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Nina – let’s get married

Today’s highlights:

Let’s get married – bipolar behavior? Change of hearts? Or something different?

Nina: Goodmorning.. I’m just waking up 10:03 AM 

Me: Good morning, take your time, lol 10:12 AM 

Nina: Oh I am lol…. I was up earlier for school… and I got so frustrated that I laid back down… 10:12 AM 

Nina: We went to the pool store on Saturday because our water turn green and it seem like everybody up there I was having the same problem so after $50 of chemicals we check it this morning and it’s greener 10:13 AM 

Me: omg, that’s terrible 10:20 AM 

Nina: I know ??? 10:26 AM 

Nina: Friday and Saturday my doors are open to the public and family for all to see the house… so I’m running against time. Lol 10:28 AM 

Me: how green is it? 10:29 AM 

Me: and why do you even have green algaes after such a short time? 10:30 AM 

Nina: Well the guys been testing my waters every week and said everything was good to go. But last week we had a Pollen come thru and blow all that shit in the pools across Texas and I’m paying for it dearly… it’s not that green but enough green… I can move it around with the broom… 10:31 AM 

Nina: And the rain yesterday I’m sure didn’t help with the treatment 10:32 AM 

Me: you don’t have a pool cover? 10:35 AM 

Nina: Yes 10:38 AM 

Nina: But we were told by the company that we don’t cover it in the summer because of the heat and the sun will cause mold and algae 10:38 AM 

Nina: He’s going to send somebody over here 10:39 AM 

Nina: In the meantime about to try this vacuum 10:39 AM 

Me: ok, good luck – and you got the algae so they were right. 10:40 AM 

Nina: Lol, that’s it just good luck ? 10:41 AM 

Me: As long as it can be treated it’s all ok. I’ve seen pools that had been far beyond that and then you have to drain all the water and acid clean it. 11:25 AM 

Nina: Whaaaat ?? 11:28 AM 

Nina: I swear I would rid the pool before I did that 11:28 AM 

Me: well I am sure your pool is not that far gone 11:36 AM 

Nina: I hope not… I mean I have to actually Get in it to get to the middle of the pool but it’s too cold outside 11:40 AM 

Nina: It’s times like these when I wish I had a sexy ass man 11:40 AM 

Me: I’m sure you have someone who would do all that for you 11:41 AM 

Nina: I am actually lonely… very if I must add… and while I do have people for that like my soldiers from the army, 1sgt or even hiring personnel it’s not the same as having my own (sexy) man… 11:43 AM 

Me: You got that right. 11:44 AM 

Nina: I know I got that right lol 11:45 AM 

Me: but also remember that you said that a man can actually not really add anything to your life because you have everything you need. 11:45 AM 

Nina: But that’s the best part… that means I’m content in life so all he really has to do is help take me out of my “comfort zone” to the next level “together” any man I bring into my child’s and I life has to take us up… because that’s the only way I can go… 11:46 AM 

Nina: I’m not gonna be with a man and stay stagnant… if that makes sense 11:46 AM 

Nina: What if I came into your life and nothing actually changed but sex every morning… and neither one of us is excelling… you would say “I could of stayed by myself for this shit”… 11:47 AM 

Me: when I mention “bipolar” (bipolar 2 to be more precise) it often seems you feel attacked. I never said that once to attack you or be disrespectful, but I’ve seen this behavior multiple times before and you going from one extreme to the other is so typical for that. I think your life would be easier if there is a way to contain that. 11:47 AM 

Nina: I am not bipolar babe, I would know as I go see two different counselors monthly and or weekly… I think you just try my levels of patience… 11:49 AM 

Nina: You can see behaviors more than one time and it still doesn’t give you the right to sit there and say that I have something based off of someone else 11:49 AM 

Nina: But it’s all good babes, being that I know those two extreme behaviors… makes it easier for me to “act” the part when you accuse me of having something… 11:50 AM 

Nina: I told you I have an Adjustment disorder (read about it) also OCD… 11:51 AM 

Nina: And anxiety… but my anxiety comes from things being perfect… like the pool, my living conditions, my schoolwork 11:51 AM 

Me: I am sure when you would find the right man your life will be much better one day if you’re open to let it happen (and of course not wondering all the time WHY this person wants to be with you). 11:52 AM 

Nina: And im sure if Being conceited was an actual mental health condition 11:52 AM 

Nina: beside (narcissist) I’d have that too ??? 11:52 AM 

Me: I couldn’t agree more, I thought about that last night (again) 11:54 AM 

Nina: Ohhh the right man has long gone… passed away. I don’t think there will be another guy who could remotely match him… 11:54 AM 

Nina: Thought about what? Last night? 11:54 AM 

Me: Yeah, but I’m sure you were just kidding: “I will make you mines one way or another??. Sleep on that. ?” 11:54 AM 

Me: or do you sometimes text stuff and the next morning you’re like WTF? 11:56 AM 

Nina: Nope never wake up and say WTF… lol. 11:58 AM 

Nina: I said this morning: I should have asked you to come over and let me ride your face… But I didn’t know how to say it without being so blunt… or sounding like a rapist ??? 12:00 PM 

Me: lol 12:02 PM 

Me: not scared of you. There was only one time when I was really scared of a woman 12:02 PM 

Me: and if you’d say stuff like that I automatically would assume you’re kidding 12:03 PM 

Nina: See… you always take me for a joke ?? 12:03 PM 

Me: no, not at all. But I know you said it so often “I was just kidding” or “you know I’m kidding right” that it’s different. But never I’d assume you’re a “joke”. 12:04 PM 

Nina: ??? 12:07 PM 

Me: So can we have a face to face conversation within the next days without the sex topic surfacing again? 🙂 12:14 PM 

