM 

Me: Don’t go there please 6:21 PM 

Nina: Your an egotistical selfish bitch 6:21 PM 

Nina: Selfish perverted bitch 6:21 PM 

Nina: ?? 6:22 PM 

Me: Selfish? what did I get from talking to you? I was always listening, I was talking to you again when you missed me, twice, after you said all kinds of shit to me. I never asked you for anything so how in the world am I selfish? 6:22 PM 

Me: You describe yourself as a bitch, I guess it’s true after all. 6:22 PM 

Nina: I fucking HATE YOU 6:24 PM 

Me: yeah, I got that 6:24 PM 

Nina: YOU MAKE ME SICK! Your a disgusting fuck… 6:24 PM 

Me: yeah, got it. 6:24 PM 

Nina: I don’t talk to my children the way I talk to you. I teach them positive things and how people generally care. I don’t expose the bad in people. In order for you to have existed in my world I would of had to build them up to meet you. After their loss. And I’ve been doing so (I spoke highly of you) he does this… does that… plays this… plays that… maybe he will go with us to Austin… etc. (you don’t have to believe me) but I have no reason to lie. They ask things of me how old is he? What does he look like? Is he mean? 9:26 PM 

Nina: I did have very strong feelings for you. Very strong. Because it was nice to have someone text in the morning and say hey Nina. Or even say goodnight. 9:28 PM 

Nina: If a lie is a flaw then your a compulsive liar… 9:28 PM 

Nina: It’s just that simple. So yes, excuse me for being a bitch 9:29 PM 

Nina: Having stretch marks is a flaw… not lying. Don’t get the two confused. 9:32 PM 

Me: I don’t want to cause you headaches or make you “sick” or vomit so I assume it’s better if I’ll be quiet 10:27 PM 

Me: After all you’ve been through…. but anyways, nobody deserves to be lied to no matter the circumstances 11:42 PM 

Me: A lie is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, I never meant to deceive you (but somebody else, yes). 11:43 PM 

Nina: This will be you! 11:46 PM 

Me: ok, I’m truly glad that it won’t be you 11:48 PM 

Nina: Yeah because then you would have to feel “sorry for me” from afar because of “everything I been through”… hilarious 11:49 PM 

Me: you made it clear, you hate me, I get that 11:49 PM 

Me: Sleep well, good night 12:45 AM 

Nina: Night 12:46 AM 

Better sleep it off Nina.

And I will find out tomorrow if it was just the liquor talking.

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