Talk about fuck buddies, sex and babies

Nina – after days of silence

Days passed by again – no word from Nina and I also stayed quiet.

Then one morning…

Nina: Babes, Guess what? It sucks not talking to you ? 10:07 PM 

Me: I knew you would say that 11:18 PM 

Me: But I guess now it’s all good, you seem to be busy 11:22 PM 

Nina: You knew I would say that? 12:17 AM 

Nina: So I’m guessing the feelings are not mutual ? 12:17 AM 

Me: So you miss me? 10:54 AM 

Nina: Yes I do. Honestly 11:11 AM 

Me: Isn’t “missing somebody” a feeling? 🙂 2:54 PM 

Me: well, you don’t miss me enough to talk to me. I’m omw to work now 3:21 PM 

Nina: I do miss you 3:50 PM 

Nina: Do you miss me? 3:50 PM 

Me: forgive me but I’m a little confused. This is the second time that we stopped talking and both times after a few days you contacted me again. But when we do talk then you’re telling me you have nothing to give to me so are you just bored? or do you like me more than you’re willing to admit? or what’s going on? 4:09 PM 

Nina: I miss talking to you 4:10 PM 

Me: your fuck buddies are not good communication partners? how many did you have over since I last saw you (not trying to be mean but one of the last things to said was you’re calling a fuck buddy). 4:12 PM 

Nina: Where is all this attitude stemming from? 4:15 PM 

Me: no attitude, I’m just asking, not judging, no attitude. I worked until 3 but I slept well 4:17 PM 

Nina: Missing someone is a feeling. You know I have feelings just not as much as most. (Sorry I was doing my homegirls hair) and my fuck buddies are just that. No decent conversations ever. I mean we don’t sit on the phone and talk. 4:18 PM 

Nina: And I didn’t have anyone come over..1. Because my son is here and 2. The feeling came and left and I was just better sleeping it off. 4:18 PM 

Me: oh so your son is there and you can’t have male company? 4:19 PM 

Nina: Just because we don’t have anything to offer the other our conversations were decent, passed times and promoted growth…. I mean we barely talked or saw each other so if nothing more we were grounded in friendship… 4:20 PM 

Me: it’s not that I didnt try to see you, just saying 4:20 PM 

Nina: Yes I am a grown ass woman.. I can do as I please. However, him and my ex were pretty close. Don’t wanna draw confusion 4:20 PM 

Me: So that also means I shouldn’t be over there 4:21 PM 

Nina: No… that means nothing… it just means my ex is a friend of a son because of me… And I don’t want him to feel like you can come and hang out because my son is back 4:22 PM 

Nina: It has nothing to do with you I don’t speak about you to the kids. I don’t say hey “Him and I don’t talk no more”…. 4:23 PM 

Me: they didn’t know about me anyways ?????? 4:23 PM 

Nina: Oh yes they did they knew a lot about you 4:31 PM 

Nina: As a matter fact my eight-year-old asked me if you can make him famous on YouTube by recording him and making him videos 4:32 PM 

Me: Yeah and I could probably do that for real (of course it depends a little bit on him because he is what people will see) 4:33 PM 

Nina: So then that means they do know about you because I talk about you 4:37 PM 

Me: well tell them he’s probably the nicest guy you ever met but you don’t want to be in a relationship with him ?????? 4:38 PM 

Nina: Laugh out loud 4:41 PM 

Nina: Seriously that’s what you want me to tell him 4:41 PM 

Me: yes 4:41 PM 

Nina: Absolutely not 4:42 PM 

Nina: He’ll just say oh that’s probably why we never met him and then 4:42 PM 

Me: ok 4:45 PM 

Nina: J. always says I block our blessings… lol. But seriously I told him you work crazy hours 4:48 PM 

Me: you probably forgot the part that I actually will change this 4:49 PM 

Nina: Yes I forgot that part 4:53 PM 

Me: ok 4:54 PM 

Nina: What are you doing 5:06 PM 

Nina: When do you think you can make that decision for your job 5:06 PM 

Nina: And you said I have nothing to give you?? Wow. I was gonna give you a whole babyr 5:07 PM 

Nina: How is your mom 5:07 PM 

Me: no, you said that yourself 5:12 PM 

Nina: And you said if I’m being honest with myself you don’t have anything to offer me either 5:12 PM 

Me: you said you can’t and you won’t offer me more and that you’re going to call a fuck buddy (speaking of somebody else), I mean how shitty is that? 5:14 PM 

Me: well I have a lot to offer but it’s just nothing you really want so my wording was wrong, I shoukd have said it like I did now 5:14 PM 

Nina: That was a very shitty thing for me to say ?? 5:15 PM 

Me: not sure if I would make a good fuck buddy ???????? 5:15 PM 

Me: wrong time to get quiet, lol 5:43 PM 

Nina: Lol. Sorry I was cooking dinner for the kids. Done 5:44 PM 

Nina: Hahaha! I didn’t want to make you my fuck buddy… and stop using those words. Now it sounds weird when I say it ?? 5:46 PM 

Me: Hey, it’s your life. 5:50 PM 

Nina: I think you would be a great father and a great husband…. I’ve told you that a million times 5:56 PM 

