A wild road on the rollercoaster with Nina

Nina – let’s move in together

A new day on the Nina rollercoaster, this time the ride seemed to be smooth and without any drama.

I guess it’s all good then!

Me: Good morning 8:23 AM 

Nina: Good morning babe 8:59 AM 

Nina: I’m sorry I didn’t wake up last night I told you I was really tired 8:59 AM 

Nina: You could just come on and meet the kids and I can just let you in at night with the passcode so I don’t have to wake up 9:00 AM 

Me: meet them when? 9:08 AM 

Nina: Oh babe I don’t know… lol 9:08 AM 

Nina: You’re always working 9:09 AM 

Nina: If we decided to live together would you move in here? Or do I gotta move in with you? ? 9:20 AM 

Nina: Are you working this morning 9:20 AM 

Me: Well, we talked about this before. If it’s “your” house I feel like I am on probation and you can kick me out at any time or use it as leverage. I am not saying that to be mean but you have mood swings and I guess until there is some stability then it might be a problem. My place is only a 3 bedroom (plus loft plus office). So that’s out of the question, no place for your crafts or anything. 9:26 AM 

Nina: SMH well i wouldn’t put you out… why can’t you just let it happen… (that’s what you normally would say)… hahaha! Plus I was thinking out loud and was wondering where your panic room/office and baby room would go in here…. 9:30 AM 

Nina: While it’s no time soon… just wondering 9:30 AM 

Me: no time soon huh? Lol 9:31 AM 

Nina: I told you… I don’t care how mad I get at you we are still sleeping in the same bed… there won’t be no I’m sleeping on the couch I’m mad…. ?? 9:31 AM 

Nina: I mean like in a week or a month 9:32 AM 

Nina: And I seriously wouldn’t be as moody if half my load was removed from my life… picking up kids, dropping them off, 50 thousand medical apt, cooking cleaning running a business, organizing, dogs, son keeps coming home, pack of sex, sleeping alone, not being spoiled, a bratty 13 year old, Who wouldn’t have mood swings with all I have to do ? 9:33 AM 

Nina: And most of all: *lack of sex 9:34 AM 

Nina: Z is building my outdoor canopy bed ??. Ready for you to come 9:35 AM 

Nina: hook up the projector and screen so we can get in the bed with some wine and movies ? 9:35 AM 

Me: yeah, I can see that 9:36 AM 

Me: you have your projector and screen? 9:36 AM 

Me: the projector (usually) should get mounted somewhere 9:37 AM 

Nina: It’s not like a really big projector it’s like one that can move around I think 9:39 AM 

Nina: The screen I want mounted above this big window because it is remote controlled but I don’t think I have enough room to mounted above the window 9:40 AM 

Nina: MMS Received (picture of the work in progress canopy bed) 9:41 AM 

Me: nice 9:44 AM 

Me: do you have picture of the projector 9:49 AM 

Nina: Is the projector the video thing or the screen 9:54 AM 

Nina: Hold on I’m a get a picture of it 9:54 AM 

Me: the “video thing” 9:55 AM 

Me: because it “projects” pictures on the screen ? 9:55 AM 

Nina: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07174LM85?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf 9:55 AM 

Nina: Accidentally sent to you other million numbers ?? 9:56 AM 

Nina: DR.J (2018 Upgraded) +10% Lumens 4Inch Mini Projector with 170″ Display – 40,000 Hour LED Full HD Vide… 9:56 AM 

Nina: You wanna take me to Africa?? I always wanted to visit 10:00 AM 

Me: that is small in many ways, lol. I always wanted to go there, you know I am sponsoring a child over there 10:03 AM 

Nina: Well the deck isn’t big babe… 10:05 AM 

Nina: I want to go to Ethiopia! You wanna go or not? 10:05 AM 

Me: I’m just messing with you, anything will be fine. Why Ethiopia? But sure, I love to go I haven’t been before 10:06 AM 

Me: love to go PLACES….. 10:07 AM 

Nina: What all do we need to go there? And for food ? 10:10 AM 

Me: for the deck? and Videos? 10:12 AM 

Nina: No to go to Africa 10:13 AM 

Me: I guess a visa, maybe shots (they are required for certain countries), passport, and what do you mean for food? 10:16 AM 

