Virtual Assistant

Making money as a Virtual Assistant

Have you ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant? This is one of the most in demand AND profitable side hustles and the good news is that you can literally work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop or tablet (preferably with keyboard) and an internet connection.

You can even travel and then work your hours from the hotel or the beach. More and more people are launching digital businesses and this is why there is an huge demand for people who can help run those businesses.

There are many helpful videos and websites out there that teach you how to become a virtual assistant. Depending on your skills you can write for other people, answer their emails, provide live chat and customer service and much more.

Many people are making between 1.000 and 4.000 Dollars a month depending on how much time they’re spending. There are even people who claim to make 10.000 Dollars and more but I’ve never met one of those in person.

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