Going nowhere

Nina – f*ck buddies, movie buddies and more

Me: Now who’s the baby? I told you that I went to see SOLO, the movie is 2h15min plus previews. I asked you about joining me and your answer was “Who needs me you got movie buddies”. Not very mature either. 2:51 PM 

Nina: You did not ask me about joining you 2:52 PM 

Me: Yes I did, I said so you’re not leaving the house? And your answer was: Who needs me you got movie buddies. So you knew I was asking because of the movie, please don’t play dumb. 2:57 PM 

Me: ok, I’m getting ready to work, but you know I’m right. 3:06 PM 

Nina: My answer was yes I am because of his iMac… 3:07 PM 

Nina: I fail to see where you asked me to go to the movies 3:07 PM 

Me: ok. Well, I hope your son (and everybody else) will have an awesome birthday party tomorrow. Going into the DZ. 4:01 PM 

Nina: So you can’t talk no more 4:13 PM 

Nina: Or your movie buddies texting you now too ? 4:13 PM 

Me: you know I can’t text from the DZ 5:40 PM 

Me: and they are movie buddies, not fuck buddies 5:41 PM 

Nina: That’s what I said… “movie buddies” 5:42 PM 

Me: you “sound” jealous but I know you would never be jealous 5:43 PM 

Nina: Lmfao 5:50 PM 

Nina: Not even close… you’d have to give me a reason to be jealous… 5:51 PM 

Me: why should I? 5:54 PM 

Me: I should be jealous, you’re having a party for your son, you invited your friends but not me 5:55 PM 

Me: oh right, because the man you had sex with on Mother’s day would have a problem with it ??????? 5:55 PM 

Me: when I just type the words it seems like this is just fucked up, lol 5:55 PM 

Nina: What is fucked up? 5:56 PM 

Me: what I just typed. Somehow it’s hilarious though ??? 6:00 PM 

Me: but I meant what I said, I hope everybody will have an awesome party 6:01 PM 

Nina: It’s funny to you because that’s not who you are 6:02 PM 

Nina: And you are jealous you just don’t want to admit it 6:03 PM 

Nina: I wanted to invite you but your full of excuses all the time… 6:05 PM 

Nina: Lmfao. And yes he would have a problem with it… ??? 6:05 PM 

Me: no I’m not jealous, you’ve already proven what I always said, you can do anything whenever you want to with whomever you want to 6:12 PM 

Me: and no, you didn’t want to invite me because if that would be true and it would be important somehow you would have asked and not make assumptions 6:14 PM 

Nina: I didn’t prove anything 6:17 PM 

Me: DZ again, sorry 6:36 PM 

Nina: Goodnight 6:37 PM 

Nina: I will talk back again to you on Monday… I’m so mentally drained from your BS… I’m too old for this shit… am I? Fuck Buddies, movie buddies, future and past, 4 pace partner or 40…. why all the fucking games…. 6:40 PM 

Nina: Then you wonder why I won’t move forward with you… nothing is an honest answer or some bullshit movie scene you’re trying to act out… I’m not a fucking game… and you’re right I can and will do whatever I want this weekend. And I will….. if your still around come Monday… hit me up… if not… then oh well. You got your “movie buddies” and I’ll have my damn sanity… Goodnight babes 6:42 PM 

Me: if I upset you in any way then know it was not my intention so maybe you can accept my sincere apologies, have an awesome weekend and if you want to, we can talk on Monday but I don’t want to be a burden or give you headaches 11:49 PM 

Nina: Goodnight love. Be safe driving home ? 12:13 AM 

I know she had some mental issues but why would I still entertain this madness?

Enough is enough! Road to nowhere.

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