Nina: That’s why I wanna go. To eat food ? 10:17 AM 

Me: yeah, I’m pretty sure there is lots of food to discover. A friend of mine lives in Cape Town, I never visited 10:23 AM 

Nina: Why you didn’t visit 10:35 AM 

Me: Just never happened. We always say “I don’t have time” but it’s not that we don’t have no time, it’s how we decide to spend our time. 10:36 AM 

Me: hypothetically speaking… what would I do with all my furniture??? 10:40 AM 

Nina: If you moved in here? We would collaborate I suppose 10:41 AM 

Nina: Or sell it of course if I don’t like it ?? 10:41 AM 

Nina: That house is huge. But it’s missing bedrooms. Unless we luck out and  have two girls or two boys who can share ? 10:41 AM 

Nina: Where would my craft room go and where would your office go 10:42 AM 

Nina: That would be the red room ??? gotta put extra locks on that room 10:44 AM 

Me: it has a 3 door garage and a 2 door garage. So one (or both) could be converted. 10:45 AM 

Me: Sell it if you don’t like it, there is the bossy Nina again. 10:46 AM 

Me: I have an old piece of furniture from my grandma, I would not sell that – ever. 10:46 AM 

Nina: Let me see it 10:46 AM 

Nina: I have an old piece of furniture from like 1960 10:46 AM 

Nina: I won’t get rid of it either but I do want to alter it 10:47 AM 

Nina: And I’m not being bossy I don’t know what your furniture looks like so I’m just judging from a far 10:47 AM 

Nina: I mean what if we did have to move into gather into a new house the furniture that I have might not even look right in the new house which means we would have 10:48 AM 

Nina: to start from the ground up and buy all new furniture 10:48 AM 

Me: Yeah, but I would put it in my office or somewhere. I just saw earthquake beds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuM-EAnor4I 10:54 AM 

Nina: I’ve saw these. I need one for tornadoes. 10:55 AM 

Nina: Babe I wouldn’t care if your brought your furniture. I’m sure you have good taste… and garage conversions? Hmmm my type of man ?. Of course I would get the bigger of the two, right? Lol 10:56 AM 

Me: but seriously, I always thought it would be good to have an underground bunker. In these times you never know. I don’t want to become a hardcore prepper but a few things and a shelter aren’t so wrong nowadays 10:56 AM 

Nina: I agree with you. Build us a shelter babe. Or a basement that would be great. A hidden one you can only access from behind the pantry door 10:57 AM 

Nina: Don’t forget your panic room full of wires and cameras to spy on the nanny 10:57 AM 

Me: why would I want to spy on the nanny? 10:58 AM 

Me: just kidding 10:58 AM 

Nina: What do you think of this home? (Link to home on Zillow) – floor plans and hardwood flooring but it has more then enough rooms. 11:03 AM 

Nina: I think if we both get 4 Jobs each we could afford it ????. We 11:03 AM 

Nina: This would be the perfect home!! Although I’m not a fan of open 11:03 AM 

Nina: should consider it. 11:03 AM 

Me: 4 jobs each, lol, yeah, been there (3 jobs) and my marriage went down south. 11:07 AM 

Nina: Well not if we did it from home and I have an office with clear windows to look at my sexy ass man 11:10 AM 

Me: I don’t have a sexy ass 11:14 AM 

Nina: I love your ass 11:16 AM 

Nina: I have stretch marks all over my tummy (from kids) and I still think I am sexy ? 11:16 AM 

Me: ok, but I was just talking about me 11:18 AM 

Nina: I know you was just talking about you but I was just saying about me to say that you need to have more confidence 11:18 AM 

Me: my confidence is just fine and saying I don’t have a sexy ass doesn’t mean I know that I have a fucking hot ass and women love it ???????? 11:19 AM 

Nina: Say that again you lost me 11:21 AM 

Me: lol 11:21 AM 

Me: why “lost you”? 11:21 AM 

Nina: Your sentence didn’t make sense 11:22 AM 

Me: Of course it does. Here we go again (a little rephrasing): My confidence is just fine! Just because I am saying (that I don’t have a sexy ass) doesn’t mean that I ACTUALLY KNOW (that) I have a fucking hot ass. And women love it (my ass) 11:24 AM 

