How to ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out by email or text – 10 important tips

If you want to know how to ask a girl on a date or how to ask a girl out on text please keep reading. Ok, ok, I can see people already running around screaming by just reading the title but let’s all be honest here:

When it comes to asking a girl on a date, it is common to be all those 3 things at the same time: nervous, excited, and fearful.  Whether you are 17 or 77, it doesn’t really matter, somehow this is in our genes – some people are all cool about it and others are absolutely not – for them it is very hard to ask a girl out in person.  For that reason, you may turn to email or text.  If you plan to do so, please continue reading for a few helpful tips to ensure your delivery is perfect.

Before sharing a few tips on how to ask a girl out by email or text, it is important to know this is not the preferred method of asking for a date.  While it might seem very convenient (and “safer”) it is also impersonal.  If you can, you should ask a girl on a date in person.  It will definitely increase your chances of getting a yes.  If you can’t do it because you’re not ready or too scared then you need to perfect your delivery of the question “do you want to go on a date?”

With a phone it’s straight forward, she will see the number you’re texting from (so you better make sure she knows it’s you). With emails there a re a few more things to consider:

Check your email settings.  Many email programs, such as Hotmail and Yahoo, allow you to create a display name for yourself.  This name will appear next to your email message, so make sure it is appropriate and clearly states who you are.  When possible, do not use nicknames, but your real name, even if it is just your first.

Do not use a work email.  Although some employers allow their employees to use work emails for personal use, refrain from doing so.  If you want to make contact with a girl you like, send a message from your own personal email account.  If you do not have one, you can get a free account through Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail.  Yes, the girl you are asking on a date may be impressed that your email signature claims you are a manager or executive, but she may also worry about who else has access to your work email, like a boss.

Do more than just say “would you like to go on a date with me?”  As previously stated, emails are impersonal.  There are steps you can take to make them more personal.  Instead of just asking for a date, say hello.  Ask how they are doing, and so forth.  You don’t have to write a long letter, but have at least four sentences in your email.

Address your recipient by name.  When writing a personal email, very few people start their email with hi and the recipients name anymore.  You want to do so.  For example, start your email saying “Hi Michelle.”  Once again, this makes an email a bit more personal.

Sign your email with your name.  As with addressing recipients by name, many also don’t end a letter with their name. You should do so.  This is important if your email display name is only your first name or a nickname.  Is your name Dave?  If so, it is a common name.  Make sure the girl you are asking on a date knows who you are and doesn’t have the opportunity to confuse you with someone else.

Avoid using internet acronyms or shorthand.  If you text message, use instant messaging programs, and send a lot of emails, you may have mastered the process of using internet acronyms, like LOL, BRB, and so forth.  This is cool, but leave them for messages with friends.  Although popular with internet use, not everyone is familiar with them.  When asking a girl on a date by way of email, actually type out all words.  It will only take a few extra seconds, but it is worth it.

As previously stated, you should ask a girl for a date in person, as opposed to by email.  This is very important if you do not know the girl in question.  Did you just get her email or did a friend share it with you?  If so, it will be awkward for all involved.  

Either way, you probably already started texting or emailing the girl you like, just uphold a good conversation, don’t be rude or too sexual, keep it all casual and she keeps answering you then ask for a date.  

The cool thing about emails is you can attach a lot more data and you can do some really cool things to impress her but don’t overdo it – sometimes less is more!

How to ask a girl out is not as hard as it seems and even if you get rejected it shouldn’t harm your dating confidence. How to ask a girl out wasn’t easy in college and for many it won’t become easier afterwards. This might sound negative but the truth is nobody can have every girl he wants!

Make sure to read to avoid common mistakes (and to not end up in that list!).

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