Gangster at heart

Nina – Gangster, Sonic and sexy pictures

Nina: Good morning 8:36 AM 

Me: Good morning 9:36 AM 

Me: You said so beautiful and then you disappeared 🙁 9:52 AM 

Nina: BecAuse you said goodnight to me … 9:53 AM 

Nina: MMS Received (picture of Nina in lingerie with new hair) 9:54 AM 

Nina: Something to think about, you won’t get this out of your head babe, I’m telling you so whenever I want you I know you’ll be ready. ????9:55 AM 

Me: Yeah sure 9:55 AM 

Nina: Your suppose to say you look beautiful 9:58 AM 

Me: No filters or digital BS, I just look so fresh, young and damn sexy! 10:02 AM 

Me: I know I am way too old for you 🙂 10:02 AM 

Nina: Lol… no you don’t and no your not 10:09 AM 

Me: and you’ve never considered that I might be in my 60’s already but just had a good plastic surgeon? 10:09 AM 

Me: And I could tell you some things that happened to me during World War II, they would make your jaw drop (lol, lol) 10:10 AM 

Nina: Lol… You never considered that I could’ve been a man 10:12 AM 

Nina: My boobs are actually fake 10:12 AM 

Me: yeah that I figured the moment I touched them 10:13 AM 

Me: ?????? 10:14 AM 

Nina: Seriously? ??? 10:14 AM 

Me: ?????? 10:14 AM 

Nina: I seriously don’t date guys my age. my ex was 43, my finance before him is now 49. I just don’t click with guys my age unless their right. 10:16 AM 

Nina: My friends tell me though that I always meet guys who are like soft and will give me the world and do anything I ask of them… I just think their jealous because the men that flock to me know who and want they want… 10:21 AM 

Nina: I never met a guy who just wanted to have sex… never had a one night stand or anything of the sort. I often wonders what that feels like? 10:22 AM 

Nina: I do like to keep my options open when it comes to my stalker though, because him and I are not cut from the same cloth… 10:23 AM 

Nina: I know he is not my forever. He’s to aggressive, mean and pitties himself. 10:23 AM 

Nina: Any man with low self esteems and says you’re too good to be with me, you’re way out of my league etc… is a turn off. I need a man who compliments my style and I in turn does the same. 10:24 AM 

Me: I think you are out of my league 10:25 AM 

Nina: No you don’t 10:25 AM 

Nina: ? 10:25 AM 

Me: Let me finish 10:25 AM 

Me: You are out of my league but I will make an exception for you. I know no woman can ever be enough for me but I will try 10:26 AM 

Nina: ? We are different I am a gangster at heart. I was born and raised in the ghetto/projects. I have tons of street knowledge and book smarts… I could protect you before you could protect me?? 10:29 AM 

Nina: joking Although I don’t see us driving to San Antonio for a weekend of love making and baby making listening to Tupac or biggie… or could you ? 10:30 AM 

Me: San Antonio is very nice, lots of things to do, I’m pretty sure we would enjoy ourselves 10:31 AM 

Nina: I want a castle… make that happen ? 10:33 AM 

Nina: And then we can start the baby making 10:34 AM 

Me: You can’t even have kids without the surgery – so I guess I better save the ammo (lol) 10:34 AM 

Nina: Lol… 10:34 AM 

Nina: It’s very possible I could do the surgery today and be on my way to babymaking 10:34 AM 

Nina: I wonder if they make maternity suit’s 10:35 AM 

Me: you said it will take… how long? After the surgery 10:35 AM 

Nina: It could happen fast or up to a year 10:36 AM 

Me: see, tomorrow or 12 months is quite a difference 🙂 10:37 AM 

Nina: I wouldn’t wait a year… but considering how easy it was for me to get pregnant with one ovary I think my success rate will be high or we would just do a 10:37 AM 

Nina: partial invitro… which would be Another $3500 give or take 10:37 AM 

Nina: Right 10:37 AM 

Nina: But before 40 is always great. 10:37 AM 

Nina: I HATE that I ever done the procedure sometimes. 10:37 AM 

Me: well, I’ll leave that up to you since you might change your mind tomorrow. Of course a pregnancy has a bigger impact on a woman, men just get hysterical, over protective or pass out 10:38 AM 