Me: better? 11:25 AM 

Nina: Ohhhh ok 11:25 AM 

Nina: I get it. Much better 11:26 AM 

Nina: Well since I slept with u…I know 11:27 AM 

Nina: So when I say looking at your sexy ass I mean it 11:27 AM 

Nina: I need a body massage 11:28 AM 

Me: ok, when you say you need a body massage it always sounds like you’re calling a fuck body since you’re not asking me directly. 11:30 AM 

Nina: I need a man that says “good-morning babe, wake up! I scheduled you 2 appointments today 1 for a body massage, and the other for the nail salon. Have a wonderful day. See you when I get home. Hope you like the flowers I left you. 11:30 AM 

Me: fuck buddy 11:30 AM 

Me: Yes, that’s romantic 11:30 AM 

Nina: Babe!!! Stop with the fuck buddy phrase ????. You’re too old to say those things ? 11:30 AM 

Me: excuse me? Too old to say those things? You’re not making any friends here playing the age card over and over again. 11:31 AM 

Nina: That is romantic ?. I don’t need you to be my friend… you’re about to be my (old) man ????? 11:32 AM 

Me: keep talking… 11:32 AM 

Nina: The age is fine I assure you?. 11:32 AM 

Me: and you will see this old man’s sexy ass from the back (one last time, lol) 11:32 AM 

Nina: ? 11:33 AM 

Nina: You didn’t say anything about the houses I sent you 11:33 AM 

Me: the 2.5 million dollar one? 11:34 AM 

Nina: I sent you like three 11:34 AM 

Nina: I wasn’t really paying attention to the price I was just trying to see your likes and dislikes 11:34 AM 

Me: yes. Oh, in the first one I definitely didn’t like the tiles in the kitchen, I don’t like stuff like that 11:35 AM 

Me: just saying 11:35 AM 

Nina: Because even if we made 10 million a year that 2.5 wouldn’t fit my taste. We’d build I’m sure from the ground up. 11:35 AM 

Me: so that you get an idea about my taste. I am not super picky but certain things would be hard to compromise on 11:35 AM 

Nina: Right. I understand. I just want a house big enough for you to chase me in… ? 11:36 AM 

Nina: You know for those occasional spankings. 11:36 AM 

Me: You know eventually you will end up tied up and gagged, there is no way out of this, not after all the shit you pulled off, lol 11:42 AM 

Nina: ???? 11:42 AM 

Me: I’ll tease your private parts and you’ll get all wet and you can’t even beg and say please 11:43 AM 

Nina: You gotta catch me first… and since we are talking age…. you know how that goes ? 11:43 AM 

Me: I’ll tease your private parts and you’ll get all wet and you can’t even beg and say please 11:44 AM 

Nina: Actually sounds good!! Too bad though I am in tune with my body and can rock myself into a hard orgasm 11:44 AM 

Me: by the way, you might be surprised how fast I am 11:44 AM 

Nina: In the bed? Or running? ? 11:44 AM 

Me: and my reflexes, omg, I should be in the next Spiderman movie. A coworker knocked over a vase (which was empty but made out of glass) and I wasn’t even looking but somehow caught it. I wish somebody would have filmed that, lol 11:45 AM 

Nina: Lol.. really the next Spider-Man ? 11:46 AM 

Me: well since he died there has to be somebody right? 11:47 AM 

Nina: If S. had a nap time scheduled I would ask you to come be my “fuck buddy”… ??. ?????? 11:48 AM 

Nina: So… you would be the perfect Spider-Man?? 11:49 AM 

Me: somebody would probably say I’m too old, lol 11:49 AM 

Nina: Probably! It would be me… 11:50 AM 

Me: well, since you’ll be tired tonight I guess you have to schedule one of your other fuck buddies 11:50 AM 

Nina: However, you don’t look your age. You only sound old when you say fuck buddies… I DONT have none. Never did! Ewww 11:51 AM 

Nina: Just sometimes I feel like I need to have one because I’ll be picking men apart… Like when I say there isn’t anything a man can do for me that I can’t do for myself 11:51 AM 

