I want sex

I want sex – I will destroy you!

Nina:  See you say all the perfect things and i smile from ear to ear… And our number would grow by two babies at most… lol. I want a forever… and if we are buying together we’d have to double the square footage. And I’m not paying the bills (kidding) And when we fight and I kick you out of the room I still want sex and we sleeping on the couch together. I don’t want no baby ish… “don’t touch me I’m mad at you stuff going on. 5:35 PM 

Me: and of course we have to and will get to know each other better but I’m not worried about that. And not everything has to be perfect or at least not right away (size of the house and what we want / need). Things will fall into place when 2 people are on the same page which is the most important of all things or you / we’ll build on sand 5:36 PM 

Nina:  I trust you as we stand with my life and my kids lives, but things are always easier said then done… if that makes sense. 5:38 PM 

Me: just give it a little time, I still hope I’ll see you later, I mean it when I say that I miss you and that doesn’t mean I want to jump you (that’s what men often mean when they say I miss you) 5:41 PM 

Nina:  Well I know that’s not what you mean because you play so hard to get. But I want sex and I will take it if necessary. You will give up your d*ck. Most men don’t say no to me…. in fact I never had a man challenge me that way because I’m a feminist and demand respect at all times. 5:49 PM 

Nina:  When men say you’re sexy as shit.. it’s makes me vomit 5:49 PM 

Nina:  Honey, if you let me down (and or ever say NO) I will destroy you… if I give you my heart and you break it, it would crush me… 5:51 PM 

Nina:  Besides, can’t you take leave at your job sometimes as you slowly walk away from them for the better… I think the hours you work are fine because as you come home I’ll just be going to bed. So we have time together and we will wake together to get the kids out the door… the only thing I hate is that you will miss family dinners (not that I cook everyday) maybe you can rid weekends in the future? Everything is a work in process and we will get there. But I think right now as we progress the hours are fine. The kids have a little less then 4 weeks of school then we will be able to learn more and do more (all of us) I only hate your panic room because when I need you your often not available. But when the baby comes (we should hurry- and practice) I think it would be time to leave your job… that’s just my initial thought… 5:56 PM 

Nina:  I am a firm believer that rushing is a big no-go. I also would like to state that one of my daughters is about to high school this year. So moving her without her peers would be rude considering we allowed and cancelled orders for our oldest boys to stay at their school. In the same breath she doesn’t deserve the same commitment I gave them as they were A honor roll students.. but again, these are things I think about. 5:58 PM 

Me: I understand. So how can I compliment you when I want to? if I can’t say certain things, I don’t want you to vomit especially not on my Playstation, lol 6:00 PM 

Me: I didn’t see that text, why would you say you’re getting me a new phone? I like my phone (and yes, I know you were kidding) 6:12 PM 

Me: where did you go now? 6:44 PM 

Nina:  I am peeing on the toilet as we speak talking to my sister. 6:44 PM 

Nina:  I just ordered pizza for the kids and had to dish it out. 6:45 PM 

Me: I see. Did you have any time to rest a little bit? 6:45 PM 

Nina:  I didn’t. I didn’t go to sleep until 4… watching this child trying to escape and woke up at 10 and been running since. Kids had their baths and I showered so ima jump in the bed after I get done steam cleaning my couches… which means we will be in my room ? 6:49 PM 

Me: as long as you don’t fall asleep. I’d like to see you and even it’s only for a little bit 6:51 PM 

Nina:  Have I ever fell asleep on you. Lol 6:57 PM 

Me: I haven’t touched you long enough yet ? 7:04 PM 

Nina:  So touch me and put me to sleep and sleep beside me ? 7:05 PM 

Me: put you to sleep? well if that’s what you want 7:06 PM 

Me: here is something about me that I haven’t mentioned yet, I don’t sleep well in other beds (I’m mostly speaking about hotels). At home it only takes me 1 or 2 minutes but elsewhere… I’m curious how it is with you one day I will hopefully find out 7:07 PM 

Nina:  Lol. You don’t sleep comfortable in other beds? I guess we’ll have to 7:41 PM 

Nina:  bring your bed over here. I’m sure you’ll be fine. You won’t be alone 7:41 PM 

Nina:  ? 7:41 PM 

Nina:  Honey, I will protect you like I would my children. But ok, one day. 7:41 PM 

Me: no, no, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t trust you hence the reason I mentioned hotels 7:43 PM 