Nina: Lol 10:38 AM 

Nina: I wanna hear how this all plays out from your perspective. How do you envision all of this 10:42 AM 

Nina: I am a mom of six kids with a four bedroom house there is an office there is a craft room..So you move in with your furniture and we create a baby and we are 10:43 AM 

Nina: each other’s forever after how does all this work 10:43 AM 

Nina: Do you want to work from home so where do you get privacy… The baby will be fine with us for the first year but then where would they go and what if you loved 10:43 AM 

Nina: having the baby so much that you want another baby where will that baby girl go 10:43 AM 

Nina: Add to the fact that your from another country… so I’m sure you’d want to take baby home to see family and friends. Do we all go? How does that work? And I am in school. Kids are in school. So do we plan a baby around schedules or let it all fall into place? 10:45 AM 

Nina: I told you I’m a planner and things is suppose to make sense for me 10:45 AM 

Nina: Sex during work is ALWAYS an option 10:45 AM 

Nina: If I can’t get it on your time… you can’t get it on my time and my time is always limited 10:46 AM 

Me: Lol @If I can’t get it on your time… you can’t get it on my time and my time is always limited – cute 10:46 AM 

Nina: ? 10:47 AM 

Me: if you don’t cheat or have sex buddies or whatever we’ll be fine 10:51 AM 

Nina: I don’t cheat. I despise it. I watched my mom do it to my dad. Broke my heart 11:02 AM 

Nina: As long as you give me access to your ATM card I think will be just fine and a maid And a cook 11:03 AM 

Me: I knew you’d find a reason for it to not work (my ATM card, lol) 11:06 AM 

Nina: ?? 11:07 AM 

Nina: A woman will find a way to love a man for that ATM card… but still for me the sex has to be good.. on top of the money. 11:08 AM 

Nina: I’m back. My youngest had an emergency. We gotten how far since January ?? 11:57 AM 

Me: Well, let me see, you miss me when we don’t talk, we had sex, we fight sometimes like an old couple (which means it’s somehow important), you were talking about making babies again today and getting a castle so yeah, progress 11:59 AM 

Nina: I suppose huh? 12:23 PM 

Nina: Or can I just be telling you what you want to hear 12:23 PM 

Me: well I though you don’t lie but sure, it’s possible. 12:24 PM 

Nina: Which of course isn’t the case… 12:24 PM 

Nina: therefore I wouldn’t lie. 12:25 PM 

Nina: You said in the beginning you do want kids but it wouldn’t kill you if you didn’t have any… so I know telling you I do or don’t won’t matter much to you. So 12:25 PM 

Me: If for whatever reason it’s not possible or you don’t want kids I would not “leave you” 12:28 PM 

Nina: I know 12:30 PM 

Nina: But I seriously do want a baby. That is until I see my 2 year old being horrible… lol. 12:31 PM 

Me: lol 12:31 PM 

Nina: But I don’t ever wanna get married again. I mean we can do a fake wedding and play the role but seriously I couldn’t… maybe when I’m 50 12:32 PM 

Me: lol 12:32 PM 

Nina: And my ring would have to look and be like Beyoncé’s ?. So good luck 12:33 PM 

Nina: with that ??? 12:33 PM 

Nina: And living with another man ??…. I don’t know what that would feel 12:34 PM 

Nina: like… 12:34 PM 

Me: why are you doing that, talk about things and then throw something in that basically makes it impossible? I really don’t understand that 12:35 PM 

Nina: Maybe we should start with sleepovers and see if I wake up to breakfast in the bed and good sex… 12:35 PM 

Nina: Because nothing is impossible babe…. 12:38 PM 

Me: Yeah but it’s nicer to look at the good things and think good thoughts. Thoughts to things they say… 12:40 PM 

Nina: impossible… I made it happen. 12:40 PM 

Nina: I don’t believe in impossible. I mean 10 years ago my ex said we’d never make it to live in this house it would cost a Fortune and with all the kids 12:40 PM 

Nina: With extra kids. I believe in trying… and honestly I don’t even know 12:40 PM 

Nina: what her ring looks like ?? 12:40 PM 

Nina: Impossible would be having Luther vandross sing at my wedding ? 12:42 PM 

Me: why is that impossible? 12:46 PM 

Nina: He’s dead 12:49 PM 

Me: oh 12:49 PM 

Me: but yeah, sleep overs and spending more time would be a good start 12:51 PM 

Me: the right time to get quiet again ???? 1:02 PM 

Nina: I was getting dressed. If you had an iPhone you could of watched me ? 1:05 PM 

