Handshake or hug

So you are meeting somebody for the first time after getting to know each other on a dating site and / or texting for a while. Often at this time there is some kind of familiarity though you’ve never met before.

When you finally see the other person live and in the flesh many people don’t know what to do. Handshake? Hug? Just wave and say “hi” or “how are you?”.

From personal experience I can tell you that a hug is the best approach in most situations. To play it safe and not end up in an embarrassing situation you can smile, say “Hi” and then something like “I’m actually a big hugger, so is it ok if I give you a big hug?”

I’ve never met a woman who said “No” but even if it happens, don’t feel rejected, play it cool, the other person is here for a reason and that reason is you. Don’t ruin it!

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