Me: Through friendship or a mutual fondness two persons engage in sexual gratification with one another. The aim of fuck-buddies is to receive all the benefits of being in a relationship with another person but not having to deal with any of the downsides of a relationship e.g. commitment, listening to their feelings, caring. 11:52 AM 

Nina: But you… you can make me wet through text message? 11:52 AM 

Me: So cut the crap and stop violating the fuck-buddy-law. No more talking about your problems or personal things. Just plain sex. But then you would miss talking to me, lol. 11:52 AM 

Nina: ??? 11:53 AM 

Me: Have you ever considered that I am in my 30’s but just look older? 11:53 AM 

Nina: Maybe I wouldn’t miss talking to you… because I’m getting sexual gratification… I’d rather have sex than talk anyday… ? so you wanna sign up ? 11:54 AM 

Me: Is that a serious statement? 11:54 AM 

Nina: No. Your language and demeanor give it all away… 11:54 AM 

Me: my language is bad because I am not a native speaker. 11:55 AM 

Nina: No. It wasn’t serious… but I would surely take 5 minutes of your 11:56 AM 

Nina: time if I could… I’d even ride you while you work. So we’re both 11:56 AM 

Nina: getting things accomplished? 11:56 AM 

Me: that sounds very efficient indeed 11:57 AM 

Nina: But… I guess I’ll go unpack these boxes 12:00 PM 

Nina: They are sitting outside garage… in heat. I dont know what’s even in them-at this point 12:00 PM 

Nina: If you wanna come over and sex me too sleep tonight… let me know ?. 12:01 PM 

Nina: No talking either. 12:01 PM 

Nina: My popcorn machine comes tonight ? 12:01 PM 

Me: I would like to see you but you don’t want to talk? For real? So what are we doing with 2 popcorn machines? Hm… 12:03 PM 

Nina: Talk about what? Can I just feel you inside of me…. again! I’ll say HI 12:04 PM 

Me: fine 12:04 PM 

Nina: Well we will have 1 in our room for movies nights… you know you and 12:04 PM 

Nina: I behind the camera ?. And the bratty kids will have their own 12:04 PM 

Me: ok 12:05 PM 

Nina: Lmao. I’m joking. Of course we will speak as we get undressed ?. 12:05 PM 

Nina: See I can compromise ^ 12:06 PM 

Me: I’ll put a safety lock on my pants so it will take you a little longer to take them off and we have more time to talk 12:07 PM 

Nina: Are you kidding me, I have a whole craft room filled with scissors and razors.. I’ll cut your pants off ???. If your gonna be my man… you’re gonna have to understand that the dick belongs to me 24/7 even if your mad beyond your mind at me. If I want it I get it… regardless. You suck up your anger. You get him up and serve me 12:09 PM 

Nina: ? 12:09 PM 

Nina: Are we tracking? 12:09 PM 

Me: what makes you think it’s all about you in the bedroom? What about me? 12:11 PM 

Nina: You’re the one who is always withholding sir, whatever you want from me you’ll get. Except tongue kissing:-) 12:12 PM 

Nina: And the whole world is always about Nina ?? 12:12 PM 

Me: I want to try new things, seriously 12:13 PM 

Nina: New things like? 12:13 PM 

Me: Idk yet 12:14 PM 

Nina: You know… you’re just being shy 12:14 PM 

Me: Shy? Me? No 12:15 PM 

Nina: Yes… you… are…. 12:15 PM 

Nina: I am pretty shy… or maybe reserved. I tried to have sex drunk ONCE because I thought it would loosen me up.. total fail. So I always said to hell with it. 12:19 PM 

Nina: I’ll try anything once. It’s either I like it or don’t 12:19 PM 

Nina: May is masturbation month. Did you know that ? 12:20 PM 

Nina: Have you ever tried anal toys? Penis rings? 12:20 PM 

Me: Lol, no I didn’t know that and no, no anal toys, no penis rings. 12:24 PM 

Nina: Ever tried having anal sex? 12:25 PM 

Me: no, you must like that a lot because you mentioned it before and I remember your (ex) fuck buddy was mentioning it in the text you sent to me 12:26 PM 

Me: maybe I should send you some texts of former fuck buddies of mine, lol 12:26 PM 

