Nina – I know you will always come back

I was just sitting here the next day with no intention to text her…

I guess I meant to say “… with no intention to text her FIRST….”

Nina: Good morning. After yesterday I think it doesn’t matter at this point anymore… let’s just drop this conversation. Let’s drop sex talk period… it’s not who or what I am about… 11:51 AM 

Me: Ok, a good morning as well. 11:59 AM

Nina: Our conversations are becoming daunting. It appears we don’t seem to be eye to eye on anything… or it ends up with one or the other being frustrated. I’m not sure what you expected from girls in this state… 12:14 PM 

Me: Oh, the girls in this state are special? 12:14 PM

Nina: this ain’t my area of expertise… I’m from Jersey. But I wish you much success in the “dating world” and in the BDSM world (LMFAO)… if that’s what you like… I will still have conversations with you if you want… to pass time until the right one comes along… but everything else from me is a no go at this point… unless I want you in my bed, then I’ll let you know 12:14 PM 

Nina: you’re not the same person I thought I knew.. and that is a major turn  off for me ? 12:14 PM 

Me: No the same? 12:15 PM

Nina: I really seriously beyond a doubt like you a lot!!! But I guess I’m still not over that I feel sorry for you ((joke)) because it eats me up every time we speak 12:16 PM 

Nina: (on a dating level) if you wanna be friends and feel sorry for me (jokingly) that’s cool… But your motives are still questionable.. 12:16 PM 

Nina: I have a homegirl who’s into the shit black women are into if you want I can hook y’all up ? show you a thing or two… But I’m not looking for a man who wants to perform BDSM acts… or even discuss this shit… I’m looking for my forever, a family man, a caring man… 12:18 PM 

Me: Excuse me but you brought it up on the phone that you will tie me up if necessary 12:18 PM

Nina: I was just kidding. All that other shit I can do with “fuck buddies” I’m off the phone for the rest of the day until I get the kids… I’m reflecting 12:18 PM 

Me: Yeah, I guess I’m not the right person for you, never been. 2:51 PM

Nina: You were never the right person? Is that how you feel? So why so weak around me? At this point I know I can have you in my bed whenever I want and I can be mean the next day but you will always come back 2:52 PM 

Nina: I don’t care what I’ve said to you in the past or even today… 2:53 PM 

Nina: I don’t want no man feeling sorry for me ever, not in a joke, text message behind my back or to my face. You want BDSM get back on POF and put that in your headline. AT LEAST MY FRIENDS… because that is all we talk about… 2:55 PM 

Me: You’re confusing now 3:17 PM 

Nina: People will always have something to say … much like you do… and 4:24 PM 

Nina: You’ll always be confused in my presence ???? 5:14 PM 

Nina: I process information with a shrug of the shoulder and say oh well and commence with my day. No one pays my bills, buys my clothes or needs 6:23 PM 

Nina: so whatever attention they wish to dish out is nothing to me… but a waste of their time ?. I am about to go get my nails and feet done and be up in someone’s club drunk as hell tonight ? 7:07 PM 

Me: Ok, have fun. 7:31 PM 

Me: And I guess I shouldn’t talk to you later? Probably the liquor talking,lol 7:35 PM 

Nina: The liquor talking when? Tonight? 7:36 PM 

Me: Yeah 7:36 PM 

Nina: If you choose to talk or not talk that’s your call… ? 7:36 PM 

Nina: I can’t make you and certainly won’t force you? 7:36 PM 

Me: I know you can’t and won’t, we’ll see 7:36 PM 

Nina: We’ll see what? 7:37 PM 

Me: If we’ll talk or not 7:39 PM 

Me: How does it feel to be drunk as hell? 7:39 PM 

Nina: I dont know how it feels. Never really got there… 7:39 PM 

Nina: We more then likely won’t talk if I’m being honest… 7:40 PM 

Me: Ok, no problem 7:41 PM 

Me: Well if you want to you can text or I’ll just enjoy my day off 7:43 PM 

Nina: ???. So if I don’t text you’ll enjoy your day off ???. That’s funny! 7:44 PM 

Nina: Enjoy the rest of your day ?. Have an awesome day off 7:45 PM 

Me: Have fun at the club. 8:37 PM

What a waste of time this conversation.

Well, it was only 13 texts that I sent, not too bad.

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