I will use you for sex

Nina – I will use you tonight

So far the day had been good…

… but it was not over yet!

Me: did you get your boxes done? 2:38 PM 

Nina: Yes I got them all inside. I sent you a pic but I guess you didn’t get it 2:48 PM 

Me: yes I saw the picture that they’re inside, I thought you’d “process” them, lol. And yes, you’re not really the “type” for this type of play 2:49 PM 

Nina: What is a type babe? 2:51 PM 

Nina: Well I guess you better find someone of the type… maybe your last date… the one who was really aggressive ? 2:51 PM 

Me: lol, no, it’s not about such things 2:52 PM 

Me: but if you’d be laughing how can I take you seriously if we’d do role play like that 2:52 PM 

Nina: Good, because I don’t take you as the “type” that could really just straight “fuck me” 2:53 PM 

Me: lol 2:54 PM 

Nina: Because you know you gotta be all lovey dovey (booooooring) 2:54 PM 

Me: oh you find that boring? 2:54 PM 

Nina: Yeah I don’t think I could role play…. at all. Boring? Love making? 2:55 PM 

Nina: Ummm yes! I don’t know… what is Love making ??? 2:55 PM 

Nina: I’m wondering if I ever really “made love before”… 2:55 PM 

Nina: I never even wore lingerie for a guy…. smh 2:55 PM 

Me: too bad, I love lingerie 2:57 PM 

Nina: Do you? 2:57 PM 

Nina: I have tons of photos with me in lingerie when I was modeling but never wore it for a man… I didn’t say I wouldn’t… just guys I dated weren’t into that kind of thing… 2:59 PM 

Me: oh, I am… and other outfits 🙂 3:03 PM 

Nina: Ugh, figures… lol definitely picked the wrong lady ??? 3:10 PM 

Me: yeah I guess, lol 3:13 PM 

Nina: Lol… can’t help who you love though huh? Back back no trade backs. 3:14 PM 

Nina: You’re stuck with me now ??? 3:14 PM 

Me: until you cuss me out… again… 3:21 PM 

Nina: First off babe, I never cursed you out. Second off I can curse you out a million times and you’d still be in love ? 3:30 PM 

Nina: You may be very far from a pushover, but you like a dominating women… in and out the bedroom… 3:31 PM 

Me: you are so NOT dominating 3:31 PM 

Nina: ??? 3:32 PM 

Nina: True again 3:32 PM 

Me: glad we clarified that, lol 3:33 PM 

Nina: ??? 3:33 PM 

Nina: Ima look up what that means 3:33 PM 

Me: what what means 3:33 PM 

Nina: To be dominant in the bedroom 3:34 PM 

Me: yeah but I don’t think that’s something you can learn. 3:35 PM 

Nina: But how would you know if I’m not dominant in the bedroom… 3:39 PM 

Nina: You don’t know what I’m capable of doing ? 3:39 PM 

Nina: Have you ever asked yourself what is it about Nina that “keeps men wanting her when she leave them?” 3:39 PM 

Me: If I recall it correctly you came back, twice. And I know, it was the “good conversations” 3:45 PM 

Nina: Oh yes…. the good conversations of what ifs… or maybe I want to see if you can live up to these fairy tales you’re serving me ??? 3:46 PM 

Nina: But I think it’s the “D” and your nerdy conversations ? 3:47 PM 

Me: what fairy tales? 3:48 PM 

Nina: Whatever we talk about… sex, being tied up, traveling, having a baby, spankings etc 3:49 PM 

Me: and we’ll yet have to find out if you really want to see me tonight or if you just pretend so that I keep talking to you ??? 3:49 PM 

Me: those are no fairy tales 3:50 PM 

Nina: ? 3:50 PM 

Me: do you have scarfs? 3:50 PM 

Nina: Well then how come we’re not on a trip to Africa right now 3:51 PM 

Nina: Why Are we not at the clinic 3:51 PM 

Nina: Yes I do 3:56 PM 

Me: a trip needs some planning, I took off 2 weeks in August since then my lease is over and I’m moving out. So I planned that long before I met you. Then a trip would take a few preparations probably also on your end (kids) 4:01 PM 

