I will fuck by the pool and send you a video of it

Nina – I will f*ck him by the pool and send you the video

Me: Good morning 8:14 AM 

Nina: Good morning 8:15 AM 

Me: could you not sleep or why were you up at 3:29? 8:15 AM 

Nina: I went to sleep so early so I just woke up for like an 1.5 hours 8:16 AM 

Nina: That had to been the worst migraine this year so far. 8:16 AM 

Nina: So shocking the pool did absolutely nothing. So now I’m thinking something is wrong with the filtering system… at this point I’m over this pool… 8:18 AM 

Nina: Ima go backwash and rinse the sand filter here in a minute… 8:18 AM 

Nina: But first coffee and a cigarette ? 8:19 AM 

Me: ok 8:48 AM 

Nina: So what’s your plans for today 9:00 AM 

Me: nothing really (besides work). 9:16 AM 

Me: and you? 9:26 AM 

Nina: Cooking all day because my nine-year-old loves to eat and hamburgers and hotdogs not cutting it 9:32 AM 

Me: So is your stalker also coming? you can sneak in some sex ?????? 9:38 AM 

Nina: ? 9:39 AM 

Me: what 9:39 AM 

Nina: Why would you say that 9:40 AM 

Nina: ? 9:40 AM 

Nina: Is that what you want 9:40 AM 

Nina: He’s actually having a temper tantrum because he wants to be over here today stay the night to help me so I’m not stressed tomorrow but I’m not in the mood to deal with his kids 9:42 AM 

Me: oh is it only because of his kids? lol 9:43 AM 

Nina: But yes babes he will be here tomorrow which I’m kind of nerve racked Because he will be around my friends from 10 years some of them are guys so I think he’s going to feel threatened and try to own me Or be all touchy-feely 9:44 AM 

Nina: usually when he’s over here he doesn’t bother me he just hangs out with the kids and help me if I need help it’s when it’s time for bed that it becomes an issue ? 9:46 AM 

Me: smh 9:46 AM 

Me: I’ve seen women doing what you’re doing, I hope you’ll end up being with him or he’ll go crazy one day of you dont or want to be with somebody else 9:47 AM 

Nina: So tell me what I’m doing today dad 9:48 AM 

Nina: I wish that I would be with him… ok. Easy 9:48 AM 

Me: maybe you should give it a serious try 9:50 AM 

Me: I’m not trying to be funny 9:50 AM 

Nina: So you’re being serious? Now you’re a relationship whisperer? 10:00 AM 

Nina: So listen. And this will be the last time we discuss him. Sex is amazing. But oral sex to him is impossible. The longest was 37 sec. I counted. He can’t keep the shit out my hair. I don’t like one of his children. She’s spoiled. Further into our “relationship” I learned (writing his resume) never went past 10th grade. Allows his 17 year old to smoke weed. Daughter has a cell phone (11) but has to go to summer school and somehow pisses the bed still and he won’t correct in the house, get out the fridge. No drinks after 7… etc. 10:04 AM 

Nina: iI’m way to strict to my children to compromise on his. I’d be taking a step backwards. He hates when I discipline his children (verbally) like stop running because he wants to show everyone he has something …. 10:05 AM 

Nina: But yet you know we should give each-other a serious chance… by the way… when we drive to the store he wants to drive in the camaro with the windows down 10:05 AM 

Nina: Yeah.. him and I would make a perfect couple… ? 10:05 AM 

Nina: I need balance in my life. My ultimate goal is to end up with more then I got. Not stay at a standstill. My stalker is a great guy. A good parent but he needs someone to babysit him and hold his hand boost his ego and drive him… I can’t. And drive his kids… I can’t. 10:07 AM 

Nina: I don’t hold him to his past… but at some point in our lives we got to try harder… and do better. If he’s comfortable where he is at… then it won’t work for us. He wants bigger and better (my lifestyle) but doesn’t want to put in work to get there 10:08 AM 