Me: in between you seem to forget, lol 5:59 PM 

Me: but I know those things have nothing to do with logic or reasoning 6:00 PM 

Me: one day you’ll find your forever 6:00 PM 

Nina: One day…. 6:09 PM 

Nina: So we still gonna have a baby ? 6:10 PM 

Me: no 6:11 PM 

Nina: ? 6:11 PM 

Me: I want my baby to have a mom and dad 6:12 PM 

Me: meaning they’re both there for the baby, together 6:12 PM 

Nina: Ahh shucks we can do that. 6:12 PM 

Me: no fucked up “arrangement” 6:12 PM 

Nina: Lmfao. I wouldn’t want that for any child…. 6:12 PM 

Nina: I’m too needy… 6:13 PM 

Nina: It’s not like I’m asking you for your sperm… 6:13 PM 

Me: well then what are Nina’s “terms and conditions” for having a baby with you? You established not a relationship so tell me more, enlighten me 6:13 PM 

Nina: I mean we both want a baby… we both want a forever… The terms and conditions are simple. We go to the doctors perform the surgery.. spend the weekend down there hanging out… we get pregnant… eventually… and during this pregnancy we take care of each other, belly rubs, cravings, sleep etc… we have the baby… I’m sure by then (having sex- getting pregnant- we are in love) and the rest is about is raising our child together. 6:16 PM 

Me: oh really? 6:16 PM 

Nina: No one wants to have children and break up. I didn’t want that for my children ever. At least the last three… but things happen. 6:16 PM 

Me: I know but I don’t want anything “happen” to my child 6:17 PM 

Nina: I’ve said before you have potential to be forever mines. I just honestly feel like our timing is off. I’m busy you’re busy… so we don’t know eachother all too 6:19 PM 

Nina: well. And nothing will happen to your child if you don’t want it to. I’m a big bitch, I get that…. but I have never done anything to ruin my marriage with my ex. We grew apart.. and the rest went down hill. But I would have made it worked through family counseling and etc…. he had to leave me because 6:19 PM 

Nina: I wouldn’t have left 6:19 PM 

Nina: (I hope you get all that) by the way I do have a new number/phone 6:19 PM 

Nina: I will shut this off by the end of the month (when kids get out of school 6:20 PM 

Me: well a good opportunity to. real contact but maybe you want to give the new number to me? 6:20 PM 

Nina: I didn’t understand your last sentence 6:23 PM 

Me: a good opportunity to get rid of me 6:24 PM 

Nina: I’m the one who just reached out to you so why would I try to get rid of you mood swings but you know you would miss me again so don’t try that shit again 6:31 PM 

Nina: Lol ???? 6:31 PM 

Me: you think that is funny? 6:32 PM 

Nina: I do have some crazy mood swings huh? Lmfao. So do you miss me? Selective reading?? Yes. It’s funny… so you wanna spank me? 6:32 PM 

Nina: Sometimes I get so frustrated because I can’t have you when I want 6:33 PM 

Nina:  ? 6:33 PM 

Me: Yeah I should spank you but I’m curious what excuse you will have why I shouldn’t come over. Your son? 6:34 PM 

Nina: No my son is not my excuse just when it comes to my ex 6:34 PM 

Me: So then what is it? are you tired? 6:35 PM 

Nina: My son is afraid to sleep upstairs so he likes to sit/sleep in my room by the front of the house… I tell him that one day you’re going to come over and we’re gonna be doing it and he’s going to hear us.. And he said that if I ever get a man over there he will just go upstairs 6:35 PM 

Nina: And yes tonight I am definitely tired 6:35 PM 

Me: hahaha 6:35 PM 

Me: my grandma used to say “when there is a will, there is a way” 6:44 PM 

Nina: My mom used to say kid should be Heard and not seen 6:48 PM 

Me: but anyways, if you’d count how often you have turned me down and then you have the nerve to say we don’t see each other often. get rid of your fuck buddies and you will have more time 6:53 PM 

Nina: Lmfao… I don’t “literally” have fuck buddies… . It’s a 6:55 PM 

Nina: figure of speech. I have guys that like me that I don’t like but 6:55 PM 

Nina: probably could fuck them if need be. STOP SAYING FUCK BUDDIES ? 6:55 PM 

Me: no, you deserve this 6:55 PM 

Me: and you should get your spanking rather sooner than later 6:56 PM 

Nina: And you have to understand that 12:00 A.M. isn’t really seeing eachother.. I’m sleepy, I’m a mom, I mom all day 24/7 6:56 PM 

Nina: I should get a spanking ?. And I’m horny as fuck (since were being honest) ((totally not lady like )) 6:57 PM 

Me: well then let me spank you 7:05 PM 

Nina: Lol. You say that and then your gonna come here and ima practically rape you again ? 7:11 PM 

Me: nope 7:13 PM 

Me: and you were not raping me but begging like a little French girl 7:13 PM 

Nina: So this time you’re gonna come over, get naked jump in bed, have sex  and then talk later ? 7:15 PM 

