Dating Nina

Meeting Nina in person

Despite of all the red flags I met Nina in person. She had a nice house, lots of kids and cameras everywhere (if you sit in a living room and a camera is pointing at you, how is that supposed to make me feel?

I asked her about it and she said she turns it only on at night – but I was wondering why this red light was blinking…). We talked and nothing much happened and the next day we texting for a while until we got to this:

Nina: Maybe the next time we can have sex. I’ll just sit on your face ? 7:20 PM 

Me: oh, you’re into facesitting? 7:20 PM
Me: what else do you like? 7:20 PM 

Nina: I had to run to the store to calm down before I killed my 13 year old…. I just had to body slam her earlier… ? 7:24 PM 

Me: oh my… but don’t change the subject 7:25 PM 
Me: I’ll be in the dead zone soon so tell me 7:25 PM 

(I am often referring to the “Dead Zone” which is an area at work where I am not allowed to use my cell phone)

Nina: I only ever sat on one face before… lol I like everything but I am not big on receiving oral sex… I guess it depends on the person… I went 10 years without it… then loved it then it was just ok… (if you know my men then your tracking my timeline). I don’t like being verbal during sex… talking isn’t my thing I think the most I’ll say is… well one day you’ll see ? 7:26 PM 

Me: mine neither (talking). I actually don’t like it when women say all kinds of stuff during sex 7:27 PM 

Nina: Oh ima make you talk now 7:27 PM 

Me: lol 7:27 PM 

Nina: Yea… that’s so gay… Oh yeah f*ck me harder… oh yeah… (so gay) I would probably just stop and walk away… 7:28 PM 

Me: lol 7:28 PM 

Nina: If you ever said some crazy stuff… I’d die and probably dry up… 7:29 PM 

Me: ??????? 7:30 PM 

Nina: If you ever called me a bitch……. 7:30 PM 

Me: I wouldn’t do that 7:30 PM 

Me: you seem to be so reserved and nervous 7:31 PM 

Nina: Yea because then I would suffocate you by riding your face… I feel the same about you…

Me: try it but maybe stop if I’m not moving anymore 7:31 PM 

Nina: I think what throws most people off is the starting… it’s tricky… because I don’t kiss… 7:32 PM 

Nina: Well if you ever called me a bitch I would suffocate you until your 7:33 PM 

Nina: not moving… I’m sure the judge would let me off I I explain that his 7:33 PM 

Nina: tongue was soooo great I lost control ?… and forgot he needed to breath…

Me: hahahaha 7:33 PM 

Nina: On your grave it would read… “rode to death” 7:34 PM 

Nina: I’m loling so hard my son is trying to read what I wrote so he could laugh too… 7:35 PM 

Nina: ?? 7:35 PM 

Me: you better not let him see this, lol 7:35 PM 

Nina: Are guys (you) really into facesitting?? What is the point? I never understood that or breast sex 7:36 PM 

Me: it has to be somehow in the human nature, maybe childhood (breastfeeding)? 7:37 PM 

Nina: I think you built this image of me being some type of freak in the bed and I am farrrrr from it… but somehow no one seems to believe me.. I don’t do fisting… either 7:38 PM 

Me: I don’t know if you know the actor David Carradine, look how he died 7:39 PM 

Nina: Oh wow really? 7:39 PM 

Nina: Don’t know him 7:39 PM 

Nina: So what do you want to do to me… 7:55 PM 

Nina: Honestly thinking back reflecting… I use to engage in a lot… but about 2 years into being with my ex husband he became like a pervert to me… and I felt odd so I started shutting down and withdrawing from playing in the bedroom… his interest grew… and his intentions were no longer good. It wasn’t about being together 7:57 PM 

Nina: in the moment it was a “I saw this in porn let’s try” 7:57 PM 

Nina: So while I seem reserved I’m sure in time I will go back to being me. A year into our marriage he kept calling me some lady pornstar name) and so I stopped riding him and hated it… it’s been almost nearly 8 years since I even been on top with a man… I tried here recently within the last year and of course he tried to kiss so I reverted back to not riding the D ?. 7:59 PM 

Many people might have enjoyed this conversation but I started thinking about it more deeply and was wondering what was going on in this woman’s mind.

It was going down the drain and I didn’t even realize it!

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