Red flag

Hello Darla!

Since things didn’t go so well with Nina I actually wanted to wait for a while before going back into the dating scene but then, at a boring night at work, a colleague was browsing profiles in his dating app and I saw this woman Darla that caught my attention. I was casually asking him “She looks nice, are you going to date her?” and he was like “Nah, I’m not into black women!”. What a racist – or was it just a preference? Good for me though because 20 minutes later my profile on this website was online and I had no problems to find her and so I sent her a message.

Again I would like to remind people to not just write “Hello” or “How are you”, usually those people don’t get an answer (unless they look super hot or talk about the millions in their bank account).

We started talking in the app and decided to meet after 2 days. We went to cafe and talked about 2 hours and then she had to go to work (which she told me before that she would have to go at 4). I gave her my phone number and we parted ways.

Knowing that she was at work I texted her but I wanted to tease her a little so this is what happened:

Me: Hey sexy, I like your dating profile 5:23 PM 

Darla: Who is this 5:23 PM 

Me: Huh? 5:26 PM 

Darla: Who are u 5:48 PM 

Darla: I didn’t program u in my phone 5:49 PM 

Me: how many people are you dating? We just met at the cafe 5:50 PM 

Darla: Im not dating noone 5:52 PM 

Darla: Wats up wit this dating thing. 5:53 PM 

Darla: who are you? 6:00 PM 

Me: Now that’s a bummer! 6:02 PM 

Darla: Who is this. 6:49 PM 

Me: (I told her my name) Are you still at work? 6:51 PM 

Darla: Yes I’m still here. 6:54 PM 

Me: Seriously, how many men are / were you dating? 6:57 PM 

Darla: I’m not dating anyone.I’m by myself still. 6:00 PM 

Me: But you do REMEMBER me? Know now who I am? 6:01 PM 

Darla: Yeah. 6:04 PM 

Me: Seriously, how many guys have you dated? You just told me that I am the only one, what you like about me, and now you don’t know who I am, wow 6:13 PM 

Me: I’m shocked 6:17 PM 

Darla: I don’t have no one I keep telling u. 6:17 PM 

Me: It seems like you are seeing other guys there, if so just be honest about it 6:52 PM 

Darla: U we’re problem seeing someone to. 6:55 PM 

Me: No 6:58 PM 

Darla: Wat are u crazy 6:58 PM 

Me: you said “you were seeing someone TOO” – so that means you were doing it. 6:02 PM 

Darla: don’t be tripping wit me. 6:08 PM 

Darla: Hang on, I’m at work, got busy. 7:37 PM 

Darla: I came out of a relationship so yes I was with someone else. 7:50 PM 

Darla: I would never cheat on u cause that’s not Wat I do. I never never cheated. I learn to live wit being alone now. 10:03 PM 

Darla: I’m not trying to have sex with anyone and I don’t mess with just anybody I’m the type of women that likes to be in a relationship. It’s OK I don’t force myself on anyone. I’m not in a relationship anymore I been just by myself so that’s OK. 10:20 PM 

Me: I didn’t mean to imply that. 10:20 PM 

Me: Maybe we can go for a walk some day?! 10:34 PM 

Darla: That will be up to u. 10:35 PM 

Me: I would like that, that’s why I asked. 10:36 PM 

Darla: Let me know when. 10:38 PM 

Me: what time is good for you? 10:38 PM 

Darla: Any time it’s on your time and what day. 10:41 PM 

Me: so in the evening is ok? Or late evening? 10:45 PM 

Darla: Both don’t matter to me. 10:46 PM 

Me: I was not sure whether you want to be in the park late that night. And I assume you don’t want me to come to your place. 10:47 PM 

Darla: U can come to my place to. That will be fine. When ever u get off work. 10:49 PM 

Darla: Tomorrow I go in at 9:00 am til 5:30pm 10:51 PM 

Darla: I’m looking at my horror movies since its almost Halloween. 10:55 PM 

Me: Didn’t know you’re already home. Ok, enjoy. You know I’m also at work and I’m getting a little busy now. Ttyl 10:57 PM 

Oh wow, what a beginning. She had to go to work but then the next moment she’s at home watching movies? That didn’t really add up but maybe she was doing a half day? She said she worked at HEB in the bakery.

Why do we choose sometimes to ignore those little red flags?

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