Me: oh and if not? 7:18 PM 

Nina: Then I say ok and turn over and go back to sleep 7:18 PM 

Me: boring 7:19 PM 

Nina: Laugh out loud now you sound like me 7:19 PM 

Me: well maybe you are the boring one? 7:21 PM 

Nina: Am I? Seriously?? ? 7:21 PM 

Me: well, nothing exciting in the bedroom? 7:30 PM 

Nina: Define exciting babes? I had to beg you to come out of clothing 7:36 PM 

Me: well, I named a few 7:37 PM 

Me: we already figured you’re too scared to get tied up 7:37 PM 

Nina: When? Spanking? Tying? Is that what keeps you hard? 7:37 PM 

Me: I guess it always depends. 7:38 PM 

Me: So if you are really serious about having another baby then when will you go and see what the doctor says? 7:41 PM 

Me: well? 7:48 PM 

Nina: Whenever you say you’re ready to go 7:51 PM 

Nina: I’m not gonna do it by myself 7:51 PM 

Me: what does “being ready” mean? I’ve been ready, you’re the one flip flopping 7:52 PM 

Nina: It means we have to do it together. Find a doctor go see the doctor, pay the doctors perform the surgery. Fall in love… I said it a million times the next guy 7:59 PM 

Nina: will be my last guy… 7:59 PM 

Me: So what do you want me to do? 8:06 PM 

Me: except dry runs 8:06 PM 

Nina: What’s dry runs? 8:10 PM 

Me: practicing (maybe it doesn’t translate so well) 8:10 PM 

Nina: I want you to be there for me mentally, physically and emotionally. I : want you to care for me this will be your first baby and we have 9 months of planning things out from the day we get pregnant. It could take a year or it could take months… I want you to be sure that I’m your forever… And dry runs are great ? 8:11 PM 

Me: don’t worry about me being sure, better worry about yourself. you flip flop a lot so are YOU sure you want to try this? 8:14 PM 

Nina: I don’t flip flop. I may say things I don’t mean but my feelings remain intact. I’m more true to myself more so then I am with you. That’s where my issue comes 8:16 PM 

Nina: in. I do have an adjustment disorder. I hate change- I get overwhelmed sometimes but yes I am willing to try this. 8:16 PM 

Nina: But I don’t want to be friends… making a baby… because I mean I could just get a donor you know…. 8:17 PM 

Nina: I do what you to know my children before we start planning this adventure… because it would make the transition easier while 8:17 PM 

Nina: pregnant so they won’t feel left out ? 8:17 PM 

Me: now there seem something missing. What’s the texts starting with But I don’t want to be friends… 8:19 PM 

Nina: Ugh, again ? 8:19 PM 

Me: nope it came 8:20 PM 

Me: just delayed 8:20 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (very provocative picture) 8:20 PM 

Nina: I need a tension reliever… 8:20 PM 

Nina: ? 8:21 PM 

Me: rofl, I got I could just get a donor you know so they won’t feel left out, hilarious 8:21 PM 

Me: but what do you mean “I don’t want to be friends” – with me? 8:22 PM 

Nina: Yes, I mean I want to be friends with you- best friends. But I don’t wanna be like oh you and I are just having a baby together because we are friends… 8:23 PM 

Me: well, no… you want the baby to keep me around because you’re miserable without me ?????? 8:24 PM 

Nina: Exactly!! 8:24 PM 

Nina: Like a lifetime trap ??? 8:25 PM 

Me: finally the truth 8:25 PM 

Me: get some rest that I can spank you after work 8:25 PM 

Me: So that…. 8:25 PM 

Nina: Lol… babe it’s Sunday. Kids in in my room. Even more so now that the 8:32 PM 

Nina: boys found a large water bug in there room under their couch ?. 8:32 PM 

Me: well, kick everybody out by 12.30, tell them you have discuss babies 8:37 PM 

Nina: Lol See if you knew them you could just come home and put them in their beds 8:40 PM 

Nina: But seriously I am about to crash myself. That water kicked my butt today. 8:41 PM 

Me: ok granny 8:46 PM 

Me: yes I’m looking for a fuck buddy then ???????? 8:47 PM 

Me: this shitty voice to text, I meant “I guess I’m looking….” 8:47 PM 

Me: good night granny ? 8:48 PM 

Nina: Lol… so you want a fuck buddy now? Lol And don’t call me granny 8:53 PM 

Nina: I’m 34 not old ??? 8:53 PM 

Me: well water wouldn’t kick my butt, maybe you’re older than you say. ? 8:54 PM 

Me: it’s ok granny, get some rest, I’ll tty another time ? 8:54 PM 

Nina: Babe, I woke up, cleaned the back yard, deck and pool… cut the grass, swam cooked dinner gave baths and did hair?. Stop it with the ill TTY another time ??. What’s that mean? ??? 8:55 PM 

Me: whenever granny is not so tired 8:58 PM 

Me: you could lay down now and get a few hours and whoever is still up later can meet the nice and famous me 8:58 PM 

Nina: I will try babe 9:02 PM 

Me: Good night 11:49 PM 

Days of not talking and now she was talking about babies and sex again.

Is anybody surprised about anything at this point?

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