Nina – crossroads – one week later

I left her alone and actually didn’t really spend time thinking about her. With her toxic behavior she had made it easy for me to simply move on.

Of course that was not the end of the story because one evening…

Nina: I’m glad to know you can actually leave people alone. It’s been a week … you did well by not contacting me 5:06 PM 

Me: Seriously Nina? I respect people so why would I not leave you alone if that’s what you want; no hard feelings. I am also a very forgiving person. 2:45 PM 

Nina: I know you are nice 7:48 PM 

Me: Yeah right 7:51 PM 

Nina: I know you missed me, probably thought about me the whole time 7:51 PM 

Me: no, why? 7:53 PM 

Nina: It’s ok, you can admit it 7:54 PM 

Nina: Don’t deny it 7:54 PM 

Me: Whatever Nina 7:16 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (provocative picture in a bikini) 7:17 PM 

Me: Yeah, nice. How can I help you? You already know that being a sex partner is not what I want but I won’t mention “relationships” anymore, you have enough stuff to deal with and I definitely don’t want to be a burden 7:20 PM 

Me: I was listening when I thought you want to share things and according to you I can give good advice (at least sometimes I hope) 7:21 PM 

Me: so if I would need you for a change your phone would be off and I can’t reach you, wow 8:34 PM 

Nina: What if I just want sex tonight? 8:35 PM 

Me: Idk, not with me 8:43 PM 

Me: have a nice evening and a hopefully quiet good night 8:46 PM 

Nina: I guess I’m gonna call a fuck buddy. Mentally that probably what I need. I want to say drinking but either or is a reflection of how I’m feeling right now 10:44 PM 

Me: Ok, go ahead and call a fuck buddy 10:46 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (picture on the bed in lingerie, hands on her…. ) 10:47 PM 

Nina I am going to delete all our messages 10:47 PM 

Me: Ok, you do what you need to do and what’s best for you, I don’t want to be involved in this. 10:49 PM 

Me: things will work out in time and I hope you’ll find the right person for everything you want / need, you’re still young, it might take a while but I hope things will work out for you the way you want them to work out. 10:50 PM 

Nina: I am just filled with drama and shit going on 10:54 PM 

Me: Sorry to hear that 10:54 PM 

Nina: K. Talk to your friends I’ll talk to you some other time. If you want to f*ck you better come over after work. 10:55 PM 

Me: I told you Nicole, I won’t be a sex buddy or cheerleader, I think it’s best for us to just part ways. You said it, there is nothing I can’t really give you that you want or need and when I am honest with myself, right now that actually goes both ways. I am truly sorry for all the hard things you’re going through but you have people for everything, sex, homeboys, friends to talk to, friends at the PD, you said it, you have everything you need. I really hope Jeffs mom will leave you alone and won’t harass you with CPS or other bullshit and please don’t fall into any traps she might lay out for you. 11:02 PM 

Nina: Yes sir take care… this is why I didn’t want to give you a chance because I knew this isn’t what you wanted… but alas here we are. Take care 11:05 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (deep cleavage picture of her) 11:06 PM 

Me: Ok, you take care as well, it was…. interesting. 🙂 11:07 PM 

So now we are at the end of all the rollercoaster ride with Nina right?

I wish it would have been that easy! There was more to come.

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