Dad would be still alive

Nina – dad would still be alive if you wouldn’t have divorced him!

Nina:: Good morning everybody is at school just me and my baby here 10:14 AM 

Me: did you have to go to the ER? 10:17 AM 

Nina:: No I woke up because I fell asleep and her fever broke around three and she’s doing fine 10:18 AM 

Nina:: At 10:30 I’m a leave here because my son move back home today 10:18 AM 

Nina:: ???? 10:19 AM 

Nina:: I’m so excited. I ain’t never gonna be able to sit down… 10:19 AM 

Me: you pick him up or where are you going? 10:20 AM 

Nina:: I’m going to pick him up 10:20 AM 

Me: ok. Then I’ll ttyl, it is almost 10.30 10:21 AM 

Nina:: Lol. I’m sitting on porch smoking… I didn’t even realize it was 1021… 10:21 AM 

Nina:: I usually wait until he says he landed.. because it takes a while for bags 10:21 AM 

Me: ok 10:22 AM 

Nina:: Are you just getting up? 10:23 AM 

Me: I’ve been up since 8 10:24 AM 

Nina:: Oh… n your just now texting… lol as usual. 10:25 AM 

Me: I wasn’t sure how your night went and didn’t want to wake you up 10:27 AM 

Nina:: Well regardless of how my night went I still have to get up at 545. Single parent life… and I try to keep her on her schedule sick or not because I have no choice 10:32 AM 

Nina:: So whenever you text I’ll respond when I’m either awake or not busy. It’s easier that way. Lol 10:33 AM 

Me: I know but I thought you might lay back down. but if it’s ok I can text you when I’m up, you know I don’t sleep much 10:33 AM 

Nina:: You and I both. And it’s fine. I just don’t like texting you because you work outside the home and your schedule is unpredictable 10:34 AM 

Me: you can text anytime, my text sound is a very soft click, I. case I’m asleep I wouldn’t hear it 10:35 AM 

Nina:: Ok. I will and if you don’t answer ima come bang on your door ? 10:38 AM 

Me: no, if I don’t answer you’ll know that I’m either busy or asleep and that I will answer when I see your text 10:42 AM 

Nina:: I don’t even know why you bother to respond considering I’ll never know where you live and even if I did I would never show up because it’s not worth it 10:46 AM 

Me: you often use those strong words like “always” and “never” 10:48 AM 

Me: So if I’m in trouble and you’d know where I live you wouldn’t show up because I’m not worth it? ??????? 10:48 AM 

Nina:: I said “its” not “your” 10:49 AM 

Me: I know but it kinda suggests it 10:50 AM 

Nina:: No it kinda suggest that you not answering your phone and me coming over there is not worth it 10:51 AM 

Me: I am answering my phone whenever I can and even when I’m not supposed to 10:51 AM 

Nina:: Ok 11:00 AM 

Me: you’re still not at the airport? 11:01 AM 

Nina:: Nope 11:01 AM 

Me: I have all Windows and doors open, the air is so nice 12:00 PM 

Nina:: My ex mother in law is still texting me babe ?? 12:11 PM 

Me: well I told you what I would do 12:12 PM 

Nina:: Lol… 12:22 PM 

Nina:: She is suffering from guilt, or something!! 12:23 PM 

Nina:: I dont know what the problem is… 12:23 PM 

Me: you have to stop reading and answering 12:24 PM 

Nina:: I just finally snapped and was so f*cking rude and disrespectful… My homeboy said that if she responds then I can file harassment charges because this is my fifth time I’ve told her to stop contacting me or else I was going to get ignorant 12:26 PM 

Me: that’s what I was first saying, involve local authorities, I thought under state law you can tell somebody to cease all communication or it’s considered to be harassment 12:28 PM 

Nina:: Yes and so I did and so we’re about to contact Houston so they can do a cease-and-desist on her end 12:29 PM 

Nina:: So now that I snapped on her and sent her a nasty email back stating I told you not to f*cking contact me don’t do it again without any other communication to her if she responds and says something like don’t cuss at me or whatever then they’re going to go ahead and do a cease-and-desist because now it’s antagonizing 12:30 PM 

Nina:: Anyhow I got my son here 12:30 PM 

Nina:: Skyler’s temperature is trying to jump back up 12:31 PM 

Me: I wish you wouldn’t have done that (snap at her), some people enjoy this the most, when they can make the other person snap. Ignoring them hurts them most. 12:33 PM 

Nina:: Snapping comes easy for me. I meet clients at the door all the time. I just basically said without follow up “leave us the fuck alone” I wouldn’t say I snapped. 12:34 PM 

Nina:: But I cursed at her and usually would never disrespect any ones mothers… but I had to draw a line without any follow up explanation.. 12:34 PM 

Nina:: I had to draw the line and if she responds Houston police will take over from there 12:34 PM 