Nina: I want and need a man to take me to the next level. There is so much more I want in life to do. Again, he is a great person, family driven (without proper discipline) but I need/want/ deserve so much more. 10:09 AM 

Nina: So I’ll let your phone catch up and you can either rebuttal and I’ll fuck him tonight or you can accept all I said and understand my reasoning for why him and I won’t work. I don’t want to date another guy I have to mother. I did that shit with my ex… look where I got ? 10:10 AM 

Me: Ok, I read what you said and I won’t mention him anymore. 10:13 AM 

Nina: I need a man and deserve a man like you, established, not a push over, takes things into his hands, a problem solver, an achiever, 10:13 AM 

Nina: knows what he wants and don’t wants (sex with me ?) but has a great heart and is family oriented… is bossy and assumes shit… but I need you without secrets. 10:13 AM 

Me: I don’t understand the 37 seconds thing 10:14 AM 

Nina: That would explain how great my head game is ??? 10:15 AM 

Me: seriously, explain 10:19 AM 

Nina: I did 10:19 AM 

Nina: Let me guess you want details 10:19 AM 

Me: only about the time and what you said about your hair 10:24 AM 

Me: right, time to leave without a word 10:46 AM 

Nina: Hold on I’m filling eggs 10:46 AM 

Nina: There really isn’t much to explain he didn’t last no matter what I try to do he bust quick 10:46 AM 

Nina: Literally every single time 10:47 AM 

Me: oh, I thought you were talking about him giving you oral 10:49 AM 

Me: which made me wonder about the 37 seconds like his tongue got tired, lol 10:49 AM 

Nina: You know I’m not that easy 10:49 AM 

Nina: But he was the first guy.. to make me orgasm from oral ? 10:50 AM 

Me: we all have a past 10:52 AM 

Me: well, your past is also your present, lol 10:52 AM 

Nina: Lol 10:52 AM 

Nina: So NOT funny 10:52 AM 

Me: facts, dear, just facts 10:53 AM 

Me: How do you know that he doesn’t go to other women? 11:12 AM 

Me: You think you know people but are you that sure? That’s what makes ME very uncomfortable since Idk what he’s doing and you had sex with him. 11:13 AM 

Nina: I don’t know… but you have to trust plus when he found out about you… I had to go to the clinic with him. ?. He was pissed. Plus when you’re not in a relationship with someone there is no commitments or title so he would have no reason to lie to me 11:17 AM 

Nina: That and you’re assuming we are fucking without protection. Lol 11:18 AM 

Me: You like to keep rubbing it under my nose that you and I are not in a committed relationship and yesterday you said you will have sex with whomever you want 11:28 AM 

Nina: I am not rubbing anything in babes! 11:28 AM 

Me: ok, let me rephrase it: You mentioned it a lot (especially yesterday) but in general 11:29 AM 

Nina: I only mention it because that’s where I am at in my life… 11:30 AM 

Me: Let’s drop that topic, you should do what you need to do for the party tomorrow and I know you’ll make sure that your son will have an awesome party 11:30 AM 

Nina: No we aren’t gonna drop anything because you wanna be a spoiled brat… and hear what you wanna hear ? 11:30 AM 

Me: And whatever you do with him is your business. He’ll be there, I won’t 11:31 AM 

Nina: He’ll be where? 11:31 AM 

Me: at the party 11:31 AM 

Nina: Oh shut the hell up… your working my nerves.. lol. Stop being a baby 11:31 AM 

Nina: You can log into my cameras if that what it takes 11:31 AM 

Nina: ??? 11:31 AM 

Me: I’m not a baby and I’d like to see how it would be if it would be the other way around, lol. I said let’s drop the topic, I know you have preparations to do and I honestly don’t want to work your nerves. 11:32 AM 

Nina: It’s already gonna be unnecessary drama and tension in the air when my homeboys show up that I served in the army with… 11:32 AM 

