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Nina – after the first meeting

It finally happened – I met Nina and since I had to work late she was confident enough to invite me over to her house. We sat on her couch in the living room and I noticed a barely visible camera in a corner!

A camera? That means behave! The red light was on.

Me: I am home ☺ 2:21 AM 

Nina: already. 2:22 AM 

Nina: ? I didn’t want you to leave. But understandable. I miss you 2:22 AM 

Nina: I had to change my panties (don’t like that word) they were soaked… 2:23 AM 

Me: I really don’t live that far… what’s wrong with the word panties? and why soaked? did you pee on yourself? spilled water? 2:23 AM 

Nina: Blood should of been your guess… but no, none of that. Because I wanted you… 2:24 AM 

Nina: I wanted you really bad you know I hate it when you say no in any form 2:25 AM 

Nina: Next time I won’t accept that 2:26 AM 

Me: Next time? 2:27 AM 

Me: Yes, next time I will simply rape you 2:28 AM 

Me: Lol, brb 2:28 AM 

Nina: Wyd? 2:34 AM 

Nina: Playing with yourself? 2:35 AM 

Nina: I think I got you stuck on the no kissing part huh? Lol 2:38 AM 

Me: no, not true. I guess I’m just curious because you say so many things and you said you’re not kidding… 2:39 AM 

Nina: So you want me to act like I speak? 2:43 AM 

Nina: I have got to keep you guessing 2:43 AM 

Me: it would be interesting to see you acting like you speak. 2:44 AM 

Nina: I’m so nervous around you. You’re probably more experienced then I have been in years… it’s easy to have a sex partner but to actually be with someone you like is different. I’m usually just the one that says how do you want me 2:45 AM 

Nina: I have said that I am not about to talk about sex but I fantasize a lot about what I would do to you then I get shy around you lol. But I’m sure after the initial it’s over from there… game on 2:46 AM 

Me: what do you fantasize about? don’t be shy 2:47 AM 

Nina: <sex talk is gay> 2:48 AM 

Me: lol 2:49 AM 

Me: things will fall in place but it’s not wrong to talk about likes and fantasies 2:52 AM 

Nina: I just think of the first time your inside me. The initial entrance. Sometimes I lose breath and inhale when it crosses my mind 2:52 AM 

Nina: I just think is he fast, slow, is it all about me or him. Both. 2:54 AM 

Me: I hope you won’t be disappointed 2:54 AM 

Me: just let things happen 2:55 AM 

Nina: I’m never disappointed… n I want things to happen on there own. I’m not nervous or set high expectations because my heart is practically yours… 2:56 AM 

Nina: But I will say I’m ready 2:57 AM 

Me: minutes ago you said you are nervous, that’s why you’re confusing me 2:57 AM 

Nina: Im nervous around you.. not nervous about sex with you 2:59 AM 

Nina: I feel like a child who met a new best friend. So much to learn n explore with you with us… n I don’t want you to leave me because I’m nervous 3:00 AM 

Me: I don’t want you to leave because you are or get bored 3:00 AM 

Nina: Well then you should probably give up the D 3:01 AM 

Nina: I know he’s ready!! Are you. Lol 3:02 AM 

Me: you know he is ready? 3:02 AM 

Me: your heart is practically mine? awwww 3:02 AM 

Nina: Your guy.. down there 3:03 AM 

Me: I know what you meant I just wanted to understand 3:04 AM 

Nina: Understand how I know he’s ready? 3:05 AM 

Nina: Your body heat tells me 3:05 AM 

Me: my body heat? wow, I never heard that before, it seems that I can learn a lot (not kidding, not being sarcastic) 3:07 AM 

Nina: Yes babe I know a little something 3:11 AM 

Me: I like learning new things 3:12 AM 

Me: now you should get a little rest 3:12 AM 

Me: or you will fall asleep on me later or don’t want to see me 3:13 AM 

Nina: Yes babe. Are you gonna masturbate? 3:14 AM 

Nina: I will then I will go to sleep.. ☺️. And wake up to you… 3:16 AM 

Me: I’m going to sleep, I will text you when I’m up 3:17 AM 

Me: have a good night and sleep well 3:17 AM 

So here was the “new” Nina, nice and friendly, no stress, no conflict in person.

Where was Mrs. Hyde hiding that night?

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