Me: why do I need an iPhone for that? I am on my iMac 1:15 PM 

Nina: Talking to me right now? 1:16 PM 

Nina: It’s to hot to do my hair so I’m being lazy. Ugh. I hate Texas. 1:17 PM 

Me: huh? You said If you had an iPhone you could of watched me and that was my answer. 1:18 PM 

Nina: I’m dressed. This is my I gotta be a mom and go grocery shopping for 5 kids ? look. 1:18 PM 

Nina: Never the less I’m still a badass looking 36 year old mom of six, huh? 1:18 PM 

Nina: I’m sexy as fuck ??? 1:18 PM 

Nina: You said you’re on your iMac so I was assuming you were texting me from that. 1:19 PM 

Me: No I work at the iMac but it has Facetime (I guess that’s why you mentioned the phone?) 1:20 PM 

Nina: Yes 1:20 PM 

Me: ok 1:20 PM 

Nina: So you’re not gonna say I’m sexy as hell ? 1:23 PM 

Nina: I sent you a pic of me 1:23 PM 

Nina: ??? 1:23 PM 

Me: send me one in a bra and panties 1:27 PM 

Me: and I will do and say whatever you want ??? 1:28 PM 

Nina: That’s funny…. lol 1:28 PM 

Nina: Don’t tempt me? 1:28 PM 

Me: But I am tempting you right now, right here 1:30 PM 

Nina: And you’ll do whatever I want? This could get fun… 1:32 PM 

Nina: However I wouldn’t know how to get a full body pic… 1:32 PM 

Me: your phone has a timer, duh 1:33 PM 

Nina: Someone else said the same thing… but yeah… it doesn’t always work for me.. 1:34 PM 

Me: Ok, bra and upper body only then 🙂 1:35 PM 

Nina: Lol… I have a pic in my phone. Upper body no bra.. 1:35 PM 

Nina: Take it or leave it. 1:35 PM 

Me: lol, sure, I take it 1:41 PM 

Nina: Lol… I’m too afraid 1:42 PM 

Nina: You may expose me 1:42 PM 

Me: don’t be and you should know I wouldn’t do that even if you’d be totally mean or whatever 1:43 PM 

Nina: Why do you want it? 1:44 PM 

Me: Ok Nina, you brought it up, not me. If you feel so uncomfortable or think low of me then don’t do it. 1:45 PM 

Me: Men who do shit like that for revenge are so low 1:45 PM 

Nina: You totally brought it up 1:45 PM 

Me: not a topless picture, just bra and panties which is like wearing a bikini 1:46 PM 

Nina: MMS Received 1:49 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (2 pictures with no clothes on) 1:50 PM 

Me: ?? 1:51 PM 

Nina: Oh it was a while ago… maybe December.. I was drunk. I’m sure it shows and I didn’t send it to anyone… maybe my ex but doubt it 1:52 PM 

Nina: Why the faces? 1:52 PM 

Me: like OMG, sexy, stunning, beautiful 1:55 PM 

Nina: I know you want me right now. 1:57 PM 

Nina: Where did you run too… masturbate? 1:59 PM 

Me: Lol, no 1:59 PM 

Nina: So my son said if you make $80,000 a year a ring should cost $20,000… he just looked that up. Weird facts 2:16 PM 

Nina: I would of settled for ice cream from sonic ? 2:17 PM 

Me: I love Sonic but they pissed me off. They don’t have the whip cream in the blizzards any more. Too expensive they said. 2:26 PM 

Nina: I laughed when you said 20k ring and he asked me what is the proper way to buy a ring and then googled it… and google said if you make 80k 2:29 PM 

Me: Ha ha 2:35 PM 

Nina: I said I would settle for ice cream and you have yet to ask which kind..from What place and what 2:35 PM 

Nina: Tim ? 2:35 PM 

Nina: Reliable? Lol when after midnight? 2:36 PM 

Nina: I could rebuttal all day long ? 2:36 PM 

Me: You said Sonic 2:36 PM 

Nina: Ohhh lol I sure did ? 2:36 PM 

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