Me: I’m sure it all will be ok. 11:33 AM 

Nina: You already worked my nerves, baby. Cry baby ?. You should probably fuck me before work so I’m filled up ??? 11:33 AM 

Nina: If it were the other way around… it wouldn’t go down like that… I can assure you that….. ? 11:34 AM 

Nina: I’m sure you wouldn’t want a war with Nina ? 11:34 AM 

Me: you were talking about hitting bitches who’d look at me at Walmart 11:34 AM 

Nina: So imagine what I would do to your fuck buddy ? 11:35 AM 

Me: I’m just imagining what she would do to you, oh oh, lol 11:36 AM 

Nina: Ok, good. Then There’s nothing left to talk about because I really wouldn’t do anything but do me 11:39 AM 

Nina: I’m far to conceited to be a jealous type of person. When men flock to you… it makes it that much harder. 11:39 AM 

Me: lol, ok Nina. I’ll stop “flocking” to you (if that’s what I’m doing). So what’s the plan for tomorrow anyways? Pool party? BBQ? Do you have entertainment rented like a games truck? Bouncy houses? 11:42 AM 

Nina: You’re not flocking and you’re just playing hard to get 11:42 AM 

Nina: Yes we will have a pool party bounce house is no game truck it’s not Wednesday 11:43 AM 

Me: oh, ok. And no, I never played “hard to get”, not with you, not with anybody in the past. 11:43 AM 

Me: so wyd now? 12:06 PM 

Nina: Wondering why you haven’t invited me to over for some hot sex… 12:10 PM 

Me: I thought you said you are busy doing preparations for tomorrow??? 12:10 PM 

Me: I guess you are busy 12:13 PM 

Nina: I am… 12:13 PM 

Nina: Doing prep for tomorrow 12:13 PM 

Nina: But who can’t possibly make time for sex ? 12:13 PM 

Me: Solo is out – I’m checking the movie times right now 12:15 PM 

Me: I actually do have movie buddies, lol 12:15 PM 

Me: since you’re busy 12:15 PM 

Me: or only can make time for sex 12:15 PM 

Nina: What is so wrong 12:17 PM 

Nina: Who is solo 12:17 PM 

Me: Solo – a movie. 12:17 PM 

Me: Han Solo 12:17 PM 

Nina: Movie buddies as in females 12:18 PM 

Me: About his life before the events in SW IV 12:18 PM 

Me: both, yes 12:18 PM 

Me: so you’re not leaving the house? 12:24 PM 

Nina: Yes about to leave my going to get him an iMac computer 12:25 PM 

Nina: Who needs Nina you got movie buddies 12:25 PM 

Me: who needs me for sex, you have a fuck buddy. Seriously? Now who is the baby? 12:30 PM 

Me: who is selling iMac’s in this area? Except for the PX who only has the I5 processors? 12:31 PM 

Nina: He’s 9 babes that will work for him. Lol 12:32 PM 

Me: Ok. Selective reading? 12:33 PM 

Nina: You like when I’m a baby… 12:35 PM 

Nina: But your statement is valid. I don’t need you for sex…. and again for the millionth time I don’t have a fuck buddy… if you keep pushing me I will fuck him by the pool and send you the video… that 12:37 PM 

Nina: would be your future wife you’re watching… you know? 12:37 PM 

Me: I doubt everything in that last statement, lol. I’ll tty later then 12:38 PM 

Nina: Why do you have to? 12:39 PM 

Me: I’m sorry, no, of course you “don’t have to”. Nasty comment though…. 2:43 PM 

Nina: That was so two hours ago and I wasn’t asking if I have to. I was 2:46 PM 

Nina: asking if you have too talk to later… but seeing and recognizing now 2:46 PM 

Nina: that I am just someone you “talk too” to pass time i will talk to you 2:46 PM 

Nina: later when I’m bored or wanna blow time …. TTYL babes ? 2:46 PM 

“I will fuck him by the pool and send you the video”

Here we go with the attitude again. Just rereading this makes me shake my head.

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