Nina: Laugh out loud and he was mentioning it Because we never did it 12:26 PM 

Nina: Lol go ahead… and you’ll see anger like you never have… 12:27 PM 

Me: why didn’t you let him if you like it? 12:28 PM 

Nina: If we go eat and a waitress looks at you for more then two seconds she won’t get a tip ? 12:28 PM 

Me: oh trust me, I had a lot of anger 12:28 PM 

Nina: I’ll flip the damn table ? 12:28 PM 

Me: get used to that, women look at me all the time and my last ex was extremely jealous, ready to get at some woman’s throat only because she was looking at me. 12:30 PM 

Nina: I didn’t let him because he was always begging for it. Come to think about it I don’t think I ever have him head either 12:30 PM 

Me: gave him head? Well, he can join my club, lol 12:30 PM 

Nina: Lol, that’s petty. I wouldn’t do that. I’ll just get back at you by going to Home Depot? 12:30 PM 

Me: I’m sure you like that 12:31 PM 

Nina: But luckily for me you aren’t the jealous type… so I think we’ll be 12:32 PM 

Nina: ok ? 12:32 PM 

Me: ok 12:32 PM 

Nina: Lol. I just didn’t give him head because the one time I tried he almost busted… and it wasn’t even a second… 12:33 PM 

Nina: He’s fast… 12:33 PM 

Nina: If I rock when he’s spooning me he’ll cum ?. I’m that good ? 12:34 PM 

Me: oh my. Do you know that for men it’s often a problem to tell a woman that she is actually not really good at doing this? 12:34 PM 

Nina: Really? Hmmmm… I never dated a guy who withheld what he didn’t like… 12:35 PM 

Me: well that’s good. But I assume the last thing a woman wants to hear when she’s giving a man head is that it’s not good. And you definitely don’t want to tell her at that moment because she might bite. 12:36 PM 

Nina: Usually I’m really selective about oral sex… because men suck at it (being with women before) and I will just stop it and say I don’t like it… I hate when a man tries to perform orally and never really taken the time to learn a women’s body… 12:36 PM 

Nina: Lol… well by all means tell me or it would ruin the relationship 12:37 PM 

Nina: ?? 12:37 PM 

Me: as you wish 12:37 PM 

Nina: Because you’ll always be searching for a woman who gives “better head”… that was one of things that broke me with Jeff… he always wanted to perform oral 12:38 PM 

Nina: but it was gross.. sucked bad… and no matter how hard I taught him it just wasn’t in him… 12:38 PM 

Nina: So…. I will order some sex toys for you… and we will go from there 12:39 PM 

Nina: Don’t be afraid and dont ((ever)) tell me no again ? 12:39 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (pictures of various sex toys) 12:41 PM 

Nina: I’ll be right back I got to bring these boxes in from the back 12:42 PM 

Nina: My balcony is finished. 12:43 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (pictures of a finished balcony) 12:43 PM 

Me: sex toys like what? You don’t even know what I would like to try. 12:43 PM 

Me: Balcony looks very nice 12:43 PM 

Nina: You’re just gonna have to wait and see you don’t even know what you would like to try 12:44 PM 

Nina: So I shall order for you 12:44 PM 

Me: do you have those scents that keep the bugs and mosquitoes away? I’m always the first victim 12:44 PM 

Me: I guess since I am a very mind driven person it also would drive me crazy to be tied up and not able to speak. 12:44 PM 

Me: But I never tried it, I liked it in movies so (even when I was a kid not even thinking about sex) when women tied up the secret agent or something like that, lol 12:45 PM 

Nina: What the citronella candles? I do have them somewhere 12:47 PM 

Me: ok 12:51 PM 

Nina: There’s like 30 of them ? 12:52 PM 

Nina: Ok. I got them inside. Somehow I need to make all these boxes fit inside this craft room 12:53 PM 

Nina: It’s hot outside!! Drink water old man ? 12:53 PM 

Me: will do. No comment on the getting tied up, I see 1:05 PM 

Nina: Do you want me to tie you up? That would be so new for me and I’d probably laugh ?? 1:06 PM 

Nina: I’m so giddy (childish) in a cute way though ? 1:07 PM 

Me: Yeah, you’d probably ruin it, lol 2:37 PM 

No drama, lots of sex talk, talking about houses and moving in together.

Was that the same person who stopped talking to me a few days ago?

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