Nina:  Well maybe you don’t feel safe. 7:43 PM 

Nina:  I can’t sleep in hotels or unfamiliar places either, especially if I’m alone. 7:43 PM 

Nina:  But you should know that considering you say I’m paranoid lol 7:44 PM 

Me: paranoid about what 7:45 PM 

Nina:  Are my text moving slow 7:45 PM 

Me: Heads up, the dead zone is lurking.. 7:46 PM 

Me: Am I getting a new phone if I say yes? ? 7:46 PM 

Nina:  You’re gonna mess around and ima get your fired from your job. 7:47 PM 

Nina:  Definitely getting a new phone ? 7:47 PM 

Me: no, I’m fine (my phone) 7:50 PM 

Nina:  So much for compromise 7:53 PM 

Nina:  ?? 7:54 PM 

Me: me buying a new phone, how is that a compromise? 8:00 PM 

Nina:  Because I’m possessive And I need access to you 24 seven and can’t stand my messages coming in to you broken up!! 8:14 PM 

Nina:  ((Just kidding)) about the possessive part… or am I serious… ? 8:14 PM 

Me: if you’re possessive will I end up being tied up on your bed? Lol 8:18 PM 

Nina:  Maybe 8:20 PM 

Me: hahaha, I’m not worried about that, you’re so NOT the type 8:20 PM 

Me: and I’m not saying that to provoke you or whatever 8:20 PM 

Nina:  Why empathize the NOT part then 8:21 PM 

Me: just my thoughts dear 8:21 PM 

Nina:  Lol. Oh we say dear now ?. So American. 8:25 PM 

Nina:  My friend. I’d tell your her name but you might investigate her… 8:26 PM 

Nina:  she said Nina:  I don’t k is how you do it but you always get the 8:26 PM 

Nina:  good guys!!! But girl… do he know what he is getting himself into… 8:26 PM 

Nina:  he’s in for the ride of his life. ?. 8:26 PM 

Nina:  *i dont know how you (is what it should of read it) 8:27 PM 

Nina:  You know I’m sure by now I’m head strong, independent and can’t think of anything a man can offer me that I can’t get myself … or do for my self right. We do 8:28 PM 

Nina:  have that understanding…. ? 8:28 PM 

Me: ride of his life, cute 8:28 PM 

Nina:  Really cute huh… 8:28 PM 

Me: Yeah, but that’s a lot of words, actions speak louder than words, we’ll see. So she ment good like your stalker? 8:29 PM 

Me: DZ is coming up… 8:29 PM 

Nina:  I was steam cleaning and quit… I should do it but another day… 8:29 PM 

Nina:  My little one drew beautiful pictures on my couch a couple weeks ago… 8:29 PM 

Me: I see my boss lurking around 8:30 PM 

Nina:  ? 8:30 PM 

Nina:  No she hated my stalker… she meant not good like my ex 8:30 PM 

Nina:  Tell him not tonight… lmbo 8:30 PM 

Me: get some rest in the meantime and get the ties ready, lol 8:31 PM 

Nina:  Lol… I’m still spotting… ?. Anger brought that on. But I’ll rest 8:32 PM 

Nina:  or get drunk..whichever comes first 8:32 PM 

Me: spotting? Anger? 10:24 PM 

Nina:  From when my daughter tried to run away last night… she angered me 10:25 PM 

Me: I understand that. Did you rest? Or are you drunk? Are you dangerous when you’re drunk? 10:30 PM 

Nina:  Define dangerous 10:32 PM 

Me: I wanted to give you something to think about, lol 10:32 PM 

Nina:  What do you mean give me something to think about 10:33 PM 

Nina:  I have you to think about… 10:34 PM 

Me: I was just curious how you are when you’re drunk 10:34 PM 

Nina:  I’m pretty cool when drunk… but can’t have sex or the room spins… lol 10:34 PM 

Nina:  I am touchy feely though..so I’ve been told 10:35 PM 

Me: dangerous like you get aggressive, bad language, violent, you tie me up, you’re trying to get me drunk, you talk a lot but I doesn’t make any sense… to name a few, lol 10:36 PM 

Nina:  Lol… not dangerous at all. More in tune with sexuality if anything. I may sing and dance a lot more… but never act childish… until bedtime then I have regrets, I can’t breath, I’m hot, I feel sick… I need attention..I’m hungry.. lol but that’s me pregnant also and in general. Just a bit exaggerated 10:37 PM 

