Nina – bye!

A quiet morning, I cut some grass in front of the house and trimmed the bushes. No sign from Nina!

The minute I came out of the shower my phone beeped!

Nina: Good morning handsome 10:48 AM 

Me: Hey, how is everything going 10:50 AM 

Nina: Everything is going good. Me and the birthday boy are out and about getting our feet done and doing a little shopping 10:53 AM 

Me: Ok, have a wonderful day ? 10:53 AM 

Nina: Ok… lol you too 10:55 AM 

Nina: What are you doing today anyways? There is a rabbit fest in town… we totally could have went to that ? 10:59 AM 

Nina: I guess we are on no talking terms again… to easy. 11:26 AM 

Me: We are 9:01 PM 

Me: I’m just busy 9:01 PM 

Me: Why did you say we’re on no talking terms? 9:03 PM 

Nina: Oh u didnt answers… 9:30 PM 

Me: Yeah, I went to play laser tag, visited Dave and Busters and was cart racing 10:32 PM 

Nina: ?? 10:32 PM 

Nina: Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself. 10:33 PM 

Me: and you? How was the party? 10:38 PM 

Nina: What party? It’s next weekend 10:38 PM 

Me: Oh, what was today? 10:44 PM 

Me: Feet done and shopping? That was it? 10:45 PM 

Nina: Tomorrow is his real birthday. Saturday is his party… the 26th.. 10:47 PM 

Me: Oh, ok 10:48 PM 

Me: Did you have a nice day? 10:48 PM 

Nina: Yup 10:48 PM 

Me: Ok. I’m going to bed soon, it was exhausing to move so much, lol 10:49 PM 

Nina: Goodnight 10:49 PM 

Nina: You know you don’t have to text me… lol…. unless you want me to know about your days 10:50 PM 

Me: What does that mean? You don’t want to talk to me? 10:51 PM 

Me: We can talk about other things, whatever you want,you know that 10:53 PM 

Nina: I’m good. Go to bed. Enjoy your night. Don’t really have much to talk about … lol 10:53 PM 

Nina: On second thought, it’s probably best we don’t talk anymore… 10:58 PM 

Nina: it seems more like a task then a friendship at this point. You take care and I’m so happy to see you living life and catching a break. 10:58 PM 

Nina: Goodnight babes. Enjoy life. Bye! ? 10:58 PM 

Me: What’s wrong with you now? Where is that coming from? 11:00 PM 

Me: Why more than a task? You’re not making any sense 11:00 PM 

Nina: I dont know it just feels weird talking to you again… for some odd reason… 11:03 PM 

Nina: But why does something have to be wrong with me? I think that’s the problem I’m having talking to you. Is when I voice my opinions about something I’m either scolded by you or I have some type of problem… and I’m just like (in my head) why bother talking to him… What good is a friendship if the other person scolded by you or I have some type of problem… and I’m just like (in my head) why bother talking to him… What good is a friendship if the other person frustrates you? 11:05 PM 

Nina: You and I are not on the same page babes, nothing in common I guess. 11:06 PM 

Nina: You’re always correcting me or drawing bottom lines and I go back to thinking… I guess he feels sorry for me… ??? Which is why last night I deaded the conversation about MY daughter. Because your bottom lines mean what to who? 11:06 PM 

Nina: I don’t want to keep pretending to go to sleep or be busy to “avoid” talking to you… so why not just be done with it… ? Everything you say to me I feel like it’s an attack…push buttons or something… 11:09 PM 

Nina: I don’t want you to waist 5 minutes of your time telling me things you did today just for you to say how your going to bed soon… lol. 11:09 PM 

Nina: You shouldn’t of even bothered texting … lol. Seriously 11:09 PM 

I put the phone away after reading “Enjoy life”. I read the rest the next morning. She contacted me (again) so why say “You shouldn’t of even bothered texting” – just don’t text me in the first place!

I think somebody was seriously pissed because I didn’t text her during the day because I had other stuff to do.

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