Making $30-50k / year as a Scopist

What in the world is a “Scopist” many of you will ask? A marksman / sharpshooter? Someone who is cleaning the scopes of rifles? Adjusting them?

Nope, but I am sure you’ve seen it on TV (or real life), the court reporters who are responsible for typing out what was said in court. They type in a hurry and all that typing needs editing.

By now you guessed it, this is when Scopists come in! They get paid to edit the court reporters files.

The great thing is you can do it in your spare time and depending on your skill levels you can make around $30k-$50k per year.

You don’t need a degree but a computer, a dependable internet connection, a word processing software (Word would be great but there are free alternatives) and of course proficiency in grammar.

Spend some time online, there are free courses with more information and of course job offers out there.

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