Nina: Only if sex is involved ??? 12:21 PM 

Me: Idk about that, lol 12:21 PM 

Nina: are you saying we won’t do it again 12:22 PM 

Me: you know the old saying never say never. I think with words like “always” and “never” you set yourself up for failure 12:25 PM 

Me: now that I think about it – you use those words quite often. 12:25 PM 

Nina: Nothing to think about… the words are interchangeable and never definite… 12:26 PM 

Nina: Steve Jobs said he would never allow sprint to use his products… and well…. 12:27 PM 

Me: lol 12:28 PM 

Me: Bill Gates said there will NEVER be a need for home computers with more than 640 KB (that’s what DOS computers had in the old days) 12:29 PM 

Nina: ?? 12:29 PM 

Nina: Can you imagine having only 640 KB still 12:30 PM 

Nina: If Steve’s newest CEO didn’t allow sprint to have Apple products they would have been knocked out of business years ago.. in which would have been great… 12:31 PM 

Nina: In business we need a less competitive product and more improvement 12:34 PM 

Nina: on flawed products… But “never, always, and forever” are 12:34 PM 

Nina: indefinitely and interchangeable except when writing college papers ? 12:34 PM 

Nina: I have promoted you to be my paper editor…since your denying the opportunity to be my sex partner and my sugar daddy… 12:35 PM 

Me: lol 12:35 PM 

Me: going to the store, ttyl 12:36 PM 

Nina: ?? 12:36 PM 

Me: I just sprayed some weed killer in the driveway and 2 lizards rushed into the garage hiding 2:52 PM 

Nina:come over later sexy… 3:02 PM 

Me: i dont think I’m the right person for the f*ck buddy job 3:08 PM 

Nina: Lol 3:21 PM 

Nina: Why? What can you be babe? Nothing? Everything? 3:21 PM 

Nina: My plumber is here! And the pool is clearing up… kids are home and I’m the least bit frustrated… should be a good week. But I’m broke and have no sugar daddy… Prostitution would so much easier lol 3:29 PM 

Me: you mentioned that before. So just do it. 3:42 PM 

Nina: So if I say something twice I should just do it ?? 3:42 PM 

Me: Na, then we would be married with kids already 3:43 PM 

Nina: Well you play hard to get 3:43 PM 

Me: Not really, you told me 100 times why it wouldn’t work 3:44 PM 

Me: want me to send you some quotes? 3:44 PM 

Me: ???? 3:44 PM 

Nina: No I don’t ? 3:44 PM 

Me: what good is a friendship if the other person frustrates you? You and I are not on the same page babes, nothing in common I guess. On second thought, it’s probably best we don’t talk anymore babe… 3:46 PM 

Me: So uplifting, lol 3:47 PM 

Me: sorry, I was copying and pasting, didnt see your no I don’t 3:47 PM 

Nina: Lol 3:57 PM 

Nina: Fuck it, let’s just go elope and marry and take it from there 3:57 PM 

Me: I know you don’t mean that and know this, I wouldn’t like to live separated from my wife 4:02 PM 

Me: I know you’re always watching you kids but on Saturday a 2 year old drowned in the family pool though the siblings (I guess it was 3 of them, ages 4 to 8) also had been out there 4:07 PM 

Me: the mom was in the shower and the dad briefly went inside to get food 4:08 PM 

Nina: I know it. It’s the second two year too pass… 4:09 PM 

Nina: I seriously cringe now at the damn pool. If something were to happen to any of my kids I’d go crazy… 4:09 PM 

Me: please be really careful 4:09 PM 

Nina: I am extremely careful… remember I’m Mrs… conceited paranoid Roberts 4:10 PM 

Me: that’s right and in this case it’s very good 4:33 PM 

Me: but the whole getting married thing, I’ll take that as a joke, just so you know because tomorrow it might be fuck it Olivet, we should not talk any more, we have nothing in common, there is nothing you could give me that I already have 4:34 PM 

Nina: But that would be a false statement because you could give me a baby 4:35 PM 

Nina: I seriously doubt you would marry me anyways considering I drive you crazy? 4:38 PM 

Me: you’re not driving me crazy 4:41 PM 

Nina: Then stop throwing what I say back in my face ? 4:42 PM 

Me: I was just saying I don’t take that seriously 4:47 PM 

Nina: I am waiting on my 13 year old… and yes we are eating dinner. No electronics at the table… and I can feed you anytime you want… 5:40 PM 

Nina: And you are correct we’ve been talked my since January, by now I should have a key to your place and one of your credit cards… ?? 5:41 PM 

Nina: and be pregnant. But we always can’t get what we want.. 5:41 PM 

Me: you can’t even get pregnant. 5:53 PM 

Nina: I would have the procedure done first 6:26 PM 

Me: ok, so I’ll go with what you just said. I’d like to have a meal at 12.15 tonight 6:34 PM 

Nina: What kind of meal? PB and I with some grapes and a side of nasty ass almond milk ? 7:21 PM 

Me: well, whatever is available, you said feed not cook 7:23 PM 

Nina: Ok I can feed you if you really want it 7:40 PM 

Me: ok then, 12.15 AM 7:45 PM 

Nina: Lol… tonight would be a no go… and I meant feeding you some of me 7:48 PM 

Nina: ??? 7:48 PM 

Me: I wanted to talk about the wedding but no… ????? 8:11 PM 

Me: ok, we’ll talk tomorrow then, have a good night and take good care of yourself ? 8:36 PM 

Nina: Text buddies? Ok. Lol. Nina’s self care is important. Hahaha! 9:13 PM 

Nina: night 9:13 PM 

Me: good night 11:36 PM 

Day by day, word by word. I should make up a website for the hopeless. (as of Nov 22 this website doesn’t exist, it’s just a joke)

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