Nina: Nobody plans anymore people just go why can’t we just go 4:02 PM 

Me: Ok, so do you have a passport? You have somebody to watch the kids? What’s the exact destination airport? 4:04 PM 

Nina: I do, I do and I don’t know where you wanna go… 4:05 PM 

Nina: I get it… whatever. 4:05 PM 

Nina: Lol 4:05 PM 

Nina: Just tell your job your tummy hurts and you need to go home ? 4:06 PM 

Me: I never had a sick day in my life 4:11 PM 

Me: As a kid I was hit by a school bus while being on my bike. Eye witnesses said I was flying through the air like a rag doll but I only had a few bruises and a minor concussion. 4:17 PM 

Me: I see you got your kids 4:26 PM 

Nina: Why you say that? You spying on me? 4:26 PM 

Me: lol. The correct answer would have been “Thanks stalker for checking on me” but in reality I just looked at the clock and figured you should have gathered them by now. 4:28 PM 

Nina: They get home at 3:15 every day 4:29 PM 

Me: oh, ok. 4:31 PM 

Nina: That could be your job, retrieving them while I lay around and watch tv ?? 4:32 PM 

Me: here you go, lol 4:32 PM 

Nina: Is that you? 4:32 PM 

Nina: You have hair ? 4:32 PM 

Me: yes 4:33 PM 

Me: guess you’re shocked now, I guess I will go to the dead zone then 4:39 PM 

Nina: I wanna see a pic of you with hair 4:40 PM 

Nina: A face pic 4:40 PM 

Me: At the set of a movie while it was freezing outside 4:43 PM 

Nina: That’s you… sexy ass 4:44 PM 

Me: you didn’t say what kind of hair, lol 4:44 PM 

Me: I guess I’ll tty then 4:51 PM 

Nina: What do you mean? 4:51 PM 

Nina: I said is that you? Sexy ass 4:52 PM 

Me: I answered, you didn’t say what kind of hair, lol 4:52 PM 

Nina: What do you mean what kind of hair 4:52 PM 

Nina: Is it your hair? 4:53 PM 

Me: yes, I said it becsuse it’s a lot of facial hair 4:59 PM 

Nina: Still sexy 5:02 PM 

Me: lol, thx. So we’re you serious about us seeing each other tonight or were you kidding? 5:07 PM 

Nina: I can’t make any promises as usual. ? 5:08 PM 

Me: no will, no way 5:11 PM 

Me: where did you go? 6:05 PM 

Me: ? 7:53 PM 

Nina: I’m here. Trying to get things situated. My kids are going crazy tonight. ? 10:03 PM 

Nina: I was trying to take my son to the store. So naturally my daughter is jealous so as we are leaving… she allows my two year old to run outside after me down the damn driveway… I’m trying to keep S. in her room because it’s that time and Y. keeps letting her out and bringing her downstairs… I’m frustrated at this point ? I need sex, so yes, I will see you and use you. 10:04 PM

Me: Yeah, right, lol. G2g into the dead zone. 10:07 PM

Nina: I hate it when you leave like that. 10:08 PM

Nina: I will make you suffer. 11:32 PM

Me: I’m back. Sorry, it was very busy and my boss was snooping around everywhere. 12:02 AM

Nina: I will wear you out tonight, you will be too tired to leave my bed, I swear. 12:17 AM

Me: Yeah, right, dogs that bark don’t bite. I’m off. 12:34 AM

Nina: Move your ass over here and be ready. 12:35 AM

Me: I’m here, open. 12:51 AM

 Here we go again. I was happy to see her again and talk face to face but she was not in the mood to talk at all.

That indeed was been a long night and I noticed that she actually could be extremely bossy.

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