Me: I hope they will and that this is history then 12:36 PM 

Nina:: I’m sure the sisters are lurking… and waiting… 12:36 PM 

Me: what sisters? 12:37 PM 

Nina:: my ex has two sisters 12:38 PM 

Nina:: Baby the thing about me with my attitude and text thing is that I’m not readable I can cuss you out a smile on my face and it doesn’t disrupt my day she’ll never know the tone of my language When texting her 12:40 PM 

Me: oh, ok. What do you think they’ll do? I hope this is not a never ending drama story 12:40 PM 

Nina:: Well I’m sure they’ll start texting me here in a minute saying you don’t cuss at my mom don’t disrespect my mom I’m glad you got a divorce I’m glad he cheated on you 12:41 PM 

Nina:: I’m just trying to figure out why now why in May he died months ago 12:42 PM 

Me: just don’t answer. If somebody doesn’t answer you (as the sender) don’t know if the other person blocked you, is ignoring you or what’s going on at all. They try to provoke a reaction but silence is the best answer. 12:43 PM 

Nina:: I do believe that silence is the best answer but I also believe in giving her what she wants to hear because she’s trying to win something that is not a game 12:44 PM 

Nina:: that is my kids she will never be able to break me because she is not a factor to me she is just someone being a child 12:44 PM 

Me: I hope all this drama will stop, I don’t like drama at all 12:45 PM 

Nina:: I can tell you this much I’m not aggravated frustrated annoyed 12:46 PM 

Nina:: disturbed disrupted… anything. I promise you that… and if she ever 12:46 PM 

Nina:: pushes me to that point I know you’ll call her ????. And tell her 12:46 PM 

Nina:: you’ll just adopt his kids and change their names and be done with it… because social security did say that that can be done ?. And 12:46 PM 

Nina:: while I would never do that it is a sincere and truthful threat. 12:46 PM 

Me: … and take you and the kids to Europe and she will never see them or hear from them again. 12:47 PM 

Nina:: Yes!!! 12:48 PM 

Nina:: But seriously, (me inner thoughts) I do feel bad for her. My heart breaks for her. Because it shouldn’t be like this… it should never be like this. But, I fail to see why he would lie about things like that. Why would he create hate… from the time we met until now. That would be insane and odd because lord knows how many times I had to hold him as he was sad his nieces and nephews would never know each other 12:50 PM 

Nina:: I had to deal with that. I’m not racist, prejudice or any of that so I know I never pushed that their way. I mean shit I had 4 of his children and married that man… but she always thought that I was using him because I’m so pretty, and he’s not… and I’m so educated and she thought he was little slow… so I do feel bad baby. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone 12:52 PM 

Nina:: But I have to protect my kids… because 8 years ago when she should’ve been there. She wasn’t. You don’t get to now. 12:52 PM 

Nina:: Because I have to remember all the things he said they said… you know one of my sons finally snapped at me last night. I cried. He said his dad would still be alive if I didn’t divorce him and move out… while he is young and doesn’t know anything but his dad passed from a heart condition I certainly feel that this is true… 12:54 PM 

Me: I honestly think it’s best for everybody to move on, you can’t beat yourself up over the past or her, it’s terrible what happened, I agree, I don’t wish this for nobody, but it happened and it cannot be changed. When I look back then to learn from the past but to feel the pain that the past had for me, I look forward and so should you – especially with the kids. 12:54 PM 

Nina:: And I am baby. I’ve been. 12:55 PM 

Me: and I hate to say it but yes, things might have been different if you would have acted different but the could have, should have, would have doesn’t do anybody any good. That’s what I would tell my children, we all make mistakes, kids, adults, it will never stop. We have to make the best possible decision at the time when a decision has to be made. We might regret it later or see it in a different light and of course later, when you see what actually happened, it’s always easier to say “I wish I would have….” 12:57 PM 

Nina:: But I don’t have any regrets… our marriage was done.. and I tried to build a friendship from there which was going great until he went to his moms.. then it became I can’t talk to y’all around my family… so I would send emails… smh. I have absolutely no regrets… he choose to do what he thought was best… the easy way out… there was nothing that I could of done to stop that but stay miserable with him, arguing in front on the kids… nope. So while it may be true… it happened, it’s over. I have no regrets… just sad that his son at 8 is strong enough to think that. 1:00 PM 

Me: like you said, he’s a child and maybe one day he will understand or maybe not, time will tell. what he should understand now is that we all make mistakes and that sometimes adults can’t stay together forever because more bad would happen if they stay together. Sometimes you have to walk away. 1:02 PM 

Me: I’m out grabbing something to eat and I want to run a few errands 1:06 PM 

Nina:: K 1:22 PM 

Me: I’m back home 2:00 PM 

Nina:: Are you there 4:26 PM 

Me: At work? Yes 4:28 PM 

Nina:: OK 4:29 PM 

Me: You still haven’t gotten me my new phone ???????? 4:31 PM 

Nina:: From her: Your are a jealous and evil bitch and will pay for what you did to destroy my son and his kids dad and that’s why you were left no money because you didn’t deserve it. You used him just for his money and you wanted to be with a “white man”. We also know that your bipolar 4:34 PM 

