Joe Goldberg YOU

Joe Goldberg – YOU

So I ended my last post saying when one door closes often another opens. This is true in life and of course in relationships. My “Hello Darla” unfortunately sounded a little bit like Joe Goldberg from the TV show “YOU” (great show if you like relationship drama and stalking and very unhealthy relationships. What are Joe’s last words at the end of season 1? And then season2?).

I closed the door for Nina and actually didn’t want to talk to her again. I didn’t block her and so – of course – after a few days she blew up my phone.

I didn’t answer so I will just include a few “best of” texts here, totally random.

You probably do have someone watching “my fine sexy black ass” your PI probably is my fuck buddy… you know keep your friends close and enemies closer. I know you’re still thinking about me.

I need a leather belt and a beer, the belt so that you can discipline me of course! And the kids!

I think you’re tried to work my nerves… which is why I keep the phone lines open?. You teach me to not let shit get to me. 

I’m mad but you know I’m not this way in person, you know that. I have a masters in mental health. I think I would know paranoid etc… not saying having a degree makes  me a know it all, but it either makes me act the par (play crazy) or steer clear from it (be normal).

I’m as normal as normal can be. I single parent. You know that I am a breath of fresh air and saying you feel sorry for me is you just trying to pick a fight or get a roar out of me. 

So I guess I was just someone to talk to when boredom strikes ???

Why don’t you answer? Nvm, really, we didn’t talk about anything worth putting thought into anyways.

Well, I’m 37 surely I haven’t got life figured out but at my age I would think I’m on the right path. I’ve matured fast and accomplished a lot in my short life span. Surely, no one is fully trustful of everyone they meet (especially in my field).  

I’ve been nothing but an open book to you.

(One of the quotes that I think is pretty stupid – or do YOU understand every book YOU read?)

You will realize that you’re never going to find someone like me ( I am the best) regardless what it is. There is something you want from me.. is it love? Citizenship? (?) A sexual fling? To be my daddy?

I know I can have any man, I will fuck and leave you and carry on with life. Once I’m done I’m done… and I can totally separate love from sex and lust from sex.. so somedays I’m just like hey, this guy over there wants to just smash and pass… so ima give it to him… 

There were more texts coming but eventually I blocked her because I wanted to start over and nobody wants a phone or text to pop up from an ex when you’re out dating again. I didn’t want to have anything to hide (well, maybe the passwords in my phone to my bank account). No secrets, an open book (ok, yeah, we talked about “open books”). It’s obvious that people are so over protective when it’s about their phone. The way they hold it, turn it so that you can’t peek, how they get nervous sometimes when a text or call is coming in and beware you try to grab their phone and take a look.

Then there are those people who just put on DO NOT DISTURB and those who simply have nothing to hide. Which one is YOU?

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