Nina – I will make you mine

2 days passed without me hearing from Nina but – of course, as always – one morning…

I almost had forgotten that I assigned a specific notification sound to her contact so I knew it was her!

Nina: Good morning 7:30 AM

Me: Good morning 8:45 AM

Nina: How are you? Did you miss me? 8:46 AM

Me: I’m ok and you? 8:50 AM

Nina: I’m great and I know you can’t stop thinking about me hence the reason I’m texting you now. 9:10 AM

Me: Lol, yeah, right. I’m about to drive to town, I need some parts for my computer. Ttyl 9:45 AM

Nina: I didn’t get enough attention from you before ?… tread lightly babe ? 10:22 AM 

Nina: Where are you? 11:15 AM

Nina: Talk to me. 1:23 PM

Nina: Seriously? Ghosting me? 4:13 PM

Me: Nina, I didn’t have much time today, no need to make this a big thing. For once examine your own behavior and step down from the throne 11:25 PM 

Nina: ???? It’s not about attention. That’s you making it up in your head 11:25 PM 

(Umm, seriously? She said “I didn’t get enough attention from you before ?… tread lightly babe ? @10:22 AM”)

Nina: If I wanted “attention” I would have “text” you… the phone does work both ways… ya know 11:26 PM 

Nina: …. goodnight… I need my beauty rest ??. 11:29 PM 

Me: Good night 11:47 PM 

Nina: Goodmorning 11:08 AM 

Me: Good morning. How are you? 11:12 AM 

Nina: I’m well… you? 11:13 AM 

Me: No complaints ? 11:15 AM 

Nina: Great! 11:18 AM 

Nina: I woke to his family texting n blowing up my phone this morning… jojo birthday 11:24 AM 

Nina: Smh. 11:24 AM 

Nina: Then noticed water leaking in my office from the rain… My son just got a whopping and today is his birthday… lol… Everyone is mad that there is no food in this house… but when I try to go grocery shopping either they wanna act up and fight me and she throws a temper tantrum and refuses to watch the 2 year old.. and will allow her to walk out the house.. But I like you have no complaints.. 12:08 PM 

Me: Oh my, and you can’t send your son to buy groceries? 2:43 PM 

Me: You’re probably busy today with his birthday right? 2:59 PM 

Me: what y’all doing? 7:28 PM 

Nina: Dear Diary, Goodnight ? 10:18 PM 

Me: really? lol 10:22 PM 

Nina: Lol 10:23 PM 

Me: So how was it, where did y’all go? 10:23 PM 

Nina: Yes I’m going to bed ?. I figured dear diary would be suitable since I speak and you don’t speak back?. It works great. Cuts the arguments down 10:24 PM 

Nina: Texas Roadhouse 10:26 PM 

Nina: It’s his legal birthday but we didn’t do anything special he will get all that next Saturday… he was pretty upset about it ? 10:26 PM 

Me: Texas Roadhouse is nice, I don’t like the one in town though, the one in T. is better 10:32 PM 

Nina: He wanted gifts and stuff 10:33 PM 

Nina: Wyd anyways? Skiiing today? Somewhere in another country ? 10:34 PM 

Me: lol, no 10:35 PM 

Me: Today I did stuff in the house (chores) and then played games, 3 days off in a row is just amazing 10:36 PM 

Nina: I bet.. 10:37 PM 

Nina: We should totally end your day with sex ? 10:37 PM 

Me: Yeah, I don’t think words can describe how exhausting this job is sometimes 10:38 PM 

Me: that’s regarding my job, not your last text, lol 10:38 PM 

Nina: Of course 10:39 PM 

Me: ?????? 10:40 PM 

Nina: I’m debating on being hungry and fighting these meds or …. f*ck it . Or give you some pills to put you in a more willing mood and then f*ck you. 11:03 PM 

Nina: Those pills usually knock me out… I’ve been fighting them for 2 hours… if I smoke… I’m done… 11:07 PM 

Nina: I took them because I felt a migraine coming on.. due to the weather then it started going away in the bath… so I wanted to stay up and eat but they were already taking over… lol, but I am still horny so how about you come over? 11:08 PM 

Nina: I always like to have sex when I’m asleep. All I ask is to be cleaned up afterwards… 11:16 PM 

Nina: ? 11:16 PM 

Me: seems to happen quite often then huh? 11:17 PM 

Nina: I mean not really… lol but in general I have always had it sleep… 11:17 PM 

Me: I see 11:19 PM 

Me: I guess you wouldn’t even make it to the door 11:24 PM 

Nina: What do you mean? 11:25 PM 

Me: well I live 12 minutes away and you probably can’t keep your eyes open 11:26 PM 

Me: and pass out on the way to the door 11:27 PM 

Nina: Lolzzz so you do wanna have sex ? ? I know you do, you can’t wait, admit it 11:29 PM 

Nina: What happened to being no ones sex buddy ? 11:29 PM 

Me: I don’t want to have sex Nina and you know me well enough, you just said it 11:31 PM 

Me: and since you know it I assume you were just kidding 11:31 PM 

Nina: Kidding about sex? Absolutely not 11:32 PM 

Nina: Lol. You don’t want sex? ? Liar, come here and I will break you within seconds, you’ll be helpless like a little baby 11:32 PM 

Me: I guess those pills are confusing you ? 11:33 PM 

Nina: Maybe I’m confused. 11:34 PM 

Nina: Why can’t you just say I would love to f*ck you, Nina…lol. (I wonder what you sound like saying that) 11:35 PM 

Me: you said it, I’m nobody’s fuck buddy 11:36 PM 

Nina: But you could be mines ? 11:39 PM 

Nina: R u masturbating?? 11:42 PM 

Nina: ??? 11:43 PM 

Me: Nope 11:44 PM 

Nina: Ok, so f*ck buddy is out the window… ?. Sugar daddy?? 11:45 PM 

Me: no f*ck buddy and sugar daddy is more for poor young girls 11:46 PM 

Nina: Ohhhh well I got the young and poor down 11:47 PM 

Me: lol 11:48 PM 

Nina: I thought a sugar daddy was someone who will give me all the ATTENTION in the world (you know, that you say I need) and all I would have to do is send him naughty pics of me.. I get free travel, food, purses etc…. ? 11:50 PM 

Me: imagine having 6 kids and really being poor 11:50 PM 

Nina: What if “f*ck buddies” turned into actual love? ? 11:50 PM 

Me: well, I’m sure you’ll finda sugar daddy but it’s not me 11:50 PM 

Nina: Or if a sugar daddy actually marries… like Trump and Melania ? 11:51 PM 

Me: and end up like them? heck no 11:51 PM 

Nina: I’d much rather a fuck Buddy. 11:51 PM 

Nina: So I won’t have to sit in movies all sexy to watch Deadpool 2 ? 11:52 PM 

Me: you already have one, you told me, he’s there for everything you need 11:52 PM 

Nina: I tell you a lot of things … dear diary 11:52 PM 

Nina: You’re so hard to manage ? but you know in person you wouldn’t last a minute, you’d be willing in my bed waiting to get it 11:55 PM 

Nina: I want to get laid… come on ? 11:59 PM 

Me: lol, right. Get some sleep, we’ll talk in the AM 12:00 AM 

Nina: I will make you mines one way or another??. Sleep on that. ? 12:03 AM 

Me: hahahaha 12:04 AM 

Nina: You know I’m right, think about it and call me when you’re ready. I am off to bed… 12:11 AM 

Me: good night 12:11 AM 

Nina: Goodnight 12:12 AM 

Who expected a conversation like that? Definitely not me.

Maybe I should have just driven over and…

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