Me: ok. So you got rest or drunk? 10:45 PM 

Nina:  Neither. But I did watch a lot of YouTube videos 10:45 PM 

Me: lol, ok 10:45 PM 

Nina:  Would you have been mad if I were drunk? 10:46 PM 

Nina:  What makes you mad? How are you when you are mad? What do you do? 10:47 PM 

Me: no, I wouldn’t have been mad. Dogs get mad, I don’t get mad. I can get upset, like if I’d find out you’re cheating. I’m not violent but it happened a couple of times that I raised my voice like when the flashlight came flying. 10:48 PM 

Nina:  Have you been cheated on? You speak of it a lot. 10:49 PM 

Nina:  I’ll probably send hammers too… hope you can catch good ??? 10:49 PM 

Me: hammers? No, I haven’t been cheated on or let me put it this way, not that I’m aware of it 10:57 PM 

Me: do I have to be worried that you’ll fall asleep? did you set your alarm? 11:04 PM 

Nina:  I am wide awake eating pizza ?? 11:09 PM 

Nina:  Talking to my other homegirl… Men stuff… boring ? 11:09 PM 

Me: men stuff like what? 11:15 PM 

Nina:  Curiosity killed the cat you know? 11:18 PM 

Nina:  Your so inquisitive 11:19 PM 

Me: you want to rape me, destroy me (if ill ever break your heart), now you’re saying this… (KILLED the cat..) 11:22 PM 

Nina:  It’s a saying 11:22 PM 

Me: I know that 11:23 PM 

Nina:  My daughter is awake and screaming 11:23 PM 

Me: awww, what’s going on? 11:23 PM 

Nina:  I dont know 11:23 PM 

Me: I’m glad you’re no drunk or asleep 11:24 PM 

Nina:  Why? 11:26 PM 

Me: I guess a mom always knows what to do right? I don’t know many people who I’ve seen drunk but the few I know / knew where completely different. I guess I can’t imagine how you are 11:28 PM 

Me: So how is she doing? what’s going on? 11:29 PM 

Nina:  She is wide awake and following me everywhere I go ? 11:31 PM 

Me: oh, lol… do you want me to come over another time? 11:38 PM 

Nina:  No. I mean sooner or later you’re gonna have to meet them right? 11:41 PM 

Nina:  But if your uncomfortable… we can 11:41 PM 

Me: that’s right, I was just trying to be considerative 11:42 PM 

Me: no, I’m not uncomfortable at all 11:42 PM 

Nina:  Right, you shouldn’t be it wasn’t like we were gonna sex the night away… hahaha. 11:44 PM 

Me: no, we weren’t ???? 11:44 PM 

Nina:  I just heard “mommy, can I sleep with you” 11:44 PM 

Nina:  I need to add a second master bedroom downstairs so when they wanna crash in mommy’s bed I can escape to mommies other bed. Usually I guide them back upstairs 11:45 PM 

Nina:  but she won’t budge so we are couch sitting in the master living room… lol she is fighting with every breath of her 11:45 PM 

Nina:  …. maybe she heard me mentioning another baby to come… blocking 11:46 PM 

Nina:  moves? 11:46 PM 

Me: I’ll leave it up to you, I’ll leave the building at 12.10 so maybe at 12.05 you’ll let me know what you want me to do 11:46 PM 

Nina:  I’m waiting for you. It’s up to you dear. If your okay if she wakes and wants to be up under me 11:46 PM 

Nina:  I’m okay with you coming… she ain’t gonna be temper tantrum(ish) 11:47 PM 

Me: I can also leave at any time if you just want to go to sleep with her, no problem 11:47 PM 

Nina:  Or you just hurry and get to know the kids so you can come and go as you please without trying to see where you fit in, right? 11:48 PM 

Nina:  My 6 year old may stumble a few times 11:49 PM 

Nina:  Two more minutes ? 11:58 PM 

Me: no worries, I totally understand 11:53 PM 

Me: I’ll leave the building at 12.10 so I should be there at 12.20, I’ll let you know when I’m outside ok? 12:00 AM 

Nina:  Well it’s midnight… I heard you loud and clearly! But you’re still off at midnight 12:00 AM 

Me: I’ll be right there 12:02 AM 

Nina:  I see you 12:13 AM 

Me: open please 12:14 AM 

It was a nice evening and she really tried to drag me into her bed but I was ok with just talking in the living room.

She definitely got an “e” for effort this evening!

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