Me: well she’s probably right about the bipolar but that’s not a crime, lol. But seriously, did you react to any of this? 4:35 PM 

Nina:: This second one came from another number. No I haven’t text her at all… 4:35 PM 

Nina:: This is why she is saying all of this because she can’t get a reaction from me… 4:36 PM 

Me: please DO NOT RESPOND 4:37 PM 

Nina:: She’s venting and I knew the real her was gonna come out which is why I needed to push her out of her comfort zone to get the real answers… 4:38 PM 

Me: I can see that your reactions are not always the best when you are upset. You did that with me several times but this is different, don’t give her ANYTHING that can be used against you later. NO COMMENT, NO REACTION, NO ANSWER 4:38 PM 

Nina:: Now I have proof of how she speaks to me and about me to show the kids family ?. I didn’t respond 4:39 PM 

Me: If it won’t stop I don’t mind giving her a call. I can also say we’ll file a restraining order plus when going to Europe in the near future – she won’t even know the country we’re going to. Good luck finding us. 4:39 PM 

Me: but you better stay quiet 4:40 PM 

Nina:: Because she is making threats about CPS. I guess the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Her son is much like her. When they can’t get to me they come for my kids… 4:40 PM 

Me: is there anything you have to worry about regarding CPS? 4:40 PM 

Nina:: Absolutely not. 4:41 PM 

Me: so you stay quiet, NO REACTION please 4:41 PM 

Nina:: I didn’t have to worry when he and his commander called on me.. 4:41 PM 

Me: if you want to do what you said before, inform the police in Houston 4:41 PM 

Nina:: They actually got in trouble by the post commander for fictitious acts 4:41 PM 

Me: just don’t react in any form, if I find out you did you are in trouble ?? 4:47 PM 

Nina:: And if I get in trouble what are you gonna do 4:48 PM 

Nina:: But babe when you understand how to read people it becomes easier to react 4:49 PM 

Nina:: Remember the other day she was just like the passes the past let it go and I told her I did let it go I’m over it I just didn’t want to be bothered with her

Me: well, sorry, I’m not black, she’d probably freak out if some white man FROM Europe is threatening her to take the kids away 5:04 PM 

Nina:: When people can’t get answers or what they want they will destroy you, try to hurt you and make you feel less… but between you and I – I have emails of him saying if he couldn’t have me he would die one day… and although I didn’t see it coming it happened and I wasn’t there. So by here bringing up shit 5:10 PM 

Nina:: Even shows how much he withheld from her… he couldn’t tell his family that he wanted me back and loved me because they didn’t want to hear it… and would of hated it 5:11 PM 

Nina:: Does that make sense? Nothing she said upset me. I am an open book. Yes, I have an adjustment disorder… CPS can come to my home at any time. These kids aren’t hit or disciplined ever. Things are removed from their home, they gotta do research or clean to my standard that is the extent of their punishments… 5:12 PM 

Me: you said it yesterday, nobody can change the past, this is ALL wasted energy, nothing good come out of it, she has to understand that 5:13 PM 

Nina:: do not block her but don’t feed into her.. and don’t let her disrupt your future. I’ve said a million and one times I have no regrets. My ex and I weren’t fighting when he passed… we were getting along, I was showing him pics of the house etc. I have the clearest conscience 5:22 PM 

Nina:: she realized she was fighting a losing battle… and she couldn’t get 5:25 PM 

Nina:: you will be the one they blame. They will use yalls past against you) 5:25 PM 

Nina:: … 5:25 PM 

Me: I only hope for everybodys sake that this will stop 5:27 PM 

Nina:: I’m done babes. I got the proof I need… let’s drop this conversation 5:29 PM 

Nina:: Are you at work it’s Tuesday I thought you were off 5:31 PM 

Me: Yeah but I didn’t really have anything else to do and I’m gathering a few extra days for a possible vacation 5:37 PM 

Nina:: Again, you could of been doing me ?? 5:51 PM 

Me: Yeah but there is always something going on on your end and I figured with your son being back and still have to deal with the same issues (Skylar sick, pink eye, lice) your priorities are somewhere else 6:02 PM 

Me: which I do understand 6:02 PM 

Nina:: Oh well I’m sorry something is always going on on my end 6:04 PM 

Me: don’t be, you’re a busy mom 6:05 PM 

Me: and I know you’re tired when I’m off work 6:06 PM 

Nina:: I always have to be the “bigger better person on top of parenting 6 kids on my end.. 6:57 PM 

Me: Getting a little busy here now, sorry. 6:58 PM 

Nina: Ok. Think about me babes, me being all over you. 6:59 PM 

So much drama with her former mother in law but now matter how you look at it – her ex still would have been alive if she would have acted differently.

In the end it is what it is and you have to make the best out of every situation.

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