Ninas downfall

Nina – a new low

Nina: Good morning 6:26 AM

Me: Hey there, you were up early. 3:15 PM

Nina: Oh now you answer? What were you doing this morning? 3:17 PM

Me: I was busy, I went to the store, ran some errands and now I’m getting ready to drive to work. 3:25 PM

Nina: Play your games, no problem. You know what? On the first of this month this number will be deactivated and I’ll be moving on to the new number which has already been (re) changed- long story… I 4:18 PM 

Nina: don’t see you as the same person as I use to, in fact more so now you totally creep me out… and although it’s not a nice thing to say it’s definitely how I feel. We don’t have anything to talk about anymore… and maybe so… so after the first (unless sooner- up to you) we can go our separate ways. 4:18 PM 

Nina: I glanced at it. Not interested 4:18 PM 

Nina: Babes, I am getting married… not for love but for other reasons 4:20 PM 

Nina: it’s one of the commitments I have to do to have a baby… I schedule my appointment for the tubal ligation and it’s coming up fairly quickly. I don’t want to have drama, argue or etc… but so we are all tracking what’s going on… I’m saying it far in advance ? 4:20 PM 

Me: huh? What’s going on now? I thought you gave me that number already? Of course you can always block me. And why in the world would I creep you out? That doesn’t make any sense. 4:23 PM 

Nina: Because I despise liars 4:23 PM 

Nina: Nothing is going on now. I can assure you. And I did you give the new number but changed it 4:24 PM 

Me: Ok Nina, whatever makes you happy and no, I won’t contact you again if you don’t want to speak to me anymore. 4:24 PM 

Me: so just tell me that you really don’t want any contact with me and I will definitely respect that ok? 4:26 PM 

Nina: I Don’t like liars… you keep trying to twist my fucking words and reach for shit but the fact that you lied.. we fucked an fucked but then you lied 4:26 PM 

Me: You know I didn’t lie but you, you are the liar, lying to yourself 4:27 PM 

Me: so just tell me that you really don’t want any contact with me and I will definitely respect that ok? 4:28 PM 

Nina: Lying to myself about? 4:28 PM 

Nina: I’d rather lie to myself any day then another human being. I don’t ever want to be looked at as a liar ever… I will always be an open book with nothing to lose ? 4:29 PM 

Me: so just tell me that you really don’t want any contact with me and I will definitely respect that ok? 4:29 PM 

Nina: I don’t want to talk about your little in your head fairy tales about helicopter trips etc… although it puts me to sleep ?. I don’t wanna talk about being with you, missing your or any of that mess because I’m over it 4:32 PM 

Me: I don’t know why you are so bitter and talk to me like that, that’s just wrong. Again, no fairy tales, don’t make the same mistakes with the next person. And wtf is wrong with a helicopter trip? I get it, if you’re afraid of heights then it was a bad thing to ask but I didn’t do it to upset you 4:34 PM 

Nina: It never gets old with you… 4:36 PM 

Nina: I am afraid of heights… but I was also air assault in the military… so whatever… you would know that if you weren’t always going “tit for tat” with me? 4:38 PM 

Nina: I’m not bitter… I just don’t see you as the same person… I’m back to this uncomfortable feeling with and about you… 4:39 PM 

Nina: I HOPE TO GOD I AM NOT THAT IMMATURE when I’m your age 4:39 PM 

Nina: Then you try to twist it around and act like people do this shit everyday and I should get over it… 4:41 PM 

Nina: That’s probably why my headaches are so fucking frequent because you actually literally make me sick in thought about this whole ordeal… 4:41 PM 

Me: I’m sorry that you feel this way, I know you have your issues but this is just a waste of time now. 4:41 PM 

Nina: Yea we’ll to make sure this shit doesn’t happen again to my sisters I will put it out into the universe. You aren’t allowed to downplay my feelings because the difference if I DIDN’T EVER FUCKING LIE TO YOU YOU SICK FUCK! 5:03 PM 

Nina: I’m done here, I’m just another human being with flaws…. sick fuck 5:09 PM 

Nina: Haha! Seriously leave my black sisters alone… stick to your kind of people who except this flawed bullshit… 5:10 PM 

Me: sick fuck is very harsh 5:10 PM 

Me: and again, I don’t discriminate 5:11 PM 

Me: I didn’t grow up like that 5:11 PM 

Nina: I’m telling you I will blast you the same way I did my ex… on ever internet site, ever local business page etc in central Texas. I swear to god on the death of my ex it will go down like that. What you did is not a flaw… 5:11 PM 

Nina: Bye! 5:13 PM 

Me: Seriously Nina, why all the names? Why the hatred? 6:13 PM 

Nina: ?? 6:13 PM 

Me: tell me 6:14 PM 

Me: To hate somebody is like drinking poison and expect the other person to die 6:14 PM 

Nina: ?? 6:14 PM 

Nina: ?? 6:15 PM 

Me: well, that’s also not very mature 🙂 6:15 PM 

Nina: ?? 6:15 PM 

Nina: And this “here is what she said” sending What the fuck I said to someone else is also not very mature… 6:16 PM 

Nina: I have shit else to say to you sick fuck. Take screen shots, forward whatever the fuck I say to whomever you like. Just leave me the fuck alone … 6:16 PM 

Me: I sent that to you – I am not discussing those things with other people. 6:17 PM 

Nina: I didn’t want to be lied to see how far we got 6:17 PM 

Nina: So now were back to the whole fucking sad and hopeless shit So let me guess you feel fucking sorry for me you know what you fucking die already. I’m drunk btw so fuck off and leave me alone 6:19 PM 

So I was not available in the morning and this led to her outburst or what was going on here?

Or